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Thyroid operations are used for patients who have a variety of thyroid conditions, including both cancerous and benign (non-cancerous) thyroid nodules, large thyroid glands (goiters), and overactive thyroid glands.
As with any surgical procedure, there are risks and these should be discussed with the patient by the thyroid surgeon. Depending on how much of the thyroid gland is removed, the operation will take between 1.5 and 3 hours including anesthesia time. Evaluating Thyroid Disorders ENT for the PA-C Andrew Golde MD,CM FRCSC FACS Advanced Ear, Nose and Throat Associates Atlanta, GA February 2011. Physical examination of thyroid Stand front or back Feel laryngeal framework and hyoid Have pt swallow or drink Size of gland Nodule? Subacute thyroiditis Destruction-induced thyroididities Abrupt onset thyrotoxicosis (leakage of T4 and Tg) Thyroid enlarges - painful Hypothyroidism ---> recovery? Goiter and Thyroid Cancer Hasan AYDIN, MD Yeditepe University Medical Faculty Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism. Painful thyroid acute pyogenic or fungal thyroiditis subacute thyroiditis hemorrhage into a cyst Acute hemorrhagic degeneration in a nodule, Hashimoto’s.
Thyroid Disorders Hasan AYDIN, MD Yeditepe University Medical Faculty Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism. LOGO THE THYROID GLAND OVER TRACHEA TWO LARGE LATERAL LOBES CONNECTED BY AN ISTHMUS 15 to 20 g FUNCTIONAL UNIT IS THE FOLLICLE: EPITHELIAL CELLS. San Francisco Otolaryngology has been the most respected source of ear, nose, and throat care in the Bay Area since 1940.

We provide the most comprehensive Pediatric ENT and Allergy care by utilizing experience, innovation, and a strong local network of hospitals and specialists.
We provide the most comprehensive care for sinus, thyroid, and other ENT conditions by utilizing experience, innovation, and a strong local network of hospitals and specialists. ENT doctors, or otolaryngologists, are trained in the medical and surgical treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ears, nose, throat (ENT), head, and neck.
The two issues which must be discussed relate to 1) the nerve to the vocal cords (recurrent laryngeal nerve & external laryngeal nerve) and 2) the parathyroid glands. The surgeon must utilize proper technique to avoid injury to the nerves to the vocal cords. They share some common blood supply with the thyroid and are quite small (about 1 cm each).
History Goiter Goiter –Fist described in China in 2700 BC Thyroid Function Thyroid Function –Da Vinci – thyroid is designed to. ENT is a subspecialty and requires specialized equipment to thoroughly examine and properly diagnose a patient’s complaint. One of the risks of thyroid surgery is temporary or even permanent weakness of the vocal cords which results in hoarseness. They are very active little glands, producing a hormone called Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) which together with Vitamin D regulates and maintains blood calcium at a normal level. The incision is located in the lower neck and its size will vary based on the size of the thyroid to be removed and the patient’s anatomy; overweight patients and those with very large necks may need larger incisions.

Our experienced and respected physicians have been providing comprehensive head and neck care to all ages since 1940. The surgery is kept as minimally invasive as possible and the scar is rarely anything to be concerned about, even in young people. Bathing and showering is permitted on the first day after surgery, although it is recommended to keep the incision dry for about 48 hours. There is very little bleeding during the procedure and the patient rarely complains of intense postoperative pain – although this varies from patient to patient. A small drain is often used for 24 hours and patients may either go home the same day or be observed overnight. If the entire thyroid gland is removed, blood calcium levels are checked postoperatively to make sure they are stable before the patient is discharged home. Again, depending on how much of the thyroid gland is removed, patients may need to take thyroid hormone replacement after surgery.

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