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Meniere’s disease is a type of hearing disorder in which the person experiences ringing sound in the ears and a feeling of fullness in the ears.
Meniere’s disease is characterized with episodes of ringing in ears, spinning feeling and fluctuating hearing loss.
There can be recurring attacks vertigo (spinning sensation) which may last for few minutes to hours and in some cases it can lead to nausea and vomiting sensation. This disease can cause permanent hearing loss and sudden episodes of spinning and falls which may cause accidental injury. Your doctor will collect complete medical history and conduct physical exam of the ears using lighted instrument.
As such there is no remedy for Meniere’s disease but treatments can be given only for managing the symptoms. People with Meniere’s disease should be aware of the attacks and sit down during such episodes.

It was first reported by Prosper Meniere, a French physician and hence the disorder is given his name. Meniere’s disease can cause hearing loss after each episode and for some it can cause permanent loss of hearing.
Frequency and intensity of symptoms like vertigo and tinnitus can be reduced with medications. It is dangerous to drive vehicle for them and they should take enough rest after such attacks. Tinnitus (loud ringing noise in the ear) and buzzing or whistling sound is common symptom of this disease. Frequent attacks of vertigo and tinnitus can cause death of hair cells of the inner ear over years leading to deafness. Prescription drugs include Lorazepam, Meclizine in suitable dosage and Phenergan to manage vomiting sensation.

A portion of bone is removed from that area and a small tube is placed into the sac so that excess of fluid secretion from the inner ear gets collected here.
Some factors like allergies, frequent migraine episodes, genetic predisposition and abnormal immune response can cause Meniere’s disease. Further testing includes VNG (videonystagmography) test, rotary chair testing, video head impulse test and posturography according to the symptoms of the affected person. The hearing capacity of the person can get affected due to repeated episodes of spinning and ringing in the ears. Gentamicin injection is suggested by some doctors in the middle ear to facilitate balancing function of the ears.

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