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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: For the past several months I have had a high-pitched ringing in my ears. ANSWER: Tinnitus involves hearing noise in one or both ears that is not caused by an external sound.
The noise of tinnitus often sounds like a ringing in the ears, but it can also be buzzing, clicking, roaring or hissing. You need additional evaluation to see if the cause of your tinnitus can be found and treated. If the hair cells inside your inner ear are broken, bent or otherwise damaged, they may spark random electrical impulses to your brain, causing tinnitus. Reviewing your medical history with your primary health care provider, along with getting a thorough physical exam and having diagnostic tests, can help provide vital clues to the cause of your tinnitus.
In many cases, a hearing exam completed by an audiologist is a key part of a tinnitus assessment. If an evaluation reveals an underlying condition, then treatment for that condition often relieves tinnitus. Sometimes I’m not sure whether to file posts under my diary or in the health conditions section. Multiple recent studies have found that perhaps half of fibromyalgia patients have peripheral nerve abnormalities, ranging from a loss of small fiber innervation to nerve damage. I found an excellent blog post that really explains this SFPN issue in detail so I will refer you there for further reading. My doctor is convinced that this is all related to the MTHFR, especially as I am feeling so much better as my treatment progresses.
If you have a comment that is related to your own health or have questions that require an answer, please leave these in the community discussion forums and not in the comments below. Just recently found out about MTHFR and am devouring everything I can learn on the subject as I have a very long list of problems dating back to early childhood. Thanks Andrea, what part of the country do you live in, maybe some of us are able to see your Doctors. You mentioned tinnitus at the beginning and the end of your article, but I don’t see any in-depth discussion about how it can be lessened or alleviated. Can holding magnets against your head end the agony of tinnitus?By ROGER DOBSONLast updated at 23:07 27 August 2007Magnetic stimulation of the brain is being used to tackle ringing in the ears. I have come to the point of having to watch peoples lips as they speak to figure out all the words. Strange the constant ringing didn’t start until I began having grand mal seizures at the age of 55.
Shattered my right ear cochlea in a motorcycle accident (along with a lot of bones).I now have TINNITUS in my right ear. Just to be clear on the situation with mag, mag binds to 13 different things, some of which do not absorb and are not effective for anything.
If after that assessment the cause remains unclear, then you and your health care provider should discuss how to best treat your symptoms.
Some of the ear conditions that can lead to tinnitus include exposure to loud sound, age-related hearing loss, earwax buildup and changes within your ear bones.
Other conditions that can cause it include cardiovascular disease, allergies, anemia and some jaw disorders. You may be referred to an otologist for a more thorough evaluation of your ears and possible cause of your tinnitus.
This test involves listening for sounds played through earphones into one ear at a time and signaling when you can hear the sounds. If the cause cannot be identified, then talk to your health care provider about treatment to help ease tinnitus. It’s been a little while since I’ve done a personal update but I had a doctor’s appointment last week and, as always, I learned something new.
I spent the last year digging into every possible corner of the unexplained health issues that plague us. Now as I said, I do not have fibromyalgia symptoms such as pain, burning or serious fatigue. My doctor uses Sudoscan (pictured), which is a simple noninvasive tool that evaluates sweat gland function through electrodermal response in the hands and feet. It’s prompting me to bring up another biomarker I’ve had since I began seeing my doctor for MTHFR-related issues last year. I’d been standing with my shoulders rolled forward, my lower back arched and my neck craning outward.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on these issues and would like to move forward with a few ideas I have.
Doctors have already treated a small group of patients with a treatment known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, or rTMS. Researchers say that using magnets to stimulate specific parts of the brain which show a higher rate of blood flow than would usually be expected - something that is associated with tinnitus - may help to alleviate the condition. Tinnitus causes pain and a constant ringing in the ears that makes it almost impossible to concentrate or enjoy a social gathering. Tinnitus doesn’t interrupt sleep or really bother me exactly, but it really exacerbates my already significant hearing loss. I got it because when rockets detonate they are quite loud and having two in quick succession is even worse.

My Dad had it, but he attributed it to loud noises at the rail yard where he worked for almost 40 years. It gets interesting if you try to take a hearing test where those pesky tones come over the earphones.
