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El programa de instalacion procedera a la descarga e instalacion de todos los paquetes necesarios. Siga todos los pasos de la instalacion sin modificaciones hasta que se complete el proceso. R-Commander) se dispone de la consola y de un editor de textos (Archivo → Nuevo script). Para los usuarios mas expertos, es posible usar tambien el programa Emacs como editor para R.

GSIF (R package) provides a number of functions and utilities to process primary soil data to produce soil property and factor-type maps. This course introduces concepts of mapping efficiency from both statistical and economic perspective.
It promotes careful planning of the DSM projects (going from sampling, field data collection to actual production and dissemination of soil information). I've tried a variety of text editors, GUIs, and integrated development environments (IDEs) for R.

Produced data and maps will be then visualized in Google Earth (plotKML package) and OS GIS packages.

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