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This Veterans Law Guidebook is over 165 pages of information designed to teach you how to better understand how the VA and the BVA view Sleep Apnea service connection claims. If you purchase a copy of the Veterans Sleep Apnea Guidebook, I will send you a FREE updated copy any time I release a new edition (usually 2-4 times a year). If you offer me feedback that I can use to make theVeterans Sleep Apnea Guidebook BETTER, I will refund your entire purchase price.
By purchasing the Veterans Sleep Apnea Guidebook, I will include you on a special list of Veterans who get discounts on all of our Veterans Law Guidebooks.
The VA really should establish a presumption that female service members were raped or sexually assaulted in service. The VA presumes that certain medical conditions are caused by Agent Orange exposure – the presumption is based on science showing that the rate of diagnosis of certain conditions is higher in Vietnam Veterans exposed to Agent Orange than in the regular population. Corroboration is one of those few words that means the same to real people as it does in the legal system: it means to confirm or give support to a particular theory, fact, assertion, etc.

But if I call the police to tell them there is a power line down on top of a car on my neighborhood street, they are not going to need anyone to corroborate that. When it comes to Military Sexual Trauma cases, however, we have created an interesting little anomaly. Get statements from fellow soldiers that observed a decline in your performance – if you can get an officer or two to pitch in a statement, that always helps. Don’t expect your claim for service connection of a condition resulting from an MST to be easy.
I ordered your ebook with the understanding that updates were free, why is this not the case? Sharon, you are right – we do send out FREE updates anytime that we release an update to a Guidebook. I looked into your purchases, and see that you have the most recent updates to both Guidebooks you purchased.

Mari, that is the secret – if you believe a condition is related to military service, never give up.
How much will your workmans compensation settlement be for, How high does the impairment rating go on a shoulder surgery, and what determines the settlement? It is called rape and just so you know there is no statute of limitations on rape in the military while on active duty. I filed and unrestricted report and filed criminal charges against the 3fellow soldiers who gang raped and sodomized Me , took my virginity and knocked me up.

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