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Strategies for reviewing Be realistic – impossible to know all OTC products and their ingredients Concentrate on the types of ingredients in each category cough suppressants – whats available?
From the Pharmacists Letter - 2008 You'll soon see a new formulation of Renagel called Renvela.
General Comments on Antacids Gavison and Algicon are intended for the treatment GERD (lower neutralizing capacity) Separate administration of Rx meds and antacids by 2 hrs. Usually the person tends to say the same thing again forgetting that he or she has just said it or the person may forget where he or she put something just a few moments ago.

Facing problems while doing familiar chores like cooking, cleaning the house or driving. Having disrupted sleep pattern wherein the person tends to have naps during the day and is unable to sleep at nights. Major categories of products to review Most important antacids, antidiarrheals cough and cold remedies. Not all the people suffering from age dementia exhibit all the symptoms, and these symptoms may either be subtle or obvious.

It has been noticed that aggression in hospitalized patients is more than those who are taken care of at home but this does not mean that you will not have to cope with an aggressive dementia patient at some time or the other.
But it goes without saying that one of the most common age dementia symptoms is short term memory loss.

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