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It’s really hard to find a good, reliable and natural cure but this is it so if you are still ringing check the post! Did Radiohead get the name of this album from the Jerky Boys, Re: "Are you washing your a**? Radiohead struggle and second guess themselves in an attempt at producing another 'Creep' an attempt that saw the band writing half a dozen potential follow-up hits, none of which they were particularly happy with. The more sucessful songs are the ballads "street spirit" "fake plastic trees" "bullet proof" "high and dry" all great songs brilliantly sung . The bends still stands out as a great set of songs though and "sulk" features some of thoms best singing .
The real joy at this stage in the bands development was the atmospheric guitar playing of greenwood working alongside a thom yorke whod developed as a vocalist .
Greenwoods playing certainly evokes memories of guitarists as diverse as george harrison,john mcgeogh,roger mcguinn,david gilmour and johnny marr without really sounding derivative of them.
Radiohead has always lived on 'soundscapes' their music is what sets the mood for the lyrics and makes you feel what the lyrics are saying. Funnily enough the best bits on the album are the songs "how to dissapear" and "motion picture soundtrack" both beautifully arranged and sang by thom - the way the strings overwhelm the former is just awesome but its no!
To use a comparison from rock history, if I must, the combined weight of the material contained on 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' may have been better presented as a double album. I really love the way "you and whose army" builds burning with anger and beauty leaving you chilled too the core. The version of "Morning bell" is far superior too stripped off that clumsy drumbeat , its sounds more ethereal as a result. A completely pointless piece of fan fodder this, seemingly released instead of releasing the Amnesiac version of 'I Might Be Wrong' as a stand alone single. This time they become a rock band trying to play electronica and a electronica act trying to play rock . And it works , using laptops and samplers (in the style of aphex twin,4 tet) to create loops that are mirrored with guitars and drums playing repetitive loops and patterns. I cant imagine wanting to play this terribly often to be honest - its a little to hard work in places . Absolutely essential listening for all Radiohead fans, although fans of 'The Bends' may well be hanging on for the long promised Radiohead return to conventional guitar rock.
But while "amnesiac" and "hail to the thief" had grating moments where the experimentalism seemed overbearing and willful "in rainbows" has a lightness of touch that makes it a joy to listen to . The legit version of the product is not distributed through other stores, even though you might come across several other sites that link directly to the payment web page.
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My name is Nick Thompson and I made this site (reverse tinnitus .org) to help others with tinnitus or constant ringing of the ears. It really changed my life so I made this website for you to find the product which stopped all the ringing. One of the songs on the tape was a pre-fame Radiohead, a little song called 'Creep' by a band i'd never heard of before. The sessions for the album dragged on, everyone went a bit crazy, not helped by the extensive touring they'd just completed in support of 'Pablo Honey'. Perhaps they don't want to feel like they aren't going anywhere, and maybe their just shoosing what fits their view of what they are writing about best.
But credit to radiohead , instead of reverting back to a conventional guitar record they seem determined to follow their musical instincts to its own natural conclusion. The term 'son of Kid A' does give you a fair indication of what to expect from 'The Eraser' however, which far from being any kind of self-indulgent solo record, is actually a wonderful, deep and frequently beautiful record. Soft Aphex Twin type beats aka 'Ambient Works', crossed with 'Kid A', only without that extra melody line Aphex Twin would layer over the top. The 'choose how much you pay' trick is something of a novelty, yet also, something other bands will now surely follow. Radiohead have made experimental sounds part of the fabric of their sound (unlike u2 who used it as a toy to pick up and put back down when sales started to turn on them) but theyve proved they can make an accessible record out of these sounds . Having said that, it is best to click through to the vendor’s web site to find out the most inexpensive price and then download. Lycos also encompasses a network of email, webhosting, social networking, and entertainment websites.
Written by Paul Carrington, Banish Tinnitus is an e-book that aims to expose the right way to gain success in curing hearing loss syndrome without taking other dangerous, ineffective treatments. The credibility of this e-book cannot be undermined because being a Tinnitus sufferer once upon a time; Paul Carrington had spent thousands of dollars to ultimately find a way out to cease annoying ringing noise around his ears.
Thomas Coleman has spent 14 years of his life to tinnitus research so it only makes sense that he must have the most knowledge on tinnitus knowing that he himself is a former tinnitus sufferer.
