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With the advancement of medical science over the last few decades, one would think that we would be abe to explain the reasons for each individual's hearing loss, unfortunately this is not the case.
Conductive Hearing Loss occurs when there is a problem in the outer ear or the middle ear, such as ear wax, fluid behind the eardrum, or middle ear infection. In an average club or festival, our ears are subjected to upwards of 125 decibels for 3-10 hours and, sometimes, 30+ hours over a weekend causing our ears to be mildly damaged if not taken care of appropriately.
Age (presbycusis) due to the destruction of the hair cells located in the cochlea that happen naturally as we age. Chronic diseases such as diabetes causing nerve damage to the auditory nerve, or cochlear nerve.
Fluctuating: Hearing impairment changes, bouncing back and forth between good and bad, due to infection or blockage. Diagnosis:Diagnosis of hearing impairment is accomplished through a battery of hearing tests that determine the type of loss, location, and the amount of damage incurred. Stem cell treatment: Still in the experimental stages of reproducing the hair cells in the cochlea, which are responsible for sending electrical impulses to the brain.
Even though any type of discrimination against people with disabilities is against the law, it still happens to people who are hearing impaired. Hearing loss is a very serious issue that often occurs after the ear has been subject to loud noises or damaged over a period of time. This type of hearing loss is often referred to as Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL).
Almost half are under the age of 65 and 54% of the population over the age of 65 suffer from hearing loss.

Many times this type of hearing loss may be corrected by medical or surgical treatments.Symptoms of Hearing Loss.
Between nonstop killer festival sets and track releases, Anton Zaslavski has quickly proven himself as one of the industry’s elite. This news must be incredibly upsetting for such a skilled producer and musician and we can only pray that this is a temporary setback.
Tests include: MRI, CT scan, tuning fork (Rinne test), auditory hearing test, audiogram, and Hearing in Noise Test (HINT). One of the worst parts of hearing loss is the sudden impact it can have once it starts to develop.
It is a very serious issue because if not taken care of, it could result in permanent hearing loss. Often times many people believe their ear is just clogged with wax but it can be so much more. Hearing loss is the third most common medical condition in our adult population, following only high blood pressure and arthritis. With this type of hearing loss the hair cells in the inner ear (Cochlea) have become damaged or less effective. If you recognize any of the following symptoms of hearing loss, please contact one of our offices or your personal physician to have your hearing professionally evaluated. However, it seems as though the demanding and hectic schedule may have taken a serious toll on Zedd’s health.
Let this be a reminder that loud music CAN be damaging to your hearing and that ear plugs should always be worn to festivals.

Often times people believe that they will get over their hearing loss after a short bit of time. The sudden hearing loss will usually only occur in one ear but needs to be checked out regardless. On average, once a person determines that they have a hearing loss, they wait over seven years before seeking assistance.The impact of a hearing loss can be far reaching and involve many aspects of one's life. Being aware of the small signs of sudden hearing loss is necessary in preventing it from becoming much worse. Hearing impaired individuals may have difficulty localizing sounds, understanding speech in busy environments, and participating in everyday normal conversations. There is still a chance that if brought into a doctor within the first day or two of discovering your hearing loss that it can still be saved. Many doctors believe it can be attributed to insuf?cient blood circulation in the inner ear.
This can lead to social isolation, confusion, frustration, tension, anger, stress and depression.
It usually occurs in those between 40-60 years old but it is starting to grow in those in their 30s.
Recent studies also indicate that untreated hearing loss negatively affects one's overall health, quality of life and happiness.Causes of Adult Hearing Loss.

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