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Deja atras el estres laboral con estos espectaculares tenis con suela rugosa especial para aquellos corredores de pista. Estas siempre preparado con estos tenis que cuentan con una parte exterior sintetico resistente con paneles de malla para una mayor flexibilidad y un mejor flujo de aire. IMEVA (moldeado a inyeccion de EVA) la entresuela de espuma suministra un firmeza pero acolchado y flexible. On Friday 13th November, the children came to school in their pyjamas or superhero costumes.
Welcome to the Donisthorpe Primary School website; we hope you will find it interesting and helpful. Donisthorpe Primary School is situated in the heart of the National Forest; we pride ourselves on being at the centre of the community, providing a safe, happy, welcoming environment for children, parents and visitors.

At Donisthorpe we aim to provide a high quality education; enabling the children to have successful future. Click here to visit the Families in the Foundation Years website for information on parenting up to school age. Debajo, una suela de goma adherente que te proporciona una excelente traccion sobre las multiples superficies que hay. Con un mucho mas elegante, mas ligero y moderno diseno, este tenis te entrega un excepcional paseo amortiguado en cualquier tipo de terreno, lo que te permite forjar tu propio camino en cualquier temporada. We believe that a firm partnership between school and home provides a solid foundation for learning and we value the involvement of our parents and carers. All staff are dedicated to providing the children with first-class care and high-quality learning activities and experiences.

The supportive ethos within the school enables pupils of all abilities to thrive as they grow and develop.
If you have any further queries, or would like to visit us, please contact the school to make an appointment.

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