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Millions of people suffer with Tension Headaches caused by chronic muscular tension in the head, neck, and shoulder regions. Muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs will only provide temporary relief from pain, and the root causes of pain and tension cannot be treated with any known drugs today. As the muscle spasms gets worse, more and more blood flow is restricted to the head, neck, and shoulder muscles and further muscle knotting often occurs.
Chronic head, neck, and shoulder tension and the subsequent tension headaches that follow CAN be treated.

If you suffer with chronic muscle tension of the head, neck, and shoulders and the painful tension headaches that often result from such imbalances, perhaps it is time for you seek a comprehensive chronic tension diagnosis from a care provider that can restore harmony and bring this vicious cycle to an end.
Once our experienced doctors and therapy staff at The Headache Center of Chicago provide you with the most comprehensive diagnosis possible our chronic head and neck tension treatments can begin. The Headache Center of Chicago employs a number of FDA-cleared cutting-edge technologies in the treatment of chronic head and neck tension. At The Headache Center of Chicago you’ll receive the highest level of care for your head and neck pain available anywhere, and the best treatment protocols and technologies for chronic tension in Chicagoland.

Regardless of your specific chronic tension condition, understand that The Headache Center of Chicago is ready to get you long lasting pain relief. This involves the use of non-invasive technologies such as electrical stimulation to increase blood flow, ultrasound to break up knots and scar tissue, and cold laser to reduce muscular stress while further increasing blood flow.

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