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This hearing graph shows a typical loss of hearing in the 4,000 Hz range caused by noise damage. Difficulty hearing in background noise, such as restaurants, is a typical sign of hearing loss. When the hair cells become damaged a€“ by age, genetics or noise a€“ they cannot be replaced. HYPERSOUND speakers consist of two thin panels that direct an ultrasound beam that carries audio throughout the air.
I tried out HYPERSOUND for myself last week when I got a chance to hangout with some of the folks from Turtle Beach. It’s one thing to have this stuff explained to you and another to actually experience it for yourself. Since the sound beams are focused, if you move out of the range of the speakers, you’ll no longer hear the sounds as clearly as you would if you were in their field of sound. While HYPERSOUND isn’t meant to be a solution to hearing loss, it is meant to provide a way for those who do suffer from hearing loss to understand their TV better without paying for the expensive devices. HYPERSOUND has already received FDA approval (back in February of 2014), and Turtle Beach has partnered with many, including: American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA), Audiology Management Group, Inc. Though not made specifically for gaming, HYPERSOUND is a great and innovative piece of technology that Turtle Beach has developed which will help millions of people who suffer from hearing loss to better understand their TVs. If we identify that your hearing loss is conductive in nature, we will refer you to one of the ENT's (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialists that are located close to you.
The onset of hearing loss is often a gradual process, so people are sometimes not aware that their hearing is deteriorating. Other symptoms that may accompany hearing loss include ringing tinnitus, dizziness or balance disturbances.

The inner ear is made up of rows of hair cells (see to the right) which provide clarity and sharpness to sounds, particularly in background noise. Symptoms that result from hair cell damage include loss of loudness, loss of clarity, particularly in background noise, and tinnitus. If something or someone were to get in front of the speakers, you wouldn’t hear the sounds at all. Over eighty percent of folks who visit a Audiologist (hearing specialist) for the first time do so specifically because they are having problems hearing and understanding their TV. For a musician, rapid hearing loss is always a disaster and a good reason without any hesitation to consult an ear specialist. Age-related hearing loss is highly hereditary, and its progress can vary significantly between individuals. After age-related hearing loss, noise-induced loss of hearing is the second most common cause of hearing loss among the adult population. Hearing loss often affects the high pitch sounds first, so loudness is often normal, but clarity is impaired.
They are also designed to make soft sounds audible, and loud sounds comfortable, as they are your personal amplification system. I had to make sure that I could see myself reflected on each panel to ensure that I would get the full focus of the sound beams. What this means is that you can have these speakers turned on without disturbing anyone around you. The typical solution for hearing loss is a hearing aid, which is something most people do not want to use. This isn’t a product that can be found at a Best Buy, and will instead be distributed to hospitals and medical institutions.

At retirement age, approximately every third person has suffered some degree of hearing loss, mostly as the result of ageing.
Permanent noise damage can be caused by long term exposure to noise or by very loud one-off noise.
When I was set up, all I heard was the sounds coming from the television, which sounded about as normal as you would expect. And of course, there is the fact that it’s more comfortable to listen to speakers than to headphones since there is nothing physically on your ears. There is typically a five to seven year gap between the time people first visit an Audiologist and when they do get hearing aids.
With one in five Americans, and one in three people over age 65 suffering from hearing loss, as well as 50 million Americans, and 360 million globally who suffer from hearing loss, it’s easy to see how a product like this would be a great solution and alternative to hearing aids since it will cost (about) $1500.
When one enters the beam’s sound radius, they hear sound as if they were wearing a surround sound headset.
When the HYPERSOUND speakers were turned on however, I got to hear the differences between it and a regular TV. When the ears are exposed to noise over a number of years, it will eventually lead to loss of hearing.

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