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What Guys Said 13 martyfellow Master mho 20% My feelings vary from dislike (double ear) to hatred (navel, nose, industrial.) Your boyfriend is right.
The navel piercing would be covered by my shirt, and most of the ear ones would be covered by my hair.
I think they're all cute and tame, as far as piercings go.My boyfriend is pitching a fit because he thinks all of these would make me look like a trashy slut. He says he doesn't want me to get any of them because he knows I'm far from being trashy or slutty and he doesn't want me to give off that impression, especially when I'm with him.I don't act or dress in a trashy or slutty manner (again, because I am neither), so I don't think a few piercings would give off that vibe. My boyfriend at the time loved it (looked Punk or something) but my current one couldn't care less.

But not now.If you get the industrial it will hurt for the first week if you do so much as smile.
Not to mention you have to be super careful when washing your hair because the soap is bad for it. The piercing itself doesn't hurt when you get it but other than that, after about a month you should be able to touch it and such. My aunt is a radiologist and this woman came in to get an x-ray because she was having pain around her piercing and it turns out she hadn't cleaned it for a few days and there was so much infection around the piercing they had to take it out and cut open around it to drain it out. Maybe my body had a higher tolerance for it.Thanks for the information about the industrial.

Lots of girls say they love it and it looks cool guys usually tell me it looks crazy or weird, some say it looks cool.
Honestly the most annoying thing to me is when every girl thinks the nose is like that universal thing they can all pierce when in reality, it looks so bad on some people.

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