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If you are interested in learning to sew, here is a link to a Moma€™s Corner that I wrote about teaching my girls to sew. As far as altering the patterns, we will leave out a zipper if we think we can get the jumper to go on over our heads.
We have blessed so far to find modest jumpers for four of our girls, but not so for eight year old Pearl. Oh, I hadn’t even thought to ask you, but was curious about your new green jumpers especially ~ Thank you! My own mother hated sewing so the only sewing instruction I had received was in a junior high school home economics course. Any way just thinking out loud…just a thought as you are so blessed in the teaching area! One suggestion – if you look in an art supply store you may find rolls of tracing paper that will make your pattern copying much easier.
My first girl is almost a year old and I’d like to begin sewing her jumpers and dresses.

Hello, I’m just wondering if you make the jumpers in a bigger size than you normally would wear to accomodate not putting in the zipper? If it doesna€™t fit one of us, it might fit another, although we are all pretty close in size.
My husband and I have been looking into modest dresses and I’ve been looking for a pattern just like this. Once I became a mother myself, I really wanted to be able to sew clothing for myself and our children but didn’t remember much from that jr. Reading through your blog I began to wonder if you make jumpers for your neice, Abby, also. We usually purchase our fabric from JoAnna€™s when they are having a sale, or we have coupons we can use. There is much information on the Internet about sewing, and you could research in your community for local sewing classes. I am now an older woman in the Lord (I’ve been a Christian for 30-plus years) and would love to teach others some of what I have learned.

Because most patterns come with several sizes on them, we trace the size we need onto tissue paper, taping pieces of tissue paper together for the skirts, and labeling each piece after we trace and cut it out.
If it is too small, we are in trouble.A  If we havena€™t serged the seams, we can let it out.
Because there is no zipper, we wait to sew up the back seam where the zipper would be until we have the facing attached. I asked at JoAnn’s and they suggested an adult education class offered in the evenings at a local high school.
I guess I’m not in the right place at the right time, but few in my neck of the woods seem interested in sewing or such.
I have a huge collection of patterns and have learned where to find unusual and interesting ideas for clothing.

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