Compared to the Tinnitus Miracle, I find this book to be quite complete with concise information. It blew me away, and I remember to this day how it felt hearing 'Creep' for the first time. That may be unfare but the Radiohead of Pablo Honey are a completly different band to what they became circa Bends. I realize an 8 is a great rating for most albums, but to give the Bends a rating of anything less than a 10 is, IMHO, an absolute travesty! Radiohead had been listening to experimental Jazz music, and 'other kinds' of music and it all helped.
Some of these songs are just awesome, Let Down being some sort of transdescending moment, almost religious, it's absolutely awesome. Some of the songs are brilliant, "Airbag" (magical guitar playing and how) being the absolute highlight for me.
The last 3 tracks are probably the strongest sequence in radioheads catalogue and exit music and airbag are emotional AND innovative .

Well, they released 'Magical Mystery Tour', Radiohead could well have released their still promised b-sides and rarities set as a neat way to follow-up 'OK Computer' without following it up, if you see what I mean. OK Computer would not be the same without "Fitter Happier" because it is the key piece to it and the key to the theme (very spooky too). It takes eight performances from three or four different concerts they played and puts everything together into a tiny eight song album package.
Every song differs from the albumversion,a few slightly(National anthem,I might be wrong) and a few heavily(like spinning plates!,Everything in its right place), still beeing great.
Anyway, this is a very creative and deeply emotional piece and I congratulate Radiohead for proding it.
At times the feel almost reminds me of mid period floyd the way the music gives off a kind of aural angst . All of which is covered in melodies, intelligence, great lyrics and of course the memorable vocals of Thom. Early, unsubstantiated reports indicate that Radiohead have shifted 1.2 million copies of ‘In Rainbows’ at a plausable average of ?4 per copy.
Just wait ten years from now and the critics will be pointing to this, and not OK Computer (as brilliant as it is), as the quintessential British rock album of the 90's. Then unknown producer Nigel Godrich did a stunning job, and producers don't always get the credit they deserve. Of course there are other wonderful tunes as "Karma Police" (the brilliant "Sexy Sadie" style intro which blows me away everytime I hear it) and Paranoid Android (Fantastic clicky style percussions the higlight for me, though the heavy part does'nt work all that great for me). Any follow up in the same kind of style would have been a very difficult thing to do, and in any event, would have lacked any surprise of the new, whatsoever.
Then release 'Kid A' as a double album including all of 'Kid A' and most of 'Amnesiac', if not all. I can understand them wanting to focus on the 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' material, i've absolutely no problem with that at all. And what about 'True love waits', which's not only well-used infront of a big audience, but also definetly one of Radiohead's best songs. I've kind of been on an intensive listening trip to this album since ( at the time of writing ) it was released only a few days ago. Though the middle section of the album is much less accessible than say the last five (a wonderful line up as most will understand), it all grows on you and in time you can learn to appreciate the true emotional value of the album.
Well, the vocals of Thom provide that extra melody line of course, and absolutely gorgeous his vocals are too, one of his best ever vocals, in-fact. At that rate, they’ve made ?4.8 million, with little to come out of that in the way of meaningful overheads. The guitar used in the live version drove the song and it is very hard to get used to it without Jonny's constant action. To be frank, it has been the best guide which I have used when compared to the previous products used. IMO 'The Bends' is really their debut because apart from 'You', 'Blow Out' and 'Creep' (which isn't really their song anymore, not when you see it sung on The X-Factor!) Pablo Honey is a woefully average record. While in 1967, experimental music made legendary names such as Hendrix, Clapton (Cream), Morrison (Doors), and Jon Lennon, I think if Yorke was making music at that time, his name would also be as legendary as the above.
You could trim a couple of these songs off the thing, namely 'Amnesiac Morning Bell', a slowed down and spooked version of the 'Kid A' 'Morning Bell' but rather superfluous, all the same. Yet it is the atmosphere it creates, and what is wrong with the occasionaly atmospheric track? I've no problem with any of the performances here, Radiohead completely out-do themselves in their efforts to perform songs seemingly not easily 'do-able' live. Quite quick to write a review, but yeah, you can pack in a months worth of listening into a few days if you try. But its Radiohead, the best band ever, and although this is still great compared to their previous stuff its their weakest since Pablo.
