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Do you want to make a statement with a mass planting or have something that is a showpiece and stands out alone?
Magnolia stellata can be much larger than a shrub over time but their outstanding almost pure white blossoms at this time of year beg mentioning.
Plan now to visit once every few weeks for an ever-changing show with early, mid and late blooming daffodils. On the tour, you’ll enjoy seeing the woodland garden of noted horticulturist Fred Galle in Pine Mountain, GA  which abounds in wildflowers at this time of year. Acer griseum- paperbark maple has shiny cinnamon colored bark and shines in the winter garden. Betula nigra ‘Dura-Heat’- a selection of river birch with beautiful bark and a high tolerance for heat and humidity. Aster frikartii ‘Monch’-  one of the latest blooming and the clear blue flowers work so well with Amsonia as well as the fall garden daisies like the Ryan series.
Chionanthus retusus, Chinese fringe tree-although this tree is known for its spring blooms it also displays handsome bark which he appreciates in winter. Vaccinium darrowii-also known as evergreen blueberry, tiny evergreen leaves,  it grows 1 to 4’tall and makes a great plant for edging or containers.

Lespedeza liukiuensis ‘Little Volcano’- also known as Little Volcano bush clover is covered with masses of red purple flowers that last until late October.  It grows 4 to 6’ tall and is beautiful as it moves with the breeze. Cupressus arizonica ‘Blue Ice’-this conifer has fragrant branches she loves to use in arrangements and for wreaths and garlands.  A great color in the winter garden. They know about putting the right plant in the right place so be prepared to answer questions!
Some bloom even before they leaf out, attracting you and pollinating insects with their shape, color and fragrance. Its foliage is slimer than the species, darker green color, and the plant can be used as an onamental hedge.
The current owner has updated the design with meandering paths along a hillside and old mill race. She says that in one town in Wisconsin they have a betting pool that you enter by picking the date and time that the tree in the town square will drop its leaves.  The tree can be precise to the hour! The bright green of new growth along with the pop of color from the blossoms make us wide-eyed; hearts race with excitement. Covered in clusters of flowers that seem to open at different rates, you get a bush with clumps of reddish buds and open white blossoms at the same time.

It is a dizzying feeling that can be overwhelming when making choices of what to take home with you. Small blue edible berries ripen by mid summer and can be used in jellies and if you have enough, pies! Regular visits to the garden center can help with your choices and ease the symptoms of Spring Fever!
Designed by an award-winning landscape architect, this garden not only reflects the owner’s plant palette but also the authenticity of the era.
After the tour, you can shop to your heart’s content at the Plant Sale with me as your personal shopper.  The day ends with a Wine and Cheese Get-together.

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