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After completing a Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry, Human Physiology and Microbiology he moved to Pretoria where he started his Medical Degree at the University of Pretoria.
At the completion of his studies he did half of his Internship at the Pretoria Academic Hospital and they then relocated to the coastal city of Port Elizabeth where he completed his Internship at the Livingstone Hospital. For the next two years he worked as a Surgical Registrar, Casual Medical Officer in various private Emergency Departments and did General Practice locums across a wide area in the Gauteng Province. In August 1998 he took up a challenging position that required him to set-up a medical facility for a 10,000 strong construction workforce at the Mozal project in the neigbouring country of Mozambique. In the early part of 2000 Thinus and Riana accepted an offer to take up a position as rural General Practitioners in Booleroo Centre, South Australia. Arriving in Wagga in 2004 it soon became apparent that the promises made were not going to be kept and after three months Thinus resigned and spent the next 9 months doing hospital and General Practice locums all over the ACT and NSW. They arrived in Canberra in late 2004 where both Thinus and Riana started working at the Calvary hospital's Emergency Department. Thinus still has a keen interest in minor procedures and does regular excisions of suspicious skin lesions.
At the age of 5 his family moved to the town of Parys and this was where he stayed until he went to the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education in 1985.
During this time their second child was born - Sune was born very premature and with Cerebral Palsy.

During the rare quiet time he assisted Riana at her General Practice Clinic in Morelettapark, Pretoria, and did all of the financial administration of this Clinic.
For the next two years he spent many exhausting hours battling bureacracy, industrial unrest and floods and had to also deal with issues such as gunshots, cholera, snakebites, car accidents and off course an incredibly high malaria caseload.
They started at this location in April 2000 and were the only doctors in the Mount Remarkable District that serviced the towns of Booleroo Centre, Wirrabara, Wilmington and Melrose as well as all the farms and smaller settlements inbetween.
During this time he also obtained the Fellowship of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. By July 2005 things had started to settle sufficiently for Thinus to start doing some sessions at a General Practice Clinic in Gungahlin and in October 2005 he also started doing regular sessions at the Canberra Skin Cancer Clinic. He has a Certificate in Skin Cancer management and actively involved in ongoing General Practice Medical Education. Many wonderful years were spent cavorting in the Vaal river and the islands that were scattered across the 3km wide river. This was one of the reasons why the family decided to move back to Pretoria in 1997 - Riana's family was closer and Thinus wanted to spend some time working in a surgical department. In 1999 Riana and the children joined him - it was rather exciting but the danger elements and close calls such as Thinus' three episodes of malaria as well as Sune getting malaria made it clear that this was not a longterm prospect.
A very busy but happy four years followed during which they provided all of the services to these towns, the local district hospital and nursing home as well as running the pharmacy in town.

Based on the experience obtained during these meanderings it was decided that a move to Canberra would be ideal. The sessions at the Gungahlin Clinic was ceased in February 2006 as he was not happy with the limitations that the 3h per week placed on his ability to have a continuity of care for his patients.
Both Elmie and Sune also had a severely interrupted education program and the family depended on a local missionary group for educational support.
These services included full obstetric services, minor surgery, as well as doing roadside assistance with the local volunteer ambulance brigade and teaching 5th year medical students. It was during this time that he started to plan for the opening of his and Riana's own clinic and out of these plans the Tillyard Drive Medical Practice materialised.
Thinus also managed all of the financial matters of the Practice, was the Principal Medical Officer on the Hospital Board, a member of the Ambulance Board and attended Emergency Services Meetings. During this time both Thinus and Riana attended the examination and obtained the Felllowship of the Royal College of Australian General Practioners.

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