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The Elliptical trainer of the AXOS LINE for an optimal, low impact training of the whole body.
The Proform 420 ZLE elliptical cross trainer features a space-saving technology which allows the machine to be folded away and save nearly half the floor space when not in use.
Overall excellent value for money when compared to others I looked at which for similar price had much shorter stride length & are much less substantial! The computer boasts 12 training programmes and the ability to store data for 4 users and the 18kg flywheel ensures a smooth motion. The 18kg flywheel, the motorized magnetic brake system and the ball-bearing swivel joints ensure an especially even and effective motion sequence.

More importantly, its Stride Tone pedals activate more muscle fibres and enable burning more calories. Big piece of kit but folds to almost half its length which takes 30 seconds to do & is very easy. The cross trainer comes with a 9kg flywheel which ensures a smooth motion and 16 levels of easily selectable magnetic resistance.
Husband put it together in about an hour with only minor help occasionally holding a piece from me.
4-person memory and pulse measurement either by hand sensors, ear clip (included) or chest belt (optional extra) ensure a varied and effective cardio training.

The machine also has an 18” stride ensuring a full range of motion and a user-friendly console panel to provide crucial workout information such as: speed, time, distance, calories burnt and pulse. Stride length is what makes it, husband is 6ft4 and it is fine for him, feels the same length as large machines at the gym.
Additionally, it offers 16 built-in programmes including 8 performance and 8 weight loss programmes which allow the user to achieve the desired fitness goals in the most efficient way.

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