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Tinus Smits from the Netherlands, CEASE therapy is widely used in Europe and North America. Since this method or treatment was shown to be very successful, Dr. Smith and his CEASE therapy colleagues concluded that the method could be used successfully in treating most cases of autism at all levels of severity.The deep toxic effects of these factors can be seen when children begin to respond to homeopathic remedies made from causative factors. The reactions to these Isopathic remedies are so evident, that they practically remove any doubt regarding the connection between toxins and the development of autism.
His mother was 41 years old and his father 45 years when he was born. (He has a sister one year younger than himself, who, over the time of our meetings, also seemed to suffer from communication problems). Up to when he was one year old, he made clear eye contact. He was vaccinated until the age of 18 months with no visible responses or aggravations. For the first two years of his life he was mostly at home, and did not see much of the world.
He was not breastfed because his mother had plastic surgery some twenty years before, which damaged her milk ducts. His childbirth was difficult. It took place in week 42 and she received Pitocin induction and Epidural analgesia at the hospital. The umbilical cord was wrapped around Sam’s neck and they did not see a pulse for a few seconds.
Finally, a midwife pressed on his mother’s belly from outside and reached in to help the child out. His mother was very nervous and suspicious towards the staff during the whole process.Sam did not respond to pain or discomfort – he cried only in response to a serious bump or hit.
His mother used large amounts of LSD for about two years until, she became pregnant with him.

During the third trimester she received inhalations of a bronchodilator medication (Ventolin). She went through general anesthesia several times: during plastic surgery at age 20, during gastric surgery at age 29, during dental treatment at age 33, which was hard to wake up from, and at least two more anesthetics on other occasions. The remedy seemed appropriate, and I expected a more significant response.At that point I decided to go through the CEASE protocol. His experience (as well as my own) is that there are no side effects or proven symptoms from giving remedies in this manner. Graduated from the school of classical homeopathy - Haifa, in 2010 and was certified in CEASE therapy at Cambridge, UK in 2011. He works as a Homeopath in Kiryat Tivon and Haifa, Israel treating children and adults suffering the ailments encompassed by homeopathy.
Abdul Sattar Ralpoot August 3, 2015 sigle remedy is the best treatment in each and every disease as i am practicing. Yes K is KorsaKov.When you say 4 times each potency do you mean 4 times in 1 day in water or not?
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