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Some Yellowstone National Park visitors have reported hearing odd sounds in the skies above Yellowstone Lake on clear days in the early mornings.
YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK — Yellowstone Lake and the rugged backcountry that surrounds it is a place where millions go seeking solitude and silence. Chittenden was an accomplished engineer with rigorous scientific discipline who built roads and bridges in the park, as well as locks in Seattle’s Lake Washington Ship Canal. Edwin Linton, a professor of biology at Washington and Jefferson College and a specialist in marine parasites was working in Yellowstone in the summer of 1890 as part of a project for the U.S.
Lee Whittlesey, historian at Yellowstone Park and a longtime resident of the region, said that the Yellowstone Lake sounds aren’t often discussed by park insiders. Despite how far-fetched the phenomenon sounds, Whittlesey said he’s confident the sounds have existed and the historical accounts about them are credible. Respected scientists and prominent park figures have reported hearing the sounds, and accounts have appeared in books, journals and newspapers, Whittlesey said, although the last new written report may have been as far back as the 1930s.
Typically, accounts of the sounds state that they take place at or near Yellowstone Lake or Shoshone Lake on a clear day when there is little or no wind and the waters are still, usually in the morning. The Old Hall at North Benfleet had been derelict for several years when my mother used to play in there as a child with her sister Doris in the 1920s.
After my mother died a few years ago, I was going through some old school photos of my mothers class at North Benfleet school, and I wondered who the other children were in the photo. My mother always used to tell me stories of all the things she used to get up to with her friend `Dodger` Jennings, she was nicknamed `Dodger`as she was always dodging classes she did not like.
I paid a visit to the late Miss Norman in Pound Lane in May 2002, and she very kindly informed me of all the names in the photo.
In the 1960s four men in a Austin Mini (which was a very small car) were travelling after dark from Southend to London on the A127, which is a dual carriageway trunk road. On the 6th May 1958 just before dusk, I was sitting in the garden, when I heard the bells start ringing from All Saints Church in North Benfleet. We got into his car and drove up to the church, he unlocked the door and went in, but the church was empty, there was no one to be seen. When my sister Hazel was born in the summer of 1953, a young 16 year old girl called Ann use to come and visit my mother. In 1989 I heard that an old workmate of mine had died and was buried in the churchyard of St. If you're already a registered user of this site, please login using the form on the left-hand side of this page. In Benfleet, on the 7th June 1977 there were numerous street parties one of which took place at the corner of Parkfields and Queensmere.
A sizeable farm in local terms, stretching from Church Creek to Cemetery Corner and covering just over 163 acres. A very touching and bittersweet story surfaced of a a grief-stricken electrical engineer who believes he has found a way to communicate with his dead daughter eight years after her death through devices he created himself. As one can imagine, Galka was devastated by his daughter’s sudden death from a car accident back in 2004 at the age of 17. Galka’s wife, Cindy, and his two daughters, Jennifer and Heather, have also experienced similar phenomena, either seeing Melissa or hearing her voice. The father’s most recent invention is a device that he says can detect shadows in the dark.
Addressing anyone who is skeptical about his family’s experiences, Galka hopes that everyone can keep an open mind. To read more of the story and the encounters the family has had with Melissa, check out the Hartford Courant.
My Paranormal Podcast is a weekly podcast which encompasses several branches of the paranormal and paranormal investigation. On top of the podcast, the site will also contain blog entries pertaining to all things paranormal. If you know of, or are part of a paranormal group or you are a psychic medium and have any requests of a particular paranormal group, haunted place or a psychic medium that you'd like us to feature on the show, be sure to let us know and click on the Contact Us button below and send us an email! The Santa Fe Opera is a major United States company that presents opera in the mountains outside of the famous 'City Different'.
