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Classical neuromodulation applies current to the nervous system in an attempt to alter ongoing activity. Ten patients with severe chronic tinnitus were implanted with electrodes on their left vagus nerve. The therapy was well tolerated, and no patient withdrew from the study due to complications or side-effects. El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, West Hollywood, Mar Vista, Venice CA, Rancho Palos Verdes and the surrounding area.
Tomorrow is the highly-anticipated memorial tribute for Slayer guitarst Jeff Hanneman, who died earlier this month due to liver failure. The celebration was mildly dampened when the Westboro Baptist Church confirmed they would be protesting across the street from the memorial. True, but pretty much everyone in the US, those involved in the legal system included, think they're pieces of shit and needlessly provoking people. They want something to happen but as it has been proven time and time again they do not make there money through lawsuits. I know how hard it is for a lot of people to simply ignore assholes like the WBC… but when you look further into it, they want a reaction, attention, anything. As hard as it will be to ignore those asshats across the street, the important thing to remember is do not give them what they want: a reason to sue! REAL Slayer fans would never stand for those morons with signs, they would and SHOULD attack! The REAL Slayer is smart enough to know that those ass holes want nothing more than the satisfaction of provoking a reaction and then suing Slayer or Slayer fans. Requesting Large PA system with huge speakers blasting Cult at them on loop until the service is over. Hey everyone as a Christian I just want to apologize to everyone for these people that claim to follow the God I do. All of you that are talking about how you want to or people should attack them need to grow the fuck up. What if we show up wielding water balloons, super soakers and wash their filthy asses off the streets? These arent work of Real Christians, Im a Christian, A Catholic, Even Jesus Forgave sinners and we are all sinners, who are they to judge anyone?

They bring their children to hold as shields against the friends and families of the people whose lives the are disrespecting.
People Do Know that everytime we click on one of their links, or videos they get a small Comission. However, classical neuromodulation interferes with activity but does not drive it in a controlled way.
Two and a half hours each day for 20 days, the patients heard tones, excluding the tinnitus-matched frequency, paired with brief electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve.
Four of the ten patients exhibited clinically meaningful improvements in their tinnitus, both for the affective component, as quantified by the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory, and for the sound percept, as quantified by the minimum masking level.These improvements were stable for more than two months after the end of therapy. It seems to exert a beneficial effect in nonmedication-taking patients, both with regard to the perceived sound and the distress. We were amongst the many who assumed this is a bad recipe for a riot, as Slayer fans aren't exactly subtle. Shitting on a group of people gathered to mourn a hero is inexcusably lame, and that's literally all they do. Don't speak, look or react in anyway, to the people who protest the vigils for murdered children and fallen heros. It is a bigger kick in the teeth if you just ignore them, make them go home all pissed off. No need to apologize though were just happy that you're not another try hard christian labeling us as the antichrist for liking what we do. That means they get a knife, use it to cut the slayer logo on their skin, and then burn it so it stays.
It makes me sick that these people are what automatically comes to mind when Chistianity is mentioned. Have you ever heard an alleged "metal fan" who is dressed up metal, says he likes metal, even wears slayer shirts, and yet listens to country? Recently, an animal study demonstrated it is possible to drive plasticity in a controlled way by using stimulation of the vagus nerve paired with tones.
Of the ten patients, five were on medications that included muscarinic antagonists, norepinephrine agonists, and ?-amino butyric acid agonists, thereby possibly interfering with acetylcholine and norepinephrine release induced by vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) and essential for inducing plasticity. I think that if something does go down, the cops will turn a blind eye and any civil cases they bring will be thrown out on the grounds of douchebaggery on the part of the plaintiffs.

They are as worthless as the words they vomit and if the others ask for you to be respectful not just for yourselves but for them? Kick their asses and they will go home with settlement money from lawsuits and you will go home broke and a convicted felon.
Don't apologize for a group of people that would have NO problem wasting your feelings, faith, time, energy, and money.
Like every religion in the world, you will have the extremists, that give a false meaning to that religion. Trust me, I would love to bash their heads in, but not on this day, not in Jeff's memorial.
Its non-violent but will sound pretty annoying and demonic once a few stereos are playing out of sync. The only way to get rid of them is to starve them of everything they need – media attention, public attention, and a way to collect money. Perhaps they realized they would be a laughing stock and they couldn't handle the humiliation.
This reversed the tinnitus percept and pathological neural plasticity in noise-exposed rats with behavioral characteristics of tinnitus. It also makes it hard to hold any individual accountable for the noise, unlike blasting a big expensive PA.
For anyone who knows one thing about the Bible, they should know that the most basic command is to love our neighbors. Eventually they will get tired of every one of their protests being turned into a clown show, and find other ways to pi$$ on people's graves. I do not condone murder in this case, but a good ol' fashioned ass wooping is in dire need.
I don't know how things are gonna turn out, I just know that the WBC is gonna go and try to fuck with Slayer.

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