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One in five Americans over the age of twelve (for a total of 48.1 million Americans) have some kind of hearing loss. IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: All medical content and news articles on this website is supplied by an independent third party company. If there is a problem in the outer or middle part of the ears, this affects the way sound is carried, or conducted, through to the inner ear and the rest of the auditory system.
Hearing loss that results from damage to or disorders of the outer and middle ear is therefore referred to as conductive hearing loss. The most common cause of conductive hearing loss, which mainly affects children, is otitis media.
This may be caused by a variety of physical problems, ranging from benign tumors to impacted earwax. Mixed hearing loss means that there is damage to the inner ear or nerves, as well as to the outer or middle ear. Researchers used information from the ongoing Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging to study 126 adults ages 56 to 86 who had yearly MRI brain scans for up to a decade. Lin says the current theory is that hearing impairment doesn’t directly cause dementia but that it may exacerbate problems in brain function. Read the latest discoveries, exercise and memory-sharpening tips, health care reform and more! AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. However, in cases where medical or surgical intervention is not appropriate, individuals with conductive hearing loss may be managed with hearing aids, including such special devices as bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA) or bone conductor hearing aids. Conductive hearing loss occurs when there is a problem with the outer ear canal, and sound cannot effectively travel to the middle ear. People with this type of hearing loss often have trouble hearing faint sounds, or sounds may seem distorted.
In some cases, allergies may be to blame, or the child might have a buildup of fluid in the middle ear.
It happens when the inner ear is damaged, or when the nerves from the brain to the inner ear are damaged.
The causes of mixed hearing loss can include any of the factors that could cause conductive or sensorineural hearing loss. Sometimes, determining the degree of a child’s hearing loss is more difficult than it is for an adult patient.
A new study from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore may provide an explanation: Older adults with hearing problems appear to have a greater rate of brain shrinkage as they age. Fifty-one showed some degree of hearing loss, mostly mild to moderate; these people might have trouble hearing in a restaurant, for example. In response to the many questions received on this topic, we have surveyed centers serving deaf and hard of hearing people in selected states throughout the United States, in search of agencies, organizations, and programs that may be able to provide hearing aids, TTYs, decoders, and other devices free or at reduced rates.
Conductive hearing loss occurs when something prevents sound from effectively being carried through the outer ear and middle ear to the inner ear. The researchers found that the brains of those with impaired hearing shrank faster than the brains of those with normal hearing, and that the atrophy was concentrated in the parts of the brain related to hearing. This resource list is the result of our survey. Please note that not all of the agencies, organizations, or programs are found in every state.
Although it is usually easily treatable, the incidence of otitis media is significantly higher among Indigenous children, for whom it represents a serious health and educational issue.
Behind that, the middle ear is a space that has three ossicles, which are small bones that vibrate with sound to affect the movement of fluid in the inner ear.
If your child is a budding Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte and spends hours in the pool, have him checked for swimmer’s ear. Your child might also have sensorineural hearing loss due to an illness, head trauma, or physical deformity of the inner ear.

Specific ranges of decibels are further classified into mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss.
Lin is planning a large study to research just that question, but results won’t be in for several years.
You will have to do some preliminary work to find out which of the organizations and programs on the following list are active in your area. Parents who have concerns about their child's responsiveness to sound, language development, or behaviour should talk to their doctor.
In order to understand the different types of hearing loss, it is helpful to understand how people actually hear and interpret sounds.
When the fluid in the inner ear moves, it affects hair cells, which submit electrical signals to the brain via the auditory nerve.
More serious causes can include malformation of the ear structures, a perforated eardrum, or poor function of the Eustachian tube. Both the type and degree of your child’s hearing loss will shape his treatment plan, along with the cause of hearing loss. Use your local telephone directory to find the telephone numbers for these organizations and contact them concerning specific services and eligibility requirements. For example, if your child has mild conductive hearing loss caused by impacted earwax, a simple solution is for the pediatrician to remove the earwax. Criteria for eligibility and conditions for obtaining needed devices will vary from state to state. We hope that this list will help lead you to the kind of assistance you need.
In certain instances, some of the agencies listed can provide new or reconditioned aids free of charge or at reduced rates. You may also wish to contact the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for information on insurance coverage of hearing aids and related service. ASHA keeps abreast of current developments and change in the coverage of hearing health care expenses by private insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title IV requires that each state maintain a telephone relay service (TRS). These services enable TTY users to communicate with non-TTY users and have been operational since 1993.
The state agency invites applications from residents that have a hearing loss or speech impediment. Applicants are screened for medical and financial eligibility.
Once eligibility is established, the agency may give the applicant a TTY at no charge, or may lease or sell the applicant a TTY at substantially reduced rates. In some states, the applicant is given a voucher that may be used to purchase equipment from dealers. For more information about TTY distribution programs for your state, contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation office. Veterans Administration: All World War I veterans are eligible to receive free hearing aids. Other veterans can receive free hearing aids if their hearing loss is at least 50 percent service-related.
The veteran's health care act provides free TeleCaption decoders to veterans who have profound hearing loss that is service-related. Agencies may be able to provide full or partial assistance depending upon financial circumstances. Speech and hearing centers may provide hearing aids at a reduced rate for clients who have used their service for audiological assessment.
Some areas have hearing aid banks that distribute reconditioned hearing aids to individuals ineligible for finical assistance. HEAR NOW maintains the National Hearing Aid Bank, which provides new and reconditioned hearing aids to deaf and hard of hearing people who cannot afford them. These hearing aids are distributed through hearing health care providers in comminutes nationwide. HEAR NOW also has a cochlear implant program that raises funds to provide cochlear implant and related service to both adults and children.
Through publications, outreach, training, scholarships, and financial aid, AG Bell promotes the use of spoken language and hearing technology.

AG Bell financial aid offers support and resources for people of all ages that have suffered hearing loss. The Rald(TM) program was created to provide these veterans and service men and women access to assistive listening devices (ALDs) at a 20% saving over retail cost, along with free personalized telephone support. ALDs are devices to help individuals with hearing difficulties hear more clearly in a wide array of social situations, whether those needs are specific to listening on the phone, to a television, in a group setting or during one-on-one conversations. An ALD is designed to pick up sounds from the sound source and bring it directly to the listener's ear, without the distraction of background noise.
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The number of people affected by hearing loss continues to rise due to the demographic aging of our society and the growing noise pollution in our environment.

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