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This advanced brainwave entrainment audio features dual isochronic tones to help remedy the hemispheric imbalance experienced by depressed individuals by allowing them to gain a more objective view of their emotions. The brain of the depressed individual appears to exhibit lower amplitude brainwaves, and seems particularly deficient in the beta range. You could say that the right hemisphere, which tends to be loosely associated with emotions, needs to be calmed down, while the left hemisphere, associated with logic and rational thinking, needs to be stimulated into taking the more dominant role. For people who are or have been chronically depressed, this may sound more than a little bit familiar as rational thoughts play no part in depression.
Wear headphones.  In a separate media player,  load up your music, and adjust the volume of the binaural beats so that they play subtly in the background. Product groupDescriptionThis recorded hypnotherapy session uses cognitive techniques, advanced mind-body hypnosis, & a white noise binaural beat soundtrack to help minimize the symptoms of tinnitus. The background soundtrack on this recording can be very soothing for people who have tinnitus. Did you know that Anthony Robbins, a popular life coach used to play back self help affirmation tapes in his sleep to condition his mind for success? This next instalment aims to programme your mind AS YOU SLEEP so that you can get motivated to study, work out, complete ambitious projects, achieve your life goals, push for that job promotion etc.
Isochronic white noise is included in addition to binaural beats so you can use your speakers if you wish. The affirmations begin fading in at the hour mark, reaching max volume at around 65 minutes.

As with any audio of this kind, consistent use breeds the best results; 30 days or more is recommended.
Alpha also seems overly abundant frontally, in the left hemisphere, and deficient in the right.
This audio is based on a method developed by Michael Triggs, who found that a slow binaural beat with a rising pitch can be used to induce a feeling of wakefulness. You can either play these alpha binaural beats alone, or in combination with your favourite study music for an increase in focus, concentration and memory retention.
They should not be obtrusive in any way, but you should notice that they’re missing when muted. There are extended sections where there is no speaking so you can experience this effect in full. The actual pulsating beat that you will hear is not something that is processed externally by your hearing senses, rather the beat is processed within your mind as the two different sine wave frequencies in each ear are received by your brain. The files are NOT zipped, so you can download straight to your IPhone, IPad, computer or any mobile device.
Loop the audio throughout the night as you sleep using your media player’s loop function and aim to fall asleep within the first hour. Before commencing your session, it is recommended that you skip to that point and set the volume accordingly. Alpha is very effective when it comes to studying as it creates the ideal state for super learning, memory retention and the ability to really focus on the task at hand.

Giovanni will guide you through some relaxation processes at the start of this recording, and then make numerous suggestions to help override the effects of tinnitus whilst you are in the hypnotic state. The white noise helps cancel out the ringing tones, because it is a collection of every audible frequency, therefore encompassing & helping override the specific frequencies produced by the tinnitus noises. What this can mean is that the parts of your brain responsible for processing sound, (the same sounds the brain produces internally for unwanted tinnitus noise) is essentially distracted whilst processing the binaural beats too.
The binaural beats produce an effect known as brainwave entrainment, which basically means that your mind will follow the 'pulsating' sound to enter into the same frequency of brainwave resonance as the binaural beats. This can have the effect of helping subside the noises produced within the brain with tinnitus. Before we begin though, take a few moments to list out some short, mid and long term goals. This means that you will become very relaxed, enter into a Theta-Delta trance state, & help find comfort over other noises. If you fall asleep before step 5, that’s fine, just try to record all details when you wake up.

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