Also, people exposed to loud noises for extended periods of time and those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) have higher rates of tinnitus. My doctor said that it is tinnitus and is quite common, but I am concerned and want to know what could have caused it. In some cases, the sound can be so loud that it interferes with your ability to concentrate or to hear actual sound. Although severe tinnitus can interfere with your hearing, the condition does not cause hearing loss. Other factors such as diet, stress and certain medications can play a role in the development of tinnitus, too.
Commonly, an audiologist can assist you in using a hearing aid, white noise machine or another similar device to help mask tinnitus and make your symptoms less bothersome. From nutrient and mineral deficiencies to viruses and bacteria to hormone dysfunction – my mission is to find (and help others find) the root cause of their health problems. I don’t have fibromyalgia or any pain, but very occasionally – perhaps every three weeks for about 30 seconds, I’ll feel a slight tingling and numbness in my fingers. But as we know, fibromyalgia patients often have MTHFR mutations and methylation issues can exacerbate the problems they face. I just had to stand with my hands and feet on four plates for a few minutes while the scan completed. My number one complaint right now is the tinnitus, which is still there albeit at a much lower volume than it was last year. Basically, this was causing a lot of tension along my Superficial Back Line, which, incidentally, is also the area along which a lot of my tingling spots occurred.
If you know or believe that you have a MTHFR mutation, hypothyroidism or other health problems, please get yourself tested and find a doctor or natural health practitioner who is willing to help you find the root cause and develop a personalized treatment plan for your particular body. Now, a larger clinical trial has started in which patients will receive four weeks of therapy. I don’t believe it will cure tinnitus though as I have that and I take at least 50mg per day. I wonder if the lack of constant high-pitched noises would help with my tendency to cringe or jump at certain types of noises.
A lot of other books have a lot of filter information and I have to spend a long time reading before I get to start implementing the tips.
I no longer have the fatigue I was suffering from last year and my mind feels sharp and focused. I’m new to all of this but something that is becoming very apparent to me is that most of our health problems are related. I’m not sure what measurements the results are done in, but I came up below normal in both of my hands (feet were good). She recommended that I continue my B vitamin supplementation, which includes the active forms of all the B vitamins, methylcobalamin injections twice a month and the glutathione precursor supplement that I’m taking. It is estimated that 7 per cent of men and women will visit their GP about the problem, 4 per cent have tinnitus that bothers them moderately or severely, and that the quality of life of one in 100 sufferers is severely affected.
That combined with the underlying hearing loss make many social situations, such as crowded noisy restaurants, parties, and concerts unbearable to me. Imaging exams, blood tests and other procedures may be necessary, as well, depending on your medical situation. Fortunately, I was able to get rid of the ringing right away, and am really grateful for this. And this folate caper is the key to unlocking many of the doors that stand between so many people and better health. I always thought it was a B12 issue, but it shouldn’t be going on anymore because I take methylcobalamin shots every two weeks. Furthermore, patients who have small-fiber polyneuropathy (SFPN) may not present with any pain but may have other symptoms: abnormal blood pressure, gastrointestinal disturbances and tachycardia for example. Now, there’s a whole host of things besides Lyme disease that can cause low CD57s but I also did testing to rule those out. She thinks that I may have been even lower on the scale last year but we don’t have a baseline because I did not do a scan back then. The tingling has also subsided quite a bit with increased stretching and upright posture, however I’m sure there is also and underlying genetic problem involved (like MTHFR). Her instructions were to continue with the supplements I am currently taking, improving methylation and glutathione production. But unfortunately many of the practitioners that are up to speed on MTHFR issues don’t take insurance (though they may be able to prepare invoices that you can submit to your insurance). Although it can be triggered by underlying problems, from earwax to high blood pressure, in many cases the cause is unknown.
Although tinnitus can be linked to exposure to loud noise, hearing loss, ear or head injuries, some diseases of the ear, ear infections or emotional stress, just why it occurs in some people and not others is unclear. Now, neuroscientists at Georgetown University Medical Center and colleagues in Germany say they've discovered the brain condition that causes it.
I also really dread children’s scream as it is painful and it ups the volume of tinnitus for hours.

