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The short answer is yes, but this post is going to attempt to put a more positive spin on tinnitus and hearing loss and also to quell any common misconceptions. I remember after one particularly loud rehearsal we had in my cellar (an old man from all the way down the end of my road came to complain…) I noticed a faint ringing sound. Over the next four years or so it slowly worsened and became even more of a ball ache, but it was manageable. Anyway, during those four years I had regular hearing tests and I had lost a significant portion of my top-end frequencies. My therapist asked me to imagine living in a hot country where dangerous snakes lurk around every corner and could pounce at any moment.
Every time I came back from a gig and as I prepared for sleep, I’d hear that damn snake ringing loudly in my ears. TRT uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques to monitor thoughts so that over time I could see how my mind was responsible for much of my suffering and not just with tinnitus. You see, every time you have a thought, it makes a footprint in the wet sand of the neural pathways in your brain. As I began to monitor my thoughts and feelings in relation to tinnitus, patterns of thoughts started to emerge. Our friends at Read Audio will be visiting ACM on Thursday 21st January 2016, to offer ALL students the chance to get hold of their very own custom moulded earplugs. The invention of the modern hearing aid was a pretty big step in comparison to the days of using an ear trumpet to aid in hearing loss.
Feedback Eraser- Say goodbye to annoying whistling and buzzing that may have been a complaint of hearing aids in the past.
Auto-Phone- A feature that automatically turns on a dedicated telephone program when you bring the phone to your ear. Tinnitus Breaker Pro- Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is annoying for anyone who experiences it. Wind Noise Reduction– Beltone Promise uses advanced technology to reduce wind noise and ensure effortless listening outdoors—even when you’re on the phone.
AFX Music Mode- This new setting on some of our hearing instruments will process music without producing any other internal sounds. Sound Cleaner Pro & Smart Gain Pro- Designed to address hearing in multiple listening environments, they intelligently adjust amplification, and noise reduction settings to make for a seamless transition between environments.
Cross Link Directionality- Our brains choose what to listen to and what to suppress in noisy environments, The Cross Link Directionality feature uses this same technique to help you hear clear speech, while keeping you aware of sounds that are important.
Water Protection- HPF80 NanoBlock™ protection is a coating that’s applied to every hearing aid component, inside and out. Wireless Technology- Beltone was the first hearing aid company to offer an entire line of 2.4 GHz wireless accessories that works without cords or neck-loops. Die kleinen Lamellen sind aus einem besonders flexiblen und haltbaren Kunststoff hergestellt, der sich durch die KA¶rperwA¤rme der Ohrform anschmiegt. Damit Sie besonders lange Freude mit Ihrem MusicSafe haben, legen wir ein 30ml-Pumpspray "CleanUp" mit dazu. GehA¶rschutz im Tarnmantel: Clear Filters besitzt einen Soundfilter und ist vollstA¤ndig transparent. Unser GehA¶rschutz-Newsletter hA¤lt Sie auf dem laufenden: 2-3 mal im Jahr sind Sie bestens informiert A?ber Aktionen, Rabatte und Neuigkeiten. Puretone Ltd are British manufacturers of quality hearing protection plugs, hearing aids, tinnitus management systems, in-ear monitors for musicians, earmoulds, swimplugs, and covert equipment for surveillance purposes.

