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Titus has been making the Racer X in the 29er platform for several years now, however, it has always been a custom order made from titanium.
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Kako biste jos vise nego do sada uzivali pretrazujuci internetske stranice, povecali sigurnost svojega racunala te tehnicki i vizualno dobili najvise, molimo vas da besplatno nadogradite svoj internetski preglednik na noviju verziju ili da koristite neki od alternativnih preglednika.
In 2007, Titus will be producing a stock aluminum Racer X 29er, making this proven race bike a more viable option for more people.
Perhaps when Titus puts the finishing touches on this baby it will be difficult to tell the two bikes apart.

The rear suspension is just a bit more active than the Intense and the front tended to dip just a bit when hammering uphill - nothing the lockout won't resolve.

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