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Impaired hearing progresses during the course of the disease and normalisation of hearing is not achieved.
We recommend Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic field therapy on the ears and neck as soon as possible after onset of the symptoms. I agree that my personal data used and registered on this form may be used to receive news, special offers and other marketing events company Biomag.
It has three basic symptoms: tinnitus (noises or buzzing in the ears), hearing loss and vertigo (dizziness). A perfusion disorder and impaired blood supply to the inner ear are always present as an underlying cause.
A significant improvement in the blood flow through the arterioles and capillaries is achieved and conditions are created for normal function and healing. During attacks, vertigo-reducing drugs are administered along with medications that regulate the composition and amount of endolymph.

In the event of a known underlying cause, we can deliver targeted treatment, for example, to the area of the liver, adrenal glands, or pancreas. The symptom that prevails over the other two symptoms is rotational vertigo attacks, which are very variable and are usually preceded by an aura. If the changes are persistent and permanent damage occurs, the effects of treatment are minimal.
This symptom reaches its maximum intensity within several minutes and lasts an average of two to three hours.

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