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I get 88 rounded up to 90.Separate line items are the only clue I can find to rate as bi-lat. I was just reviewing the explanations on my awards letter and it looks like the 10% scars rating is for 2 painful scars (3 or more would bump it up to 20%); and the 0% separate scars rating is specifically for linear scars that are not considered disabling. Please forgive the interjection into the thread on behalf of myself but I've run into a brick wall as regards the computation of so-called 'bi-lateral' ratings. I got a phone call today from the VA stating they were abandoning their predetermination claim to lower my left knee.
After the caller explained their intent to abandon the claim, she stated they will however reexamine me in 6 months to 1 year for a decrease because the range of motion I have alledgedly improved based on the four minute exam that had no x-Rays. Can the VA ignore years of evidence, x-Rays, and documents and just take my rating from one 4 minute C&P? Your evaluation will be based on your most current level of disability, but being that you've had the assigned rating for more than five consecutive years you'll be afforded due process. The thing that shocked me about this reduction attempt was that my left knee condition is the worst of my disabilities and the most documented. I also spoke to the little rock va privacy officer back in January of this year, and applied for an amendment to my medical records to remove the fake non supportive for IU C&P exam. Below is an image from my most recent rating wherein I received an increase for hearing loss right ear from 10% to 50% while simultaneously having made it a bi-lateral SC rating as well.
That claim was generated because the VA failed to erase my C&P exam I did not attend after it was rescheduled (before the original appointment) to another VA hospital out of state which I did attend.
It is a disability the VA rated me for without me even requesting a rating given the trauma occurred in college before* military service. I am in contact with the ArKansas VA Inspector General's office after I contacted VA secretary McDonald's office through email.
If it does go to the BVA 59 years from now, then I still think I will win despite being dead.
The reason for the change is a whole different story in itself involving document tampering, fabricated exams, and a self contradicting C&P examiner.

He has to choose if he wants to agree to my request, or pick a document he supports, or decline my request. The bilateral factor will be applied to such bilateral disabilities before other combinations are carried out and the rating for such disabilities including the bilateral factor in this section will be treated as 1 disability for the purpose of arranging in order of severity and for all further combinations. Can someone here please tell me if, when and how I should consider entertaining the notion of the inclusion a bi-lateral computation for the purposes of 'increasing' my numbers. The VA did on my behalf in 2007 after they examined my medical records, and scheduled an MRI which they discovered severe arthritis and a deformity of my left knee. My knee does lock up, does swell noticeably conspared to the right knee, and pops when in motion (forgot the medical jargon for that). They stated also they require more than one appointment generating evidence to justify a reduction of benefits, and that my disability status has not shown sufficient improvement meet the requirements of reduction. I was ignorant of claiming it as such prior and after my discharge because I was new to the VA obviously.
They have acknowledged I do in fact have something fishy going on with my two C&P exams for one claim, plus the reasons for my denial are not justified by the evidence the VA has about my disabilities.
For example, with disabilities evaluated at 60 percent, 20 percent, 10 percent and 10 percent (the two 10's representing bilateral disabilities), the order of severity would be 60, 21 and 20.
Regardless I followed the advice of the VA and went to my private doctor (orthopedic surgeon who conducted my knee surgery) and had him fill out a DBQ.
But the problem has sorted itself out, and I have the evidence I need to address it regardless. The 60 and 21 combine to 68 percent and the 68 and 20 to 74 percent, converted to 70 percent as the final degree of disability.(a) The use of the terms “arms” and “legs” is not intended to distinguish between the arm, forearm and hand, or the thigh, leg, and foot, but relates to the upper extremities and lower extremities as a whole.
The award is Left knee degenerative joint disease with varus angulation, status post ACL repair (previously DC 5258) 30% Service-Connected. The VA stated also that I should disregard the previous letters I recieved detailing a reduction, however they will reevaluate me at a later date (end of this year).
I have already issued a recent doctor's letter from my orthopedic surgeon, and numerous other supporting documents.

I am scheduling a DBQ with him given my recent exam was severely brief and did not examine me anywhere remotely enough to justify claiming my left knee is better.
The IG stated if my accusations of manipulation of my medical records to create a denial of benefits are confirmed, and their investigation turns up fraud, they can and will stop my current appeal and award me IU P&T. Instability, and to alleviate the weight on both of my legs which is the reason I have damage to my right knee. Also the IG is investigating why the VA IG in Washington did not take my case despite my evidence given at their request that shows potential fraud. It will remain straight If I sit for periods with it straight, and I have horrible pain when I try to bend it.
If I sit for long periods with it bent, it will remain in that position and be difficult to straighten. I realized there was a problem when I needed assistance after long flights.And yes, my medical documents absolutely do not back up any improvements.
There was no measurements taken, and the doctors physical examination was him forcibly pushing my left leg down despite my objection, and statements of pain. So after the holidays I except that ball to finally get rolling and corrected.Thanks for the link Rotor.
My Disability code for my knee is: left Knee degenerative joint disease with varus angulation, status post ACL repair (5258).
Code 5258: If the cartilage frequently dislocates, causing pain, swelling and locking in the knee, it is rated 20%.

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