With so many other vocalists always apeing Thom ( and Jeff Buckley ) and coming across as a tuneless younger brother, it's nice to hear Thom singing at his best.
A few tracks, like "Atoms for Peace", do get a bit tiresome, as if Yorke just ran out of ideas. If these reports are accurate, we can expect a lot more artists to do this kind of thing in the future.
Frank Zappa, that wiley old fox, saw the future in the early to mid eighties with his Synclavier synthesizer, a huge unweildy piece of furniture you had to sit down and programme, rather than play as such. I want to share my positive feedback for this product because that may can help others to make a decision.
The album is split roughly half and half between rockier material and more delicate, prettier material. The acclaim and reviews 'Ok Computer' received made it an instant new 'Sgt Pepper', or more accurately, an instant new 'Dark Side Of The Moon'.
If there is one thing for sure, it's that OK Computer brought psychedelic rock into the 90's. As for the double-album, I burned myself a single album of Kid A and Amnesiac (with 14 songs and 70 mins). It's exhausting, but such is the life of the record reviewer who wants to get reviews out for new releases in a timely manner, even without the benefit of pre-release copies.
Think about the fact that 'The Bends' sold far less than 'Pablo Honey' in the US, and in the UK it took about five singles to regain the groups lost ground, with the closing and very unlikely single type song 'Street Spirit' finally cracking the top ten and giving Radiohead a future.
Fitter happier is one of the key moments of OK Computer and the essence of an album dealing with millennial angst, corporate robotization aso. Sure the 60's psychedelic rock was more blues based, but this album is definately one of the best ever albums in psychedelic rock at a time when that genre was all but dead. That the technology available at the time meant it failed in this task isn't surprising but Zappa knew where the future lay. You can hear traces of groups such as The Pixies in the way the song builds up and there may also be a little Eighties U2 in there someplace, too.
More sceptical and suspicious US music critics received copies of 'OK Computer' glued into a special walkman, so that they had no choice but to listen to it. Which, of course, it's not so say the piece is likeable- it mindnumbing and, to quote your good self, "scary as fuck", but not in the least weak!. Throw in some Jazz influences ( Monk, Coltrane, etc ) and you'll get some kind of serious, weighty list of artists that influenced Radiohead prior to this albums recording. I really hope they don't release any singles because this album is too beautiful to be tainted. Fast forward to now, we've had no significant technological advances during the past ten years or so, rather continued evolution. Anyways, the mighty crunching and still startling 'Creep' is sandwiched between 'You' and the nice guitar textures and sounds of the up-tempo 'How Do You?'.
I had the privilege of seeing them live twice when they were touring to promote it.Even after all these years, this is the album of theirs i come back to the most and i prefer it to " Ok Computer", which although its good, its " Wet yourself with excitement" reviews that greeted it on release, where over the top.
There is less emphasis on both vocals and lyrics here than Radiohead albums of the past, and more emphasis on the musical soundscapes. The idea of re-creating accurately any natural musical sound still isn't quite with us because computers don't really grasp the idea of acoustics very well.
It seems shocking these days, when Radiohead have enjoyed chart topping albums and everything else that goes with it, but still. Some US Radiohead fans found the group via 'Ok Computer' then later decided that they preferred 'The Bends' all along, even though none of them bought 'The Bends' at the time, which reached the mid reaches of 'Billboard' whilst 'OK Computer' went top twenty, a significant move forwards for Radiohead.
Subterrian homesick alien has i think the most amazine course of all time, its so energetic and just makes you want to jump with joy. The opener 'Everything In It's Right Place' for instance has a simple keyboard melody, cool weaving in and out vocal sounds from Thom, before moving effortlessly into the Aphex Twin ambient stylings of the title song.
That makes it just seem as if you're putting on that one, sole, solitary previously unreleased track just to ensure that fans have a reason to buy something that, on the face of it, seems a completely pointless project. Brian Wilson, Phil Spector - any of those Sixties producers knew very well the value of acoustics, different rooms and recording enviroments bringing out different feels. Well, 'The White Album' was The Beatles 'proper' response to 'Sgt Peppers', bearing in mind 'Magical Mystery Tour' was originally only an EP in the UK and turned into an album by the US record label via the addition of extra tracks from singles. Well, fans will delight in some of the performances here, particularly 'Morning Bell' and 'The National Anthemn' and be amazed and realise ( if they didn't already ) that yes, Radiohead are pretty darn great live. From the Bends to Kid A it sounded like Head were evolving to something big but this is them taking a step back. It has 'good' all the way through it, energy, beauty and creativity embedded deeply within it. There are only one maybe two songs that now make up my favourite radiohead songs that arn't off In Rainbows. I dont think you can do that, in fact, i dont think you can compare the songs in their albums to the other songs in that same album. It isn't monotonous like some tracks from OK Computer, and depsite the electronica, it isn't alienating like Hail to the Thief.
