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Tinnitus is the unpleasant ringing in the ears most of us have experienced from time to time, maybe after a loud concert or sports match. Now the first high tech solution, the TinnitusOFF app,  based on scientifically backed "notched music therapy" is available from a small Croatian startup, writes Poslovni Dnevnik.
The company CORE Interface, started with help from the CORE Incubator angel investor and startub hub in Zagreb, has just released a free beta version of the TinnitusOFF app. Ratko Beck, founder of the company, MD and radiology specialist said: "We started the company realizing that almost five percent of world population suffers from persistent tinnitus. As well as Beck, the multidisciplinary team consists of neuroscientistand MD Raphael Bene, lecturer at Zagreb Faculty of Medicine, basketball trainer Marin Mindoljevic, and engineers, Ivan Fabek and Andelko Katalenic.
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Extreme NO can help you boost your load capacity, maximize full body recovery, maximize fat burn and improve muscularity. When you visit Ascent Audiology & Hearing, you benefit from our experience, exceptional service and care.
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Doctors specialize in the inner workings and passages of your ears, nose and throat. Your hearing is an important lifeline to your personal relationships and favorite activities. MARYLAND: Montgomery County, Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Olney, Kensington, Potomac, Chevy Chase, and Silver Spring. Silicon, in brief, is a master mineral that initiates healing and new tissue construction, (especially connective tissue and bone), strength and stability of the tissues and nerves and resistance to disease including, cardio-vascular diseases and collagen and bone diseases such as all forms of arthritis and osteoporosis. Diabetics should monitor their blood sugar level when taking Vitalyza 3 as the need for insulin is often less. Maintenance use: 14 drops in at least 500ml of water, preferably divided into at least 2 doses daily.
In times of extra need: such as acute and chronic health problems the dose can be doubled for up to 4 months. A 3.5 % solution may also be applied to the body for healing of infections, injuries, diabetic sores etc. Silicon is acquired mainly as an infant, its concentration in the body gradually decreasing with age. If we look to an ancient Palaeolithic diet, we see foods that are not common in the modern diet -  internal organs, bone marrow, skin, tendons, cartilage, bony fish and fibrous plants, these are all foods that rich in a variety of nutrients including silicon.
Vitalyza 3 is a water soluble form of pure elemental silicon, similar to the silicon used in the electronics industry as a semi-conductor of electricity.
We also supply Organic Silicon which we recommend for healing and rebuilding the body, This product helps with repair and cellular regeneration.
Organic Silicon is particularly important for collagen diseases such as arthritis, circulatory problems especially of the elderly, to strengthen the arteries and to increase their flexibility and to balance blood pressure whether too high or low. Silicon is a non-metallic chemical element, one of the 109 known substances that constitute the universe's matter, it is the most common element found in the earth's crust, including all rocks and soil, (apart from the oxygen it is combined with). Reduces the surface tension of water so that the water is more easily absorbed by the cells, i.e. To hydrate our cells there needs to be a blend of water and oil, since every cell is surrounded by an oily membrane. Silicon's free electrons react with un-burnt hydrogen in the body as a cleanser and as a 'side-effect' make more oxygen available. It has been know for some time that chemical messengers in the form of 8 essential saccarides, play an important role in the overall health and well-being.
The fact that electrons are required for general health and circulation has been discussed by Dr. A new form of tooth-brush called the 'ionic toothbrush' is now on sale and claimed to be an advance in oral hygiene and cleaning. All of these properties of free electrons, as contained in Vitalyza 3, offer us some understanding as to why people with a disease state are often dramatically helped by Vitalyza 3.
Silicon is the element directly below carbon and above germanium in group IVa of the periodic table.
The daily consumption of 14 drops a day in water of Vitalyza 3 for health maintenance and 30 drops a day in water for disease states, does not seem to be particularly stimulating and can be usually started at those doses straight away, although in some cases detoxification symptoms may warrant stopping the dose for a day or so (see Adapting to the Regenerative Process for more details). Male (76 yrs) "I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and given 6 months to live by my doctor. Male (43 yrs) "I have suffered severe Acid Reflux I have taken many drugs including Propulsid, Pepsid AD, Zantac, Prilosec, Nexium. Female (56 yrs) "I have been Type II diabetic for several years and my blood sugars average around 240. The Vitalyaz 3 I take to generally alkalise my body, as on urine testing, I am extremely acidic and this isn't good in any disease state.
Disclaimer: Regenerative Nutrition advocates a holistic approach to natural health and wellbeing. No claim for the cure of any disease is intended, or implied nor do we claim that our products will treat, cure or prevent any disease. Otology and Neurotology are subspecialties of General Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat -- ENT), and deal in greater depth with problems relating to the ear, specifically the hearing, balance and facial nerves.