Arrigo Boito's libretto for Falstaff is drawn from Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor and includes some materials from his Henry IV, Parts I and II. Verdi had a bad experience with his first comic opera, Un giorno di regno, which was premièred in 1840. Allen Moyer's inventive scenery established appropriate settings and Claire Mitchell's costumes clearly defined the era. Claire Rutter as Alice Ford and Anthony Michaels-Moore as Sir John Falstaff in Verdi's 'Falstaff' at Santa Fe Opera.
Claire Rutter was a charming Alice Ford with a lustrous voice while Franco Pomponi was an officious and jealous husband who had a robust sound. Norman Reinhardt as Fenton and Laura Giordano as Nannetta in Verdi's 'Falstaff' at Santa Fe Opera. On the following evening, we were treated to a superb performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro. Elizabeth Watts as Susanna and Luca Pisaroni as Figaro in Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro' at Santa Fe Opera.
Elizabeth Watts as Susanna, Luca Pisaroni as Figaro and Isabel Leonard as Cherubino in Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro' at Santa Fe Opera. Susanna Phillips was a smart, creamy-voiced countess who occasionally let us into her private sorrow. Gwynne Howell as Dr Bartolo, Michaela Martens as Marcellina, Aaron Pegram as Don Basilio, Luca Pisaroni as Figaro, Elizabeth Watts as Susanna, Mariusz Kwiecien as Count Almaviva and Susanna Phillips as the Countess in Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro' at Santa Fe Opera.
Some of the smaller parts were played by apprentices: Kyle Albertson was an amusingly inebriated Antonio. E M Forster and Eric Crozier wrote the text for Benjamin Britten's opera, Billy Budd, basing it on Herman Melville's novel, Billy Budd, Foretopman. Teddy Tahu Rhodes as Billy Budd and Peter Rose as Claggart in Britten's 'Billy Budd' at Santa Fe Opera.

Paul Curran's direction brought the work's sad story home with the aid of a wonderfully realistic sailing ship and appropriate costumes designed by Robert Innes Hopkins. Veteran baritone Richard Stilwell was a splendid Mr Redburn, Timothy Nolen was an unwavering Mr Flint, and Lucas Meachem sang the part of Donald with vocal acumen. The creative team of director David Alden and designer Gideon Davey provided a great deal of 'eye candy'. Laura Claycomb as Polissena and Luca Pisaroni as Tridate in Handel's 'Radamisto' at Santa Fe Opera. As Tiridate, King of Armenia and the covetous villain of the piece, Luca Pisaroni showed his versatility. The raison d'être for this production was star counter-tenor David Daniels and he most certainly did not disappoint his fans. Luca Pisaroni as Tridate and Deborah Domanski as Zenobia in Handel's 'Radamisto' at Santa Fe Opera. Making a modern orchestra sound like something out of the eighteenth century is not an easy task, but Harry Bicket accomplished it for these performances.
The last of the Santa Fe productions was Kaija Saariaho's Adriana Mater, which had already been seen in France and Finland but was brand new to American audiences. Saariaho's music for this opera is more dramatic than her score for her earlier Santa Fe work, L'Amour de Loin, and the result is a mellifluous resplendence we had not heard from her before. Monica Groop as Adriana (top) and (from left to right) Matthew Best as Tsargo, Joseph Kaiser as Yonas and Pia Freund as Refka in Kaija Saariaho's 'Adriana Mater' at Santa Fe Opera. The stage picture by scenic designer George Tsypin was rather plain, involving only buildings with domed roofs that were sometimes colored by James Ingalls' inventive lighting. Joseph Kaiser as Yonas and Monica Groop as Adriana in Kaija Saariaho's 'Adriana Mater' at Santa Fe Opera. The Santa Fe Opera season continues until 23 August 2008 with four of the five operas reviewed.
Yet it in a well-documented but rarely discussed phenomenon, some visitors to the Lake area have experienced remarkable celestial sounds of unknown and unexplained origin. He was not given to idle speculation or unsubstantiated gossip about seemingly magical events.
She used to tell me stories of finding secret rooms behind the large fireplaces, reached by false walls in the cupboards on either side of the fireplace. My mother is in the middle row third from left & Elsie Norman is in the front row 5th from left. I knew this girl was in my mother's class, and in this photo, as my mother had pointed her out to me, but over the years I had forgotten.
