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As a leading medical center, Ear Nose and Throat Center of Bangkok Hospital Phuket focuses on diagnosis and treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders such as laryngeal disorders screening, balance problems, sinus conditions, snoring and sleep apnea, vertigo, otolaryngology surgery, otitis externa (swimmer's ear) etc.
Our otolaryngologists and pediatric ENT specialist deliver comprehensive personalized care with their highly professional and expertise. The examination and treatment of the outer and central part of the ear using the Oto-microscope for more accurate and effective treatment.

A hearing examination with an experienced specialist who can give proper guidance on the use and adjustment of hearing aides.
The examination and treatment for the problem of hoarse voice using highly advanced instruments. The Ear Nose & Throat Center of Bangkok Hospital Phuket is a full-service practice caring for patients in Phuket and around the world.

Your comfort is a priority at our center, where you are greeted with a warm, welcoming smile.

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