Each to their own i suppose but everyone loves radiohead for what they do and not just what they do right. You could say it does nothing really very different to 'Kid A', which was released some ten years ago. If the rockier songs on 'Pablo Honey' were sometimes a little embarrasing, Radiohead have suddenly got a lot better at ROCK songs here. So if it wasn't for the four or so songs (pretty much half the album) this would be average. If you have some special attachment to 'Planet Telex', congratulations, but I cannot comprehend anybody preferring 'Planet Telex' to 'Airbag' myself. Apart from a couple of tracks, 'In Rainbows' sounds exactly like a band playing live in a studio. You can see it in the frequent "uuuhs" sung by various Thom at the same time, or the patented guitarwork. To sum up this technological thing, compare the advances between 1960 and 1970 or 1980 and 1990. Yeah, this is a debut album and Radiohead are searching for themselves, for their own true character, not realising that with 'Creep', the gorgeously sung 'Thinking About You' and the closing textured and hypnotic guitar parts of 'Blow Out' - that they'd already found it. With the exception of Sulk which in all honesty is not a bad song, you have at least five classics here from a modern classic album. The improvement in the lyrics alone should be enough to convince anyone, and that's ignoring the much improved music.
Dissonance taken from avant-garde Jazz appears later in the song, and this piece in particular is very very striking.
Well, all the songs are from the very same sessions that produced 'Kid A', but 'Amnesiac' lacks good sequencing in comparison with 'Kid A', coming across almost as a compilation of out-takes, which in effect, it is. I like all the songs here, even Hunting Bears (nice and soothing guitar melody) and like spinning plates (although I like the live version better). Oh, 'Like Spinning Plates' is totally transformed over its 'Amnesiac' version, opens all pretty piano and overall, sounds so unlike its studio counterpart that it's almost comical. Second, Radiohead is moving into a less commercial territory, bringing hermetic music like they did in Kid A or Amnesiac (and didn't in Hail) And third, they add orquestal arrangements, giving the music a beauty that was impossible to see on previous Radiohead. Elsewhere we've got the quiet, threatening to go loud, but never quite going all out for it 'Stop Whispering'. Timeless pieces of songwriting fused together with the most unique mainstream voice I have heard since David Bowies unusually popular vocals.
Still, with 'out-takes' as good as either of the opening two songs, we won't complain too much.
It is true that Amnesiac is a sequel to Kid A, but it's a good album on it's own and it just keeps on showing us how creative, innovative and good Radiohead are when it comes to song writing. Well, eventually, once Thom sings - you do realise what's going on and can place the song back to its studio version. Yeah, at times, it sounds like 'OK Computer' and 'Kid A' put through a blender then reconstructed again, but that's ok. What I mean is that these guys have evolved into master songwriters and performers, and "Hail to the Thieve" is an exelent example of this statment. It's more like Radiohead have taken the template and the way the songs were constructed from 'Kid A', yet recorded them straightforwardly. In the "mood" department, I must say Radiohead is still depressive, BUT it seems Thom is more quiet than before. Still, nice guitar parts even if this is one of those songs where Thom seems unsure of how to quite present his vocals. It's a good song, but 'Fake Plastic Trees' is far far better, and able to reduce this listener to tears more often than not.
It is taking our most archaic childhood pleasures and telling us we're full of shit and that the world is not all rainbows and walks in the park. It's so different and twisted that only a band as smart and unique as Radiohead could come up with it.Chris Christopher Kanas, I'm sorry to say, but of my understanding you are completely wrong.
The four minute so ambient it almost isn't there 'Treefingers' may be seen as filler, but it plays its part in constructing the album. So, basically you have the same dark atmospheres plus some "patented Radiohead sounds", nothing new or inventive. I agree it is not there finest album however how can you give it an eight then ruin your entire review with this paradox of self pompus opinions. The end track has to be the most understated song I have ever heard and for this along with Paranoid Android (agree it is a modern day Bohemian Rhapsody)has to be the greatest album ever made.