The conversation turned to the secret tunnel at North Benfleet Hall, and Miss Norman surprised me by saying she had been making a study of this tunnel for many years. It was then though that Galka and his family started to experience unexplained phenomena at their Connecticut home days after the fatal accident according to the Hartford Courant. According to Professional Measurement, the Mel meters can pick up electromagnetic field activity and are specifically designed for paranormal investigators. Hosted by Bruno and Anthony, the two conduct interviews with mediums, haunted locations, and paranormal investigators while exploring all the details of these fascinating subjects.
Visitors will be able to find links, haunted places, mediums, and paranormal investigators.
Since its auditorium is open at the sides, performances cannot start until the sun has set, but weather occurrences like thunder and lightening can be part of the show. The lighting by Duane Schuler was subtle but effective and created the right atmosphere for each scene. Kelly O'Connor was a sonorous Meg Page and Nancy Maultsby a delightfully energetic Mistress Quickly with ringing low notes. For this one performance, assistant conductor Robert Tweten took over from Maestro Kenneth Montgomery and the orchestra played with lucidity and verve under his leadership. The Cherubino was the critically acclaimed Isobel Leonard and she lived up to her excellent reputation for beautiful singing.
Since the action took place on an eighteenth century British warship, all the singers were male. Conductor Edo de Waart drew clear and accurate playing from the orchestra and the tension was always tight.
As Dansker, one of the few admirable characters in the show other than Billy himself, Thomas Hammons drew a memorable characterization. They were: tenor Jeffrey Behrens and baritones Matthew Hanscom, Chad Sloan, Kelly Markgraf, Arthur Jones and Stephen Hartley. The story, which had been used in opera before, comes from an incident recorded by the Roman historian Tacitus. The backgrounds were colorful, sometimes reflective, and the costumes extraordinarily inventive.
The jovial Figaro of two nights before had become a tyrant who sang the most intricate Handelian ornamented lines while threatening, and sometimes committing, mayhem. His solo instrumentalists played with tonal and rhythmic accuracy while the rest of the group sounded as though they were playing on authentic antique instruments.
The libretto of this anti-war piece is by Lebanon-born writer Amin Maalouf, who had once been a war reporter. Conductor Ernest Martinez Izquierdo brought out a wide variety of sound levels, making the audience realize how much can only be experienced at a live performance.
Director Peter Sellars had his characters move in realistic style and their story was readily understandable.
She captured the affection of the audience with her resplendent singing and lit up the stage with her charisma.
Following an apprentice showcase (fully-staged opera excerpts featuring young talent) tonight (17 August 2008) at 8.30pm, there are performances of The Marriage of Figaro (Monday 18 and Friday 22 August 2008), Falstaff (Tuesday 19 and Saturday 23 August), Radamisto (Wednesday 20 August) and Billy Budd (Thursday 21 August 2008), all starting at 8pm.
Linton, his colleagues and his guides heard the mysterious sounds more than once during that trip, and he drew from his own diary entries when he wrote an account of the odd experience for the Nov.
And also of a tunnel that ran from Dolce Dolman cottage to the Old Hall, and another one that ran to Sadlers Hall, Bowers Gifford.

I knew there was only one person who was still living in that photo that could tell me the names of the children in that class. She showed me photos taken from the air of the area, and you could clearly see the pale line of the tunnel from North Benfleet Hall towards the roundabout at Sadlers Hall Farm, Bowers Gifford, (sadly this photo was thrown away after Miss Norman died).
The lorry's trailer had lights on the rear but none on the sides, this trailer completely blocked the up lane of the A127. Ann helped my mother to look after Hazel, washing her, changing nappies, taking her out in the pram, etc, etc. On a very hot and sunny day in August of that year I visited this church to pay my respect to my old friend.