One of our main areas of focus has been in Advanced Hearing Restoration Procedures to treat total deafness, severe sensorineural hearing loss and conductive hearing loss.
This treatment might involve procedures such as placement of the Envoy Esteem totally implantable hearing device, Cochlear implantation, BAHA bone conduction implant surgery or an option from the standard repertoire of Stapedectomy, Ossiculoplasty and Tympanomastoidectomy type procedures.
We are also known for our national and international academic courses and clinical work in Benign Positional Vertigo and Meniere's Disease.
Usually it disappears after a time, but for three to five percent of people persistent tinnitus significantly decreases their quality of life. Beck said that Bene and him realized three years ago, while reading medical journals, that they could try solving some of the medical problems themselves. After prolonged exposure to such therapy, brain starts to ignore these frequencies and your tinnitus loudness reduces. Three Michelin starred De Librije even created a special menu item to match the big Croatian red. We are Washington DC Metro Area's top rated audiology practice, offering a complete list of audiology services, as well as an after hours emergency service for lost or damaged hearing aids. An ENT is your best solution if you have an infection, sinus problems, or other medical issues to do with your ears, nose or throat. Each of our audiologists takes annual training to stay current on the industry’s latest research and best practices for preventing infections.
Anzola is very attentive, listens very carefully to what ou have to say, will answer all guestions and will change whatever that can be changed to accommidate your wishes.

Many times I have called or gone to their office to correct a problem or answer a question. However, its role goes beyond this and is involved in all the organs in the body and even in helping to provide a stable immune system. The reduction in silicon content in the body with age is associated with some aspects of the aging and degenerative disease process, and conversely restoring silica storage and availability in the body sees improvements in some of the signs and diseases of ageing.
Furthermore, those foods that do remain part of the diet that have any significant amounts of silicon such as grains and rice, are so over-processed that their nutritional content is severely depleted. It works as a semi-conductor due to the plentiful free electrons that can become easily dislodged or donated to an electrical circuit (or in the body of mammals where the circuit promotes healthy cellular and tissue electro-chemistry). May also be good for auto-immune disorders and specifically found to be good for skin disorders and asthma. In nature, silicon is combined with oxygen in materials such as sand, and pure quartz crystals. What is not generally realised is that semi-conductors and electrons also play an important role in internal communication systems.
Joanna Budwig, a regular Nobel prize nominee who has helped may people recover from various diseases including cancer using 'electron-rich' oils such as cold pressed linseed oil. Traditional energetic medicine recognises that blocked chi (electrical and electro-magnetic energy) is one of the common reasons for health problems and imbalance.
On the other hand it is a gentle and effective way to help provide us with more abundant health over many years. On the other hand, sensitive types need to start at the minimal Organic Germanium dose and gradually increase as adaptation to the new energy occurs. I received 25 treatments of external radiation, installed radioactive seeds into the prostate, and 7-97 placed on Casodex (hormone blocker).
I am more alkaline now but the most amazing thing is that it completely removes my awful tender coccyx pain for which I had tried many things, this again was a random finding! The body's ability and power to heal depends upon the totality of diet, nutrition, lifestyle and environmental factors.
We are a team of doctors, informaticians,and sports professionals, with no experience in marketing. You use the app to first determine the frequency of your tinnitus, then listen to your usual music. We provide advanced hearing solutions that are customized to each patient's individual needs. We'll work with you until you're completely satisfied, and experiencing the best possible outcome for your hearing. We have extensive experience with hearing loss, fitting patients with the right solution for their individual needs, fine-tuning those solutions for optimal results, and working with patients to adjust to their new device and control the settings as needed.
While ENT's can provide solutions for hearing loss, they don't specialize in hearing loss, and they generally don't have the experience with hearing solutions and fittings like audiologists do. We understand how infections can occur, both in an audiology practice and through a patient’s use of hearing aids and devices. While you can get a cheap hearing aid at a big box store or hearing aid dispensor, they simply don't have the experience with fittings, or access to the variety of solutions to accommodate your unique needs.
Thanks to her I have new hearing aids which are extraordinarily better than anything I had before. Anzola is totally professional, helpful and experienced - it is a pleasure to use her services.
She made sure I had devices to fit mt needs and took the time and care to make sure I was satisfied. Silicon is also thought to aid natural detoxification, especially of the lymphatic and blood systems. However, young people also benefit from silicon supplementation in alleviation of some health problems as well. Once an electron is donated there is a 'hole' in the orbit of the silicon that will readily take up another electron, aiding in the distribution and transmission of electrons. In most rocks, silicon is combined mainly with aluminium and oxygen, such as shales and clays. The inventor Patrick Flannagan, researched the most health giving rivers on the planet and found that the longevity of people related closely to the amount of free electrons in the water. As health deteriorates, especially with age, the cells tend to become more acidic laying the foundation for disease and the associated adverse effects of aging. This is demonstrated by the following experiment: try to blend some oil such as a vegetable oil or olive oil with water, for example one dessertspoon oil to 3 parts water. Making more oxygen available has many effects, including protection against anaerobic virus, bacteria, pathogenic fungi, parasites and protection against oxygen hating cancer cells. She devised a method of protecting the oil from electron loss by blending with cottage cheese or yogurt to provide a lipo-protein that held the electrons in place.