They aren't really innovating or progressing here, not really moving on from things they've done in the past, they just sound great, and that's all.
The difference is the orquestal work, bringing us clearer, beautier atmospheres, which I like a lot.

I was quite excited when I first heard 'Anyone Can Play Guitar', especially the neat and ominous guitar parts that introduced the song. The emotion here is immense, especially given that the lyrics aren't that straightforward, but that only all works to the songs advantage.
Physecdiliaca artists like "Pink Floyd" or "The Beatles" didn't have computers or the kind of record gear we have now.
It's got the same distorted drums, and similar underpinning resonant melody, and both seem like almost parodies of modern-day techno, but for some reason the Aphex song holds a lot more value to me.
Nothing is in the right fucking place" bemoaned the average techno hating fan of 'Bends' era Radiohead. This record is amazing, after listening to it a million times each track is more and more emotional and potent in your mind.
As for 'True Love Waits', it's a nice acoustic ballad that wouldn't have sounded out of place on 'The Bends'. This is what I like to refer as "the future of Rock & Roll" 'cause Radiohead are not afraid to apply modern technology and sophisticated technics to create some of the best Rock music in the past 10 years.GAZZA You got to hand it to radiohead, if kid a was a experiment in rock texture and atmospherics then "hail to the thief" tries a different approach again . It has nothing in common with the Joe Meek classic 'Telstar' whatsoever, except for the fact that 'Paranoid Android' broke new ground, if only with the fact that it's so brilliant it beggars belief.
Like 'How Do You?', this isn't a song with a very good chorus, the lyric makes me wince a little. I've got DVD footage of Radiohead playing this song live, and just look at the guitar players fingers! SOME ONE SAID THAT HOMESICK SUBTERRANEAN ALIEN IS TRYING TO BE LIKE DYLAN AND SOUNDS MUSHY. The album is no doubt altenative rock, with swirls of experimental, WITH USE Of COMPUTERS (hence the title) not them singing a song like Lucy in the sky with diamonds.
It pales into comparison with the guitar led highlights of Radiohead's past - was never gonna be a single but given the 'weird' electronica stylings of much of this album, provided radio programmers something to latch onto, in any event. If if were to say stuff right now i would regret it forever knowing it will end up growing on me.
Of course I have been, but had they added say, four extra songs - i'd have given it a reasonable ratings. It's the kind of cinematic soundscape 'Kid A' benefitted from, yet played by real musicians. Very simple, and that U2 thing definitely pops up here, something about the way Thom sings this. The harder guitars of 'Just' appealed to Radioheads American fans and the truly demented 'My Iron Lung' won over a whole new bunch of 'obscure in their listening habits' UK alternative music fans. Mind you, i have to agree with everyone else, and say that this is the best album of the 90's, better than any album from that era, in the fact that this album is a complete package from "Airbag" to "The Tourist". I even bought it on vinyl, which they strangely enough seperate into 2 10" records, making the album really not fit into my record collection at all (maybe that was the point)! I have been listening to radiohead for a long time now and having just listened to amneasic now, i think im crazy. A couple of highlights open the second half of the album, both fairly unassuming songs and its where Radiohead aren't trying as hard that they really succeed on 'Pablo Honey'. Hard to believe listening to it, that 'My Iron Lung' was simply an attempt at writing a new 'Creep'. My three favourite tracks are "Paranoid Android", "Subterrenean Homesick Alien" (which is nearly the opposite of Subterrenean Homesick Blues by Bob Dyland) and "Karma Police". Office workers don't want to hear something dissonant whilst drinking their tea 10.45am in the morning.
I listened to side A, containing "Everything is in It's Right Place" and "Kid A" backwards to see what they sounded like.
The song progresses, quietly yet spookily and full of potential menance even before the very loud and loose guitars of Johnny Greenwood have really kicked in. While I agree ok computer is overall the best album as an album concept, I think "Fake Plastic Trees" might possibly be the best radiohead song ever, and it appears on a damn good album so I'd give it a 9.5 if not 10. And the section that floats in dreamily with holy sounding chanting, and the 'rain down on me' section. THERE IS SO MUCH EXTRA ORDINARY IMAGERY ON THIS ALBUM THAT RAISES ITS BRILLIANCE OVER THE LEVEL OF JUST A BUNCH OF GREAT SONGS LIKE ON THE BENDS.
