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Some user-contributed text on this page is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. According to the blog The Paranormal Guide, Panic in the woods has been associated with the Pagan God Pan – protector of wild places – whose unseen presence inspires causeless terror. As in real life, Panic begins with a sudden, complete silence that soon turns into an annoying buzzing sound. It is based on the claim that, on rare occasions in the San Andreas woodlands, a high pitched buzzing noise will be playing loudly, similar to the medical disease tinnitus, and the player character's health will gradually decrease until he returns to civilization. Victims experience an overwhelming feeling of paranoia, such as a sinister force nearby, and sense imminent danger.

After a few minutes have passed, the player character's health will begin to slowly decrease and the player character may say some unusual dialogue. He was always thirsty for blood and his main feature was the irrational rage and the lack of any courtesy.
Upon reaching a town, or even coming across a road or an NPC, everything returns to normal. One curiously common characteristic of Panic is that people often describe that the woodlands will go completely silent, deafening the witness, before the loud pitch sound sets in a few moments later. Panic may, in fact, be an audio glitch in defective consoles; however this does not explain the draining health.

Deafening silence and paranoia in the woods are related to the real life cryptid Goatman, and another group of paranormal monsters, known as Skinwalkers. Occasionally, Panic coincides with the appearance of other cryptids, such as the Tongva Hills Creature and Bigfoot. At least one article on the phenomenon has been written for Fortean Times Magazine by Patrick Harpur, titled “Landscapes of Panic." The behavior is a common post on many paranormal forums.

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