Colloidal Silver also eliminates harmful micro-organisms (oxygen hating) due to electron donation. There are many nutritional anti-oxidants that help to exchange electrons and in a multi-step process, but this is done mainly by extracting from the electron pool in the body.
1, 2001 I was diagnosed with stage II ovarian cancer and a tumour outside my uterus was the size of a golf ball. The information provided in our article is for information purposes only, it in no way constitutes a medical consultation, or medical advice, nor is it intended to be taken as a solicitation to purchase our products. Some of these problems, however, are the subject of new research protocols that are being studied in our practice. Everyone has different circumstances and lifestyles, and we strive to find the absolute best solution for your unique situation. We’re equipped to take all the necessary precautions to protect your health while in our offices, and to educate you about proper handling and care of your devices to avoid infections. They won't be there for your follow-up care, to adjust your hearing aid for optimal results, or to help you adjust to your new device. She takes time to analyze your hearing loss and then creates the best solution tailored to your needs. Anzola immediately put me at ease, explained the process and educated me on available options. They worked with me to make sure that I got the help I needed and got the comfort that I wanted. I am very pleased with my choice to get assistance from Ascent Audiology for my hearing needs. Choose Vitalyza 3 Elemental Silicon if you want to supply your body with cleansing free-electrons that are also a 'mother' anti-oxidant and to bring the whole family (one bottle will last 2 people about one month), towards a more healthy alkaline state and to improve the quality of drinking water, Elemental Silicon has a history of helping some serious health concerns such as diabetes and cancer support, but for cancer support is complementary to Organic Silicon. In mammals, silicon is very difficult to absorb from food in any appreciable quantity, although foods such as Horsetail and Bamboo can help provide small amounts, but only a fraction is absorbed into the blood.
However, this does not mean that the electron concentration of water is the only factor affecting the longevity of local people; electron rich waters also contain more rock dust that lower electron waters, since it is glacial melt waters that provide electron rich waters. By maintaining a slightly alkaline cellular pH of 7.35 the foundation of our health is protected. Cancer cells thrive in a low oxygen environment, and conversely improving tissue and cellular oxygen is one of the main defences against cancer. It was her contention that the combination of unsaturated fatty acids in combination with electrons is a fundamental aspect of health maintenance, circulation and healing. To clean your teeth and gums with Vitalyza 3, add 1 full dropper load (about 1 ml) to 50 ml water in a glass or jar.

Only substances that directly donate free electrons can be rightly considered mother anti-oxidants.
Taking Vitalyza 3 at the recommended dose has not caused any over alkalisation, but rather provides the body's regulatory systems the type of energy it needs to help maintain a healthy pH. Since Silicon and Germanium are close to each other in the atomic table they have similar but not identical roles in helping to facilitate calcium integration into forming new tissues such as collagen and bone. Vitalyza 3 is more economical and can be added to all ones daily drinking water to make it 'wetter' to help improve hydration. Maintaining the recommended slightly alkaline pH of human blood at 7.365 is critical to optimal health. Without encouraging false hope, the use of these research protocols has found success where conventional therapy has failed.
The technology is based on original research by Hidehiko Okamoto, Henning Teismann, Christo Pantev and Wolfgang Stoll, first published in the US Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The body absorbs silicon in different ways; Silicon Dioxide is poorly absorbed and organic silica, available only in very small amounts in foods, more easily absorbed.
Coincidentally, Patrick Flannagan used very fine Silicon Dioxide powder containing added electrons, and these are available in capsule form. There is much evidence to support the idea that electrons are one of the essential ingredients of healing.
Vitalyza 3 was born through the discovery that dead fish soaked in elemental, electron rich silicon remained fresh for many months, whereas the control fish went off and became saturated with micro-organisms, i.e. Germanium has been in use for a longer period of time and there is much more information about it's potentially curative value (best source of information is Dr Asai's book Miracle Cure - Organic Germanium). The growth and inflammation has reduced in size and is now soft to the touch and I have started to gain weight. We really care about your hearing, and we'll work with you until you're delighted with your results!
Although pure elemental silicon does not exist in nature, theoretically it must exist in mammalian bodies for brief periods of time since pure elemental silicon is removed from organic silica compounds in the body and for a fraction of a second will exist in that form before combining with proteins to make required substances, e.g.
