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I had plugged up ears, poor hearing,with excessive ear wax,,,,and now I don’t!! The one thing I did to clear my ears was to ear candle.
If you have swimmer's ear, you don't want to wait a minute more until you get some relief! And maybe it's Saturday night at the cottage, do you want the hour drive to the nearest emergency? Even just having water in your ear and having your ear really plugged because of it is very annoying.What happens is water gets trapped in your ear canal, and then the bacteria starts multiplying.

Ear candling does not actually deal with the bacterial infection, but it can relieve some of the pressure in your ear canal, relieving some of the pain. Definitely one of the benefits of ear candling! Ear InfectionsThe next one of the benefits of ear candling is concerning relief from the pain of ear infections. Ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Essences, Mayans, Tibetans, Chinese, Indians, and the Orient have shown evidence of participating in this ancient practice. It was a procedure offered only to great warriors, spiritual leaders, or those at the top of the social hierarchy.

Some cultures considered ear wax candling to be not only a cleansing of the body but a spiritual cleansing of the mind and sole as well. In fact, in Germany, medical students have to learn about ear candling as a part of their studies.

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