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According to a new paper released by German researchers on Monday, it may be that custom music therapy could relieve the effects of tinnitus. In their investigation, the researchers separated study participants in two groups, each of which were given songs to listen to. After one year of study, participants in the control group, who listened to normal songs, experienced no improvement in the loudness of their tinnitus. Amazing all-natural Tinnitus breakthrough permanently eliminates Tinnitus issues without drugs or surgery. The condition refers to when people experience ringing in their ears, without any external source creating the noise. The playlists were based on each of the patients' own musical preferences, but there was a catch.

In the case of patients in the test group, all of them reported that the ringing in their ears got much dimmer.
The authorities are trying to gather as much evidence as possible, to support their future decisions, Reuters reports. This sound running in the background is experienced by most individuals after a loud concert, but in some cases it is permanent.
Factory workers have it the worst off, followed closely by teenagers who play their personal music devices too loud.
Full details of the experiments appear in the latest issue of the respected journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
The German group believes that music therapy, specifically tailored for each patient, could ease the condition.

In the European Union, policymakers are proposing the introduction of a decibel limit in mp3 players, in a bid to prevent millions of future tinnitus cases. The experts isolated the frequency of their tinnitus, and then used a notch filter to cut the same frequency out of the song they customized. The study was conducted at the Westfalian Wilhelms-University, in Germany, under the supervision of expert Christo Pantev.
It is estimated that between one and three percent of the general population in the developed world experiences tinnitus, or will do so in their lifetimes.

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