Puretone have won the AIHHP award for ‘best accessories provider’ for 7 years running!
Use our brand new dynamic interactive map website: Puretone Partnership to find Puretone dispensers in your area with our easy to use map! View our social media for our latest news, events, pictures, special offers and competition winners! Registered Offices: Puretone Ltd, 9-10 Henley Business Park, Trident Close, Medway City Estate, Rochester, Kent. Then one evening after playing at some reggae function, the ringing sound was so loud, I literally did not know how I would cope, or what I would do if it got any louder. I always wore ear protection and then ‘mahoosive’ ear defenders when things got really bad! But it was a transitional time that would prove to be one of the most important things to happen to me. I’ve heard that TRT doesn’t work for everyone, but for me it was nothing short of life changing. You can imagine the profanity… In my mind I had made the connection that I was hearing that ringing sound because my hearing had worsened.
As I became more and more cautious, I started wearing ear plugs when going to watch acoustic performances or when going to the pub (if it was particularly rowdy).
The truth is our ears are capable of dealing with loud noises (up to a degree) and do recover providing we give them plenty of breaks. The more you have a particular thought, the deeper the footprint becomes, until one day you are only able to walk in those footprints. I would often exhibit ‘all or nothing’ thoughts such as “I cannot enjoy playing the piano anymore” or ‘magnification’ thoughts like “I am going completely deaf”. I made a vision board and came to the conclusion that my life was about music and helping people.
However you may be surprised to learn just how much hearing aids have changed in the last 5 years alone. When placing the phone on one ear this automatically reduces the room noise coming into your non-phone ear. The Tinnitus Breaker Pro option available on some of our models generates white noise, making tinnitus less noticeable. They identify and focus on the individual speaking to you while eliminating background noise for easier listening. They make voices sound natural, and you remain in touch with your surroundings because background sounds stay audible, without being distracting.
It works by allowing each hearing aid to analyze your surroundings, and then share information with the other.
NanoBlock protects delicate electronics from substances that can cause damage, such as moisture, dirt and ear wax. Our exclusive 2.4 GHz technology sends clear sound from your TV, stereo, PC, phone, iPod® and more, directly into your hearing aids. Wenn es sehr laut wird, erreicht man mit ihm den grA¶AYten Schutz unter den drei Filtervarianten.
I used to gig three or four times a week and in between I would spend many hours sat in front of speakers producing electronic music.
So although there was nothing I could do about my hearing loss (apart from my trusty hearing aids) perhaps there was something I could do to alleviate the insufferable ringing sound. The brain, knowing that the awareness of a snake in the room could be a matter of life and death, does something curious.

Every single time after a loud noise exposure, I’d become aware of the tinnitus and the fear of losing yet more hearing would encapsulate me. Take the London Underground for instance, according to this BBC article some trains peak at 118dB.
By seeing that these thoughts were false, I was able to counter them with more accurate responses. As much as I loved dropping a ‘dirty wabwabwab’ in my live drum n bass band, that was not the reason why I started playing music.
My desire to explore sound led me to acquiring my beautiful Hang and my Native American flutes. Your Beltone Hearing Care Professional can tell you if this type of instrument is right for you. When speech isn’t detected it allows you to focus on the environment around you creating a natural listening experience. The hearing aids work together to automatically adjust their settings for the best results. You can also use the Beltone myPAL to stream someone’s voice, or your music, directly to your hearing aids—at home, or on the go.
Er hat eine optimierte Balance zwischen DA¤mmung und Schutz: Er dA¤mmt bereits sehr wirksam, klingt jedoch noch recht gut. Jetzt in neuer Version und mit noch mehr Optionen fA?r die schnelle Suche nach geeignetem GehA¶rschutz. And when I wasn’t rehearsing or recording or performing, I would be working behind the bar in a live music venue. It amplifies the sound and engages the bodies fight or flight mechanism allowing me to live to see another day. Now my brain had noticed the importance I had put onto tinnitus, and how it was a matter of saving my hearing, so it cranked up the volume of the snake. I started playing music because I loved expressing myself through sound and sharing with others. We want to bring you the best listening experience possible, which means we are constantly striving to improve on our technology and the features of our hearing aids. They let you easily focus on the speech you want to hear without losing the ambient sounds that enrich your experience. And as I blocked out more and more of the noises from the outside world, guess what happened?
This 118dB is not constant and the fact that you pull into a station every couple of minutes or so, allows the ears time to recover. Over time, my reaction to tinnitus began to change and with the science I had learned about the brain and how we perceive sound (the Jastreboff model) tinnitus became less of a problem for me and I am able to enjoy music and social activities like before. Somewhere along the way I had lost sight of this and focused instead on whether this tune was commercially viable and if I was good enough to hit the big time. Playing in hospices allowed me to start confronting some of my repressed memories and emotions.
As some people are new to the “hearing aid lingo” we wanted to introduce you to the unique features available now in our digital instruments that help make the “Beltone Difference”. In addition, I started to suffer from hyperacusis which is where some sounds becomes unbearable or even painful.

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