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Sound Therapy International - Tinnitus treatment, relieve stress and get emotional relief.
Sound Therapy International – Tinnitus treatment, relieve stress and get emotional relief. Sound Therapy has proven affective for tinnitus relief and is a key element of effective tinnitus treatment. Tinnitus is caused by repeated firing of auditory brain pathways that have become hyperactive and cannot switch off.
Sound Therapy works on neural plasticity, helping to stimulate and remap the auditory pathways. An 8 minute documentary with interviews and graphics explaining what Sound Therapy is and how it works. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with AudioNotch's service, you can request a refund within 30 days.
AudioNotch's software creates Tailor-Made Notched Sound Therapy, a new tinnitus treatment pioneered by multiple groups of European researchers. Unlike other sound therapies, Notched Sound Therapy was independently discovered by multiple groups of European researchers, and is available at an affordable cost (since it does not require a "special" device - just an MP3 playing device).
I have had tinnitus for many years now, and on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being unbearable pain, I went from a 9 to a 2 within in 4 weeks of using AudioNotch. I've been using AudioNotch faithfully for 2 months and have had substantial reduction in tinnitus in one ear and am hopeful to have some relief in the other.

At Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments we know the problems that tinnitus sufferers have dealt with. Read on or take a look at the brochure you would find at our partnering clinics by clicking here. The people who work at Sound Options have spoken to countless tinnitus sufferers and have taken the time to learn about their journeys and experiences. Our tinnitus treatment was developed using cutting-edge neuroscience and rigorous tinnitus research. We have conducted clinical tests on our treatment with positive feedback within the first 3 to 6 months. We are also conducting a rigorous clinical trial to further validate our treatment. Sound Options is dedicated to producing an effective sound therapy that will not cost thousands of dollars and that will be effective sooner. If you have tinnitus and want to know more or you are a healthcare professional that would like to find out more about providing our treatment, please feel free to contact us. It also activates the middle ear muscles and sensory cells in the inner ear, so the ear-brain connection is improved.
You will notice an improvement in your tinnitus after several days of treatment and the volume will be further reduced over time. You should see a treatment effect in that time window, and there are no conditions on the refund.
The software is intuitive to use and accessible even to those without good computer skills.

Over time, sound therapy from AudioNotch will reduce the volume of your tinnitus as you listen. I was so impressed with your product, that I started my own radio show to help other people who suffer with tinnitus, and I work with Veterans who have it. This has shifted my mood to a very optimistic one after being very depressed by this affliction.
Being told that you have to live with your tinnitus, feeling as though you are alone and that others do not know what you going through, or not being able to enjoy the things that you once could. We are leading the way with a next generation sound therapy that is customized to each individual tinnitus sufferer.
Our customized sound therapy targets a range of factors within the brain that have been linked to tinnitus (read more here and on our blog). These are all issues that tinnitus sufferers are dealing with along with the constant noise they hear. How we customize the music and what information we take into account is part of what makes our approach unique. By doing this, we are able to address the unique underlying causes of tinnitus for each individual that receives our treatment.

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