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The aim is for your baby to wear the hearing aids for all their waking hours, as soon as possible. Your audiologist will be able to tell you the types of sounds your baby can hear with the hearing aids.
Your baby can’t tell you if the hearing aids are working so you will need to check them every day. As your baby spends more of the day awake, try to increase use of the hearing aids until they are worn for all waking hours. You may need to spend five minutes playing games with your baby after you first put on the hearing aids.
When babies gain more control of their head and neck, the problem of acoustic feedback (whistling) usually lessens. You will have more opportunities to help your baby learn about speech and other sounds as the hearing aids are worn more often.
Use rewards: When your baby responds to a sound, give a reward such as a smile, clap or cuddle. Reduce background noise: When you spend special time with your baby (talking, singing or playing games), try to reduce background noise so your baby can hear you as clearly as possible. Let your baby explore your mouth: Many babies at this age start to put their hands into your mouth as they explore your face. Keep your baby nearby: Your voice will be louder and it will be easier to hear and see you if you are close.

At this age, babies start gaining more control of their hands and begin to explore the world around them. Check with your audiologist that your baby’s aids have (or can be fitted with) a tamper resistant battery compartment so your baby cannot accidentally swallow a battery. It takes a while for some babies to get used to their hearing aids, but with encouragement and perseverance they will become a normal part of your baby’s life. At about six months of age, babies usually have some head control and will be learning to sit up. This is a routine you need to continue until your child is old enough to tell you immediately if something is wrong with the aids.
But, your baby’s ears will still be soft and grow quickly, so you may need to continue getting new earmoulds frequently. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, your baby may or may not hear the whistle, but the sound heard will be affected by the feedback. Some people suggest holding your baby snuggled up under your chin or cheek, enabling the vibrations from your voice to be felt.
Just as many babies find it interesting to pull off their shoes and socks, some babies love to pull off their hearing aids. Providing the cap is made of thin fabric (like a t-shirt) the single layer of cotton over the hearing aid microphones makes very little difference to the sound reaching the hearing aid microphones.
This stops the hearing aids from being lost and can make it harder for your baby to get the hearing aids into their mouth.

The hearing aids will become a normal part of life just like clothes, shoes, hats and all the other things that babies get used to.
Feeding your baby is an ideal opportunity to talk about what you’re doing and introduce your baby to important phrases and words. If your baby keeps pulling the aid off, or if replacing it develops into a struggle, put the hearing aid away for 15 minutes and try again later. Soft baby headbands are an alternative, but be careful not to cover the hearing aid microphone with thick fabric. Over the next few months your baby will start to show increased interest in a wider range of sounds than when they were younger.
Your audiologist will be able to recommend a lubricant that is suitable for use with hearing aids. This will help avoid a situation where your baby gets your attention by pulling the hearing aids off.

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