A very interesting experiment I do to a lot of the stranger albums simply because my turntable allows it and occasionally you find a real! Anyway, 'Ripcord' has some nice pounding drum parts, neat guitars on this album full of neat guitars as well as a powerful enough Thom vocal. I miss the challenge of Kid A and wish that they released it a bit while after so A wouldn't have that 'possible double album' status. As for The Bends, absolutely amazine, if it wernt for the passion of Planet Telex i dont think i would like them now. But, Radiohead being Radiohead, known for their dislike of video's, decided to use an animation that was so shitty it made you bang your head against a wall. Well, of course, being a 10", after the beginning of the first song finished playing backwards, the needle flew off and went right into the mat! It's an uptempo opener which serves to highlight the superb 'Bodysnatchers', rather than being a showboat of its own. With radiohead songs, i never have a favourite song, just one of their many perfect songs that i cant get enough of.
A 'Paranoid Android' with an excellent video to match would have been a major hit single, instead of the just fairly sizable hit single ( it reached no 2 in the uk for a week only ) that it was. Ah, the second song, 'Pyramid Song' is very nice indeed, spooky sounding with a spooky sense of time and lovely vocals and piano. When the guitar and noise really hits through the middle and end of the song, we're back to the era of amazement, the kind of feeling you got from listening to 'Paranoid Android' for the first time. There was too much slack on 'HTTT' and a lot of that should have been left on the cutting room floor.Only breifly did I hear Radiohead at their best. The brilliantly titled 'Subterranean Homesick Alien' has evocative lyrics, spooky sounds and wonderful atmospheres, and atmosphere is key. A lot of these tunes have been doing the rounds live and on youtube for several years, leading some fans to complain the recorded version of whatever their favourite tune is being inferior. Four or so great songs then, but take away these great songs, and 'The Bends' isn't all that much, as far as i'm concerned. Its very much of its era and is ranks lower for me than OK, Kid and their new one but it is still one of the best of that Britpop era.
What are you trying to do me, make me actually think, wonder - feel actual emotion other than dead straight faced clarity? I do love this album but it was step down after two phenominal releases.Gazza Interesting idea , of making a combined cd of the best bits from kid a and amnesiac . Opening with two great stompers '15 Steps' & 'Bodysnathers' it continues with strong innovative songs Other highlights being 'Reckoner' & 'Jigsaw Falling into Place'.
This is my all time favourite album along with Blood Sugar by the Chili Peppers and Led Zeppelin IV.
After finally forcing myself to listen to the whole cd, i found that Everthing in its right place was not the only good song.
The sequencing is good, and even the more mediocre material sounds impressive enough to hold your interest.
An absolute highlight arrives when 'Idioteque' comes clattering in amid electronica techno beats and spooky noises. In the context of the album, this slow, lonely sounding version of 'Videotape' with clicky sounding beats against mournful piano works perfectly. On the other hand The Bends is most accesible and far less 'difficult' then their post-OK stuff. It's a stupid reason, I know, and I can undeniable look at the quote by a different light and therefore love both albums in an identical way, but little things do throw people in general off nonetheless. And that's a good and a bad thing.GAZZA a great collection of songs , touring "pablo honey" round every toilet in europe had turned them into a very good band indeed. In every Radioheadsong is an distinctivly sound, not only the singer's voice (which is very significant as well) but also this typical nestle of their sounds, that's simply awesome. Well, not straight at all actually, but at least easy to imagine not requiring too much machinery in order to play the thing live. The bizarre Stephen Hawkings computer voice of the spoken 'Fitter Happier' freaks you out, 'Electioneering' was an early US Radiohead record label favourite, 'a potential hit', before it finally reached 'OK Computer' and was turned into a delightful yet impassioned guitar mess! And 'Subterrain homesick alien' should be a failed imitaion of Bob dylan's 'Subterrain homesick blues' is like the most ridicolous thing I ever heard, the only similarity between these two song are their names.
At one point i thought that the horns at the end of national anthem was just noice, but now i relise that every note has its place.
A nice ringing guitar sound, an urgent sounding drum pattern and Thom Yorke at his most beautiful fills up the first couple of minutes.
