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Gaming on the Google Cardboard is fantastic fun, offering Android users a budget alternative to the mighty but pricey Oculus Rift VR headset. Thankfully, Trinus Gyre by loxai helps take budget VR to the next level, allowing users to pair their desktop with a mobile device and stream PC and Mac games to Google Cardboard. Read on for our guide on how to play PC and Mac games using Google Cardboard and the Trinus Gyre app.
This tutorial can be worked through using the free version of Trinus Gyre, although it’s worth noting that the limitations of the pay-free app mean that play sessions are capped at 10 minutes.
Choose which version of the app to go for (we recommend using the trial first, obviously) and download it to your Android gadget.
As the creator of the VR app mentions, there’s some optional downloads available to grab too.
Once the virtual server is downloaded, run the file and you’ll be greeted by your network information.
The desktop client should work using the default settings provided your internet connection is decent. Whilst the menu can look daunting, casual VR users don’t need to tinker with these toggles. Ensure that the game you open on your computer is running in windowed mode to improve performance. Once you’ve got a game running in windowed mode, turn on your virtual server and focus your attention on your Android gadget. Remember, both your computer and Android must be running on the same network for Trinus Gyre to function. Now that your server is up and running, open the Android app and make sure that the network information displayed matches that shown by your virtual server. Press the power button on your mobile app and you should notice a notification appear on your desktop. From your desktop, you’ll be prompted to tell the Trinus Gyre app which currently-running computer game you want to link with your mobile or tablet. Select the game you’re running on your computer from the drop-down menu and click OK. After three years at the University of Winchester, Tom graduated with a journalism degree under his belt. Tom would be the first to admit he spends far too much time worrying about Arsenal results and watching strange videos on YouTube.
All that’s vital to ensuring your VR headset pairs with your desktop is the server client.
Ticking this option will split your phone screen down the middle and display an identical image on both sides of the screen, in the same way most Google Cardboard apps function.

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