Raised a Catholic, Galka admits he believes in the afterlife and donates one-third of the profits from the sale of his paranormal detectors to bereavement groups.
During the time between 4 and 8 August 2008, the company presented Verdi's Falstaff, Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro, Britten's Billy Budd, Handel's Radamisto and the American première of Kaija Saariaho's Adriana Mater. Boito once said of it: 'We have all the juice from the Shakespearean orange without any of the seeds'. He said he wanted Falstaff to be a character study and, in the right hands, the title character is an amusing, lovable rogue. Keith Jamison and Wilbur Pauley sang with strong voices and proved to be thoroughly amusing as Falstaff's friends Pistol and Bardolph. As the elderly couple who turn out to be Figaro's parents, Dr Bartolo and Marcellina, Gwynne Howell and Michaela Martens showed what can be done to make cameo roles come alive. The most interesting apprentice, however, was tenor Alex Mansoori whose acting and singing were both outstanding. In this work, the casting of the title role is of maximum importance, but in the Santa Fe performance on 6 August, New Zealand baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes was more than up to the task. This show painted a stark picture of man's inhumanity to man but made it palatable with beautiful singing from many fine artists.
The women who sang female roles were swathed in what looked like silks, while most of the male characters were garbed as oriental potentates. Deborah Domansky, who took over the role of Zenobia from Christine Rice, sang with artful coloratura phrasing and looked enchanting in an open midriff costume that few other singers would dare. Thus, he has had first hand experience with the effects of conflict on inhabitants of the countries involved.
As Tsargo, the villain, Matthew Best was an intensely dramatic figure who became more sympathetic as the story unfolded. The driver of the Mini who was travelling at some speed did not see the trailer blocking his path until it was too late to stop.
When I was not at school I used to go with Ann on these walks, sometimes we would go down to Bowers marshes, or along a bridleway called Green Lanes at North Benfleet, or just to the top of Pound Lane and back. I did not know where his grave was and I began searching, finally finding it on the South side of the churchyard. The Santa Fe Falstaff, directed by Kevin Newbury and portrayed by British baritone Anthony Michaels-Moore, was exactly that kind of production.
As Dr Caius, Corey Bix was appropriately awkward and Laura Giordano was a pretty, but soft-voiced Nanetta. His Susanna, cute and perky Elizabeth Watts from the United Kingdom, sang sweetly and had the stamina for one of the longest roles in opera. With seeming ease, he climbed the stage ship's real rope ladders to perilous heights and sang gloriously from above the heads of others in the cast! This reviewer attended the performance on 8 August, the day the conflict began between Russia and Georgia! Soprano Pia Freund was a stunning Refka and tenor Joseph Kaiser gave a passionate performance as Adriana's son, Yonas. As it was summer time Ann always used a suntan cream called `Cooltan` which had a very unusual perfume to it.
After putting some flowers on his grave I made my way back, I noticed there was a faint perfume in the air. Occasionally, however, he let the brass play as loudly as they pleased and as a result they sometimes drowned out the voices.
Polish star baritone Mariusz Kwiecien was a cunning count who sang with a smooth masculine legato.
Although four decapitated bodies were in the car only three heads were ever found!Who or what, was ringing the church bells? We became friends and would often go down to Howard's Park in Pitsea and play on the swings and the seesaw or the roundabout. Nevertheless, she sang with the lustrous silvery soprano tones we are accustomed to hearing from her. I walked round the outside of the church to see if anyone had broken in through the windows, but they were all ok. In 1955 Ann's parents sold the shop and moved to Shenfield near Brentwood, and I lost touch with her.
I got back to my car when it suddenly dawned on me where I had smelt that perfume before, it was `Cooltan` the suncream my childhood friend Ann had used. There was only one key for the door, and this key was held by the church warden who was a farmer in Burnt Mills Road.
I returned to the churchyard to see if anyone was there, but as before the church and churchyard was empty, but I could still smell the `Cooltan`.
I started to look at the gravestones where I was standing, what I saw made the hairs stand up on my neck.

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