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Just so yall know the OMG Girlz are still working hard although the group has had its up’s and downs. Originally a quartet, the group became a trio when Reginae Carter,12, rapper Lil’ Wayne’s daughter, left the group. Hip-Hop Wired delivers daily hip-hop music news, videos and streaming tracks from your favorite rap artists, plus the latest political and fashion news—including the hottest sneakers to hit the street.
This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. Ok so that lil girl right there doesn't look at all like the lil girl that Wayne drags on stage at awards shows. Where do we begin on the Excitement from the Saving Our Daughters administration, on a new stylish young group emerges, as the OMG Girlz, will be answering the call to help their fellow peers against the senseless abuse of cyber-bullying. The OMG Girlz are no strangers to Saving Our Daughters, as they participated in the organizations’ Annual Bratz Doll giveaway last Christmas with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta.
Welcome aboard OMG Girlz and we know you are going to Make a Difference for your teens across the world!!
Ahead of the game with standout style, the OMG GIRLZ are all about friendship and it’s easy to see why they’re as thick as thieves. It all began in January 2011, when the OMG GIRLZ were selected amongst hundreds of entrants to win the opportunity to become the “Next SCREAM Star,” and ultimately won a slot to perform on the back to school SCREAM Tour – The Next Generation.
The OMG GIRLZ are currently working on their debut album, which is slated for release this Fall.
The group just added a new member to their line-up following the departure of the group’s original member Lourdes “Lolo”.

Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so we can confirm your subscription. Until then, I think Tiny needs to find her "business woman" steelo in another venture and stop living vicariously through these kids.
In fact, Star and Beauty are lifelong friends, as their mom’s have been best friends since they were kids. Although STAR and BEAUTY were in the group from the start, BABY DOLL joined the group in 2010 and immediately bonded with them. As the show openers, they broadened their fan base and became instant hits via their electrifying live show. No they did not fall out she is just focusing on school which is very important to Tiny and Keshia, the groups managers. Teen star maker and Head of Mauldin Brand Agency, Michael Mauldin (Kris Kross, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Xscape, SCREAM Tour creator), saw their promise and decided to take the ladies under his wing signing them to the management arm of his company.
Last year, before their major deal, their viral video for the song, “Pretty Girl Bag,” a remix of now label mate, Soulja Boy’s, “Pretty Boy Swag,” raked in over two million views within ten months of its debut on YouTube.
Stay tuned for an upbeat mix of hip hop, R&B, rap and pop – all packed with girl power messages aimed at teens just like them. Tiny Tameka Cottle, who is also the group’s mentor, confirmed Breaunna aka Baby Doll as the newest OMG girl.
The only thing you’ll be thinking when you hear the OMG GIRLZ sing or see them painting your city pink, purple and blue is “could these girlz be the next big thing?” Destined for stardom, the new teenage girl group, made up of the talented, totally gorgeous, and dedicated high-school students, “Miss STAR” (Zonnique Pullins – 16 years old), “Miss BEAUTY” (Bahja Rodriguez – 15 years old) and “Miss BABY DOLL” (Breaunna Womack – 17 years old) are proving they have one-of-a-kind sass, swag, intelligence, showmanship and talent.
She’s the quiet, laidback one, but you wouldn’t know that when she hits the stage with raw and exciting energy.

Hard work does pay off, in December 2011; they were awarded a major record label deal with Interscope Records. Under Mauldin’s managerial direction the OMG GIRLZ continue to sharpen their craft with artist development, non-stop touring and appearances. Most recently Lady Gaga proclaimed to her 20 million-plus followers via twitter that she was “obsessed with these little cuties.” Tell me, can you get a better endorsement?
The girlz are making it their mission through music to help young girlz realize their potential to be the independent, strong and beautiful next generation of leaders! Their never-give-up attitude mixed with blood, sweat and tears has really paid off as OMG GIRLZ constantly proved that the “Next SCREAM Star” title was rightfully theirs. With a bold look, sound, and even bolder message, these girlz are headed for trendsetting greatness. BABY DOLL is the animated, over-the-top rapper who loves to dance, be athletic and look just as flirty as she is cute and edgy. Put together, the powerful female energy of The OMG GIRLZ makes for a magical dynamic that’s reminiscent of iconic girl groups like TLC, The Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child.

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