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I also have a necklace, earrings and bracelet that is Cannetilla jewelry, it is sterling and has green stones, I think the stones are paste. This brooch probably sold for about $10 – it probably has a book value (which means very little) of $25.
Gorgeous selection of vintage jewelry dating from the Art Deco Era, ideal for your wedding! We’ve been absolutely jumping out of our skin over here at Ruffled to feature some vintage engagement rings and today’s the day! I could go on and on about Art Deco rings, Edwardian bands, all those beautiful etchings and yummy colored stones but let’s learn a bit about Weston Jewelry from the company itself. People always ask if my horizontally-turned oval engagement ring is vintage; after seeing these, mine could easily be best friends with them. Beautiful antique marked PSCo (Plainville Stock Co) art nouveau flower pin- measures approximately 1 inch across.

I used a vintage Wedding Photography Ireland  sifter I found at The Vintage Emporium awhile back for earring and brooches. When planning a vintage style wedding it helps to bring that vintage style look into yourA jewelryA as well. Gorgeous selection of vintage jewelry dating from the Art Deco Era, ideal for your wedding!.
As fans of all things classic, beautiful and sparkly, we drooled all over our screens over the gorgeousness that is Weston Jewelry’s vintage engagement ring collection. We are a Fine Estate Jewelry company that specializes in Vintage and Antique Engagement Rings. If you don’t have any family pieces to wear or you are just looking to add a new andA specialA piece to your collection you should consider some of these amazing finds. Wallpaper images in the Jewelry club tagged: wedding rhinestones paste art deco jewelry necklace bracelet.

We have a large selection of Cocktail Rings and many handsome and heavy items of Mens Jewelry.
All our items have a fully detailed item description of materials and all diamonds and gemstone specifics. Their estate jewelry collection has everything from slim bands to huge cocktail rings and statement bracelets.
And if you’re looking for a vintage engagement ring, then they will provide you with all the hand-candy you could ask for.

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