Secondly, when Radiohead were asked why they made OK Computer with a concept (concept-Album), they said they did not mean to link the 11 Albumsongs by a firm idea, the only concept they were adhering to was the simple name 'OK Computer', nothing more.
The closing 'Motion Picture Soundtrack' is truly a beautiful thing, not much of a 'song' as such, just this lo-fi keyboard melody and atmosphere, but it makes me cry. Further, it's obvious you cannot compare 'Ok Computer' with such classic conceptAlbums like 'Sgt Pepper',where all songs were played during a fictional show. This time out, Radiohead overcome not 'progressing' by just writing and performing wonderful songs.
The lyric and Thom's performance is arguably his finest on the LP, wonderful lyrics and a commanding, fascinating and hypnotic vocal throughout. It's nice and everything, a weird 21st century blues instrumental of an entirely different kind, but ultimately, entirely pointless. The album starts to develop rather than just being a random collection of brilliant songs with a technology and alienation theme loosely linking it together. Just some keyboard textures ran backwards over which forwards percussion and quiet notes are played. The closing three songs are all great, the sweet guitar of 'No Surprises', the slow and emotionally draining closing five minute long epic ( can a song five minutes long be an epic? Anyway what there is no doubt of is that to release an album of this genre in 2000 was mind numbingly brave.
Not filler at all, but no less challenging than some of the more obscure electronic experiments, is the drunken under the ocean jazz sounds of the closing 'Life In A Glass House'. What other mainstream artist(s) would have taken this path after producing an album that has continually topped polls as the greatest album of all time. Thom seems especially disconnected, as if his voice if floating off altogether, floating downwards I should say, given the entirely miserable yet utterly captivating feel of the piece.
Ever get depressed when you fear playing albums you know are masterpieces but worried they may not be as good as once were.
Along with Pet Sounds and the entire Beatles collection (!) I need a bit of time off from it just so it can feel like the first time all over again.GARFIELDACRES ScotlandWhat more can be added about ok computer? There are only about three or four noticeable layers yet when you listen to it you are overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the whole thing. We've got spooky keyboard sounds and haunting Thom and neat impressive guitar and one hell of a rhythm section groove. It is a contradiction of itself in that it is completely minimalistic in content yet dense when heard. Seems aptly named as well as being the most cohesive album long statement Radiohead have been since 'OK Computer' ten years ago. And, for want of carrying on all day like this, each and every one of the closing four songs very good indeed, especially the weird Gary Numan type sounds that pop up all through Myxamatosis. Much like Pink Floyd with 'Dark Side Of The Moon', 'OK Computer' is something of a noose around the bands neck, yet through their constant exploring, they may just a found a way past that. Anyone who dosen't like this album dosen't respect Radiohead and shouldn't even enjoy the genuinely of their music whatsoever.
The album still contains their brilliant craft and expression which has always been there since "The Bends", but is just expressed in a different form of electronic music. While OK Computer makes me feel that I'm watching the acts of the lyrics been carried out from above, Kid A makes me feel I'm watching the acts of the lyrics right in the middle, falling into peoples minds and its like your telling the story from what you've scene, and it's your own words. First go around left me felling that the songs just kinda moved by with little change or variation from begingin to end.
If only Radhiohead could resist the temptation of doing Aphex Twin style experiments (Backdrifts and The Gloaming), there would have had masterpiece No.3 on their hands. But once the jazzy gutair comes in I knew that this was going to be something diffrent from them. But after many, many listens i finally 'cracked' it and found it to be a most rewarding album. Most bands release a CD and within the first few listens I can tell that I am going to get tired of it as some point soon. Heck, I can still listen to "OK Computer" and hear something that I missed the first 100 times. What's so wrong with that?Gazza The press went mad about how radiohead had gone "experimental" (who wants to make the same record twice anyway ) after ok computer , and theres no doubt the record dissapointed conventional rock fans but thats not the real problem kid a has - its simply that its a dour record and hard to love . Any adventurous music fan has heard can,mbv, eno,4 tet, aphex twin,coltrane etc and wouldnt be confused by this but simply nod their heads at the references as they appear , and then recognise theyve been done better by the original artists.
If radioheads intention is to enlighten their audience to these sounds then fair enough but it takes more than monotonous grooves , and a bit of ambient sound to get me all excited about radiohead making "experimental" music.

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