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Ticking 'Remember my selection' will make sure you are returned to this country website again the next time you visit. The Nucleus Hybrid System is indicated for unilateral use in patients aged 18 years and older who have residual low frequency hearing sensitivity and severe to profound high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss, and who obtain limited benefit from appropriately fitted bilateral hearing aids.
Severe to profound mid to high-frequency hearing loss (threshold average of 2000, 3000, and 4000 Hz ?75 dB HL) in the ear to be implanted. For individuals with post-surgical low frequency hearing, the sound processor combines acoustic amplification for the low frequencies with electric stimulation for the high frequencies. The CNC word recognition score criteria are between 10% and 60%, inclusively, in the ear to be implanted in the preoperative aided condition. The contralateral ear’s CNC score criteria are equal to or better than that of the ear to be implanted, but not better than 80% correct.

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