There are several brands of shoes that have great support, of course I am a woman so they might not be what you are looking for. I take elavil for neuropathy related nerve pain in my feet and shortly after my dosage was upped I started hearing this loud siren in my left ear. And when I think back to last year before I found out I had MTHFR, the numbness was more pronounced and happened more often. The tinnitus becoming quieter is an improvement, as is the fact that I am no longer tired or experiencing any sleep problems or other issues.
Good pure nutrition, supliments for my nerves, Reiki, visualization, epsome salts baths, Qui Gong, yoga, etc and I feel like I’m getting somewhere.
The noise heard in the ear can be a high-pitched whistling or buzzing, ringing, or hissing sound which may be there all the time, or comes and goes.
Human hearing has a complicated filtering system which allows the removal of unimportant sounds. At the start of this journey I mentioned the high-pitched ringing in my ears, which got progressively quieter over the last six months.
A review of my vitals and symptom reports from my last few appointments showed blood pressure fluctuations, gastrointestinal complaints and a couple of instances where my resting heart rate was in the 90s. I’m very lucky to have found a few doctors that I trust who are in my insurance network. Writing in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, the scientists describe how the brain mechanisms that normally control noise and pain signals can become dysfunctional, leading to a distorted perception of these sensations. Johnson (founder of Phoenix Rising) explains in his blog post, these low numbers are more a marker of chronic infection and immune dysfunction (autoimmune issues were also present in a third of the patients in the referenced study).
Remember that many of my more obvious problems began when I started taking high doses of synthetic folic acid and cyanocobalamin along with drugstore-quality prenatal vitamins (before I knew better). That said, it took a lot of trial and error with ones I wasn’t happy with to get there.
I just can’t hear what people are saying and often ask people to repeat or to speak louder.
I’m sure my health has been impaired by MTHFR mutations but the underlying issues were intensified by the wrong forms of vitamins. A vegetarian (organic), using all natural body products,house cleaning products and the correct suppliments for methylation, active…yoga,etc. Brain injury Josef Rauschecker, a member of the German research team, says a brain injury sometimes scrambles the sensory apparatus. I think I can still hear fairly well, but the tinnitus is so loud that it drowns out the sound. One theory is that the tinnitus sound is present in many people, but that their filtering system ignores it. Some research suggests that when sufferers become anxious or annoyed at the sounds, the filtering system homes in even more on them and the perceived volume increases. Faulty methelation is in my family and we all have to be extra dillagent in all that we do! Although there have been many treatments suggested and tried for the condition, including masking noise, magnets, antidepressants and behaviour therapy, a cure remains elusive. Meanwhile, chronic pain can occur from an injury that often is healed on the outside but persists inside the brain.
In the new clinical trial using rTMS, an electromagnet is placed on the scalp to generate mild magnetic field pulses which pass through the skull and stimulate the cerebral cortex - the outer portion of the brain where thought processes take place.
During rTMS, the brain is stimulated for a few minutes using either a hand-held magnetic coil encased in plastic, or with a device that sits over the head.
Doctors say people who have tinnitus may also complain of fatigue, stress, sleep problems, and anxiety.
The procedure is painless and does not require anaesthesia, and the patient has little or no sensation. When rTMS is applied to areas of the brain which display increased activity and blood flow, it can reduce or suppress symptoms for a short time. Researchers at the University of Tuebingen in Germany and at the University of Arkansas have shown it can be highly effective. The ringing may not actually be ringing at all, but more of a buzzing, hissing, or squealing. Similar results were obtained by the team in Germany, but it also found that the longer and the more intensive the therapy, the longer the relief from symptoms lasted.
Commenting on the research, Dr Ralph Holme, head of biomedical research at the RNID, said: "Tinnitus can be a debilitating condition.
For starters, a doctor will likely check the ear itself to make sure there isn't a build-up of wax or a foreign object lodged in your ear canal. It affects seven million people in the UK, according to RNID estimates, yet there is no known cure. If you suspect that you have age-related hearing loss, inform your doctor, since the two conditions are often related. The doctor may order an audiogram (hearing test), an auditory brain stem response (ABR), or even an MRI.

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