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Anemia is a growing concern globally today and this can be fished out of our lives with better planning and dedication to overcome this deficiency.
It is important to know what Iron deficiency anemia is before we get to know how to overcome anemia due to iron deficiency.
The reduced count of haemoglobin in the blood is called anemia.  When the intake of iron is reduced or inadequately absorbed by the body, the haemoglobin formation count discreases gradually which is termed as Iron deficiency anemia. If you come across any of these symptoms then, please see your doctor for an early diagnosis and treatment. To treat iron deficiency you may have to include some iron supplement such as ferrous sulphate and Vitamin B12 as advised by your doctor.

Have you known any one of your friends or family who have undergone Iron deficiency anemia? How to block your friends posting photos and comments directly to your Timeline on Facebook?
If you would like to visit my previous post on this then here it is: HOW TO OVERCOME ANEMIA? Anemic condition starts when the haemoglobin part of our blood is not being produced sufficiently. If yes, it is time to share your plan or experience by which they have overcome and defeated Iron deficiency anemia.

There could be varied reasons for the same but, we will focus now on the type which is due to Iron deficiency.

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