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The ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds eliminate most ambient background noise through the use of active noise cancelling circuitry contained in a battery operated compartment. Produced with superior active noise cancelling technology and ergonomically sculptured earpieces, the ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds block 92% of ambient background noise to deliver a distraction free audio experience. Dear friends, I left Tucson at about noon and drove across the great Sanoran desert during the heat of the day. This morning I got up at dawn and meditated until sunrise, then I drove that van back to the interstate and headed toward Santa Monica. After class we got right to work preparing their center for the weekend workshop on Ecstatic Buddhism, Yoga, Chi Gong and Raw Foods.

That afternoon Millennium took me on a very nice bike ride around Santa Monica and along the beach. The Living Lighthouse is dedicated to raw vegetarianism, so they fed me a€?green drinksa€? and fermented coconut and almond meats for the last few days. The ThinkPad Noise Cancelling Earbuds are specifically optimized for office environments auto, trains, and aircraft. In addition the ergonomically designed earbuds provide a secure fit that further isolates noise for a quality listening experience. However, the fermented coconut and almond meats have been exquisite.Saturdays are the big day for the Living Lighthouse, so they start the day with an hour of Chi Gong that was led by Millennium Twain.

I was just in time to attend Millenniuma€™s morning Chi Gong class, which is held in their organic garden every morning at 9 AM. It is a recent development in Chinese movement exercises that is based upon the original Tai Chi Chuan movement concept that dates to the 18th century.
I ended the class by marry the Taoist forms with the Buddhist forms as well as the practice of moving yoga as expressed in the Sun Worshiper (Surya-namaskar) into a moving jhana-sensitive practice that is conducive to the Western peoples.

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