Pure elemental silicon solution offers the advantage that as well as acting as a primary or 'mother' anti-oxidant like Germanium and Michrohydrin, the electrons are naturally held around the smallest possible receptors-individual atoms, and transportation directly to the cells in the body may be more efficient. A dramatic example is shown with the use of Elemental Silicon lotion applied several times a day over the period of several weeks to the 'dying' toes of a diabetic complete healing and regeneration occurred. Light photo-synthesised by seeds such as hemp and linseed convert the light photons to 'biological-electrons'. Bad bacteria that the mixture comes into contact with are destroyed and the cleansing and regeneration effects of the free electrons are left to do their work. Also the semiconductor silicon absorbs toxins and like germanium can soak up the source of free radicals by neutralising destructive positive charges. Dr Asai dedicated himself entirely to the study of Germanium, his passion, commitment and sacrifice have had enormous impact upon many people's lives. I suffered migraine headaches and severe acid indigestion, severe weakness in my legs and had even fallen several times. Christina is so helpful and her calls to remind me of my next appointment are much appreciated.
In these sorts of cases, eventually the toes and sometimes feet or legs have to be amputated. So we can understand that electrons delivered correctly have all these wonderful properties: disinfectant, cleansing, oxygen enhancing, healing promoting, extremely effective anti-oxidant and alkaliser. The electrons in Vitalyza 3 are instantly freely available - a few drops in a glass of water reveals a high alkaline pH.
It reduces energy production within the cells, as well as the cells ability to repair itself and detoxify metabolic by products.
I was invited to sit in as the aids were prepared and how to use and care for them was explained. Pure elemental silicon is still relatively inert, and can be used by the body to help form bio-chemicals and tissues as required. The great disadvantage of Michrohydrin has been the cost, Vitalyza 3 is available at a fraction of the cost.
Also supportive of many beneficial processes in the body such as ATP synthesis and liberation of energy from the cell. A 3 month course (minimum) of Arthro-Care may help to re-mineralise the teeth and make them stronger. We also know that the end result of consuming Vitalyza 3 is to help restore cellular alkalinity, whereas with Germanium this is not clear. Chronic low-level Acidosis is believed by many researchers to be an underlying contributor to such diseases as Diabetes, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, poor immunity, chronic infections, and many more chronic and degenerative conditions.
She took A LOT of time going over everything, answering questions, and explaining everything in detail. Pure elemental silicon has been in use as a nutritional supplement for a comparatively brief period of time, at the time of writing, since the year 2000. Obviously the neutralisation of toxic free-radicals by Organic Germanium (as also occurs with Vitalyza 3) will tend to move the system towards a more healthy alkaline state, but we do not know to what extent the regular consumption of Germanium will have on improving the cellular and tissue pH. Since both Silicon and Germanium have roles in maintaining health it would seem sensible to supplement with both. In order to maintain the correct Ph, as the body becomes acidic, calcium will be removed from the bones to help raise the cellular and blood pH to a level where the essential chemical processes can continue. Toxicity tests have failed to reveal any toxicity when taken internally in the dosage range advised. It should be noted that commonly available anti-sceptic mouth washes are toxic and will kill beneficial bacteria, stress the gums and remnants trickling down the throat will kill beneficial bacteria in the gut - quite a health hazard! This need not cost any more than using just one product since smaller amounts of Germanium will be required if using Vitalyza 3. The silicon is present in relatively small amounts in the liquid Vitalyza 3, a daily therapeutic dose gives 0.4 mgs elemental silicon solution, (equivalent to approximately the amount of elemental silicon available in 2mgs organic silicon).
There are a few 'natural' anti-sceptics available from the health and supplement industry they all seem to have one thing in common, they do not kill the beneficial (oxygen loving) bacteria so essential for health in the body; in contrast, pharmaceutical drugs kill both the good and the bad.
Nutrients are synergistic, and even though we know little about the interactions of many of the trace-elements, through patience and experimentation we can find out the most effective combinations, or take less supplements to obtain a broader nutrient base. I will certainly stay on this wonderful product." (Follow up discussion 10-03, she continues to improve and feels great).
It is a shame that the 'natural' anti-sceptics such as Vitalyza 3 and Colloidal Silver are not common in hospital use whereas the pharmaceutical bug killers with there harmful side effects are still being used. All these waste products must be detoxified (made inert) and discharged for us to stay healthy. Ultimately the reason for this must be profit, since products like Vitalyza 3 and Colloidal Silver cannot be patented by the pharmaceutical giants.
For whatever reason, most of the time we do not rid ourselves of 100% of these waste products. Drinking alkaline water helps our body dissolve acid wastes making it easier for the body to dispose of them, if consumed regularly, alkaline water gradually reduces the accumulated wastes allowing the body to recover healthy states naturally.

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