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We are still working on our Wimbledon Fortune Cookie, but if you want to get in on the action, check out Tennis Channel’s Wimbledon Racquet Bracket Contest!
In addition to entering in the main pool, you can create a private pool with your favorite tennis fans. Prizes include a $500 Wilson tennis package and a subscription to Tennis View Magazine.
Slice or backspin is one of the most important techniques in modern tennis to overpower your opponent. In addition to the separates previewed earlier this week, Stella McCartney has just released the Adidas Barricade dress she designed for Caroline Wozniacki to wear at Wimbledon. Friday in New York City I was given the exciting opportunity to test out the new Babolat Play connected racquet.
So after a quick warm-up with the new racquet and a Babolat pro, I was able to hit with a WTA pro: Aga Radwanska. Aga had to leave just as Genie Bouchard arrived, who, despite the fact that this was one of her many practice sessions today, proceed to seriously whack the ball.
Another cool feature my kind Babolat warm-up partner told me about is that you can create a profile for yourself and see how you rank against players from around the world (for instance, the number 10-ranked Babolat Play user is from Spain… no, not Rafa).
I can’t say enough how impressed I was by the new technology Babolat has seamlessly applied to your everyday tennis racquet.
Tennis champions swapped their Wimbledon whites for kilts in Edinburgh this weekend for the Brodies Champions of Tennis event.

Great piece on Tommy Haas, who still has the same dreams he’s had since he was 7 years old. Yes, Wimbledon champion Jonny Marray is still driving his 13-year-old Ford Fiesta (and please get the man some Kettle Chips!). Caroline Wozniacki talks about her relationship with Rory McIlroy: “I think what Rory and I have is very special.
Learn more about Roger Federer‘s Nike shoes for Wimbledon, the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour LE with a bright orange outsole.
Novak Djokovic talks about the golden age of tennis and more during an interview with CNBC at the UNIQLO store in London.
Posted in: ATP, Fashion, Federer, Murray, News, Off Court News, Retired Player, Wozniacki, WTA. Remember that you should be looking in a running stance as you will be putting the opposite foot behind.
In the video below, Caro and Maria Kirilenko show off their Wimbledon and US Open kits, which are sure to look great on the grass and (later) the hard courts. I met the Babolat team at the Manhattan Plaza Racquet Club, a little slice of tennis heaven tucked into Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan, for my first experience with Babolat Play.
Genie seemed really into the technology as well and even mentioned how cool it was that it counts how many total balls you hit in a practice session (one of my favorite features as well) so you can compare how long and hard you worked to other practice sessions.

It’s definitely going to improve the game for professionals and recreational players alike.
He’s trying to work it out with his schedule, I’m trying to go and see him when I can, so in that way it’s been working out well so far. Babolat has adapted the same Bluetooth technology that allows us to sync our phones to our cars or use an earpiece for hands-free chatting to its already-successful racquets (used by Rafael Nadal, Caroline Wozniacki, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and more).
Now you might think I’m better than I’m letting you believe, but thanks to Babolat Play, I know exactly how bad I am! The Babolat Play racquet syncs to an app (available on iPhone and Android) and after a hitting session, can tell you how you’re hitting the ball (flat, slice, smash), how many balls you hit and so much more.
Aga and I were able to look at the analysis of our hitting and compare where on the racquet we make contact with the ball.
For a player to outclass his opponent, he needs to learn this technique as it is very important in tennis.

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