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Your casual days can now be even more fun with this A brand new indigo denim bag from Kate Spade. Subscribe to my Free RSS Feed for more, and follow me on Twitteror join my Facebook Page to get connected.
VieCouture is a fashion blog featuring the latest fashion trends from daily casuals to the catwalk extravagant.
One of the main reasons I started this blog was to give myself an outlet where I could be creative…Putting together all of these outfits takes time yes, but I love it. Designed specially in vintage style, carry your daily essentials in this simple yet elegant bag.
You'll find a blend of the hottest fashion carefully selected to fulfill your fashion cravings. So happy to report that Arizona finally got the memo that it is November and we officially don’t have 90 degree days anymore!!!

Dapper Fellow and I are heading up to northern Arizona for my family reunion then we are off to Newport Beach.
No not leopard, snakeskin, or python, I am talking little mini animals all over a solid colored blouse. I particularly like the asymmetrical bow on the side, it’s very sassy and will certainly add pretty flavor to the overall appearance.
You may not be able to tell, but I covered the top, center button with a gold vintage lion pin.
One of the best things about living in Arizona is how close we are to great getaway spots, Mexico being one of them. I swopped up this Houndstooth blouse on super sale last week and I couldn’t wait to layer it.
But those two items will inevitably outlive me so they may as well be something that is extra gorgeous!

I just bought these pants and if you follow me via Instagram you will know that they’re the 1st pair of pants I have paid full price for in over 10 years!!!! He has a large influence on my day to day fashion even though he probably doesn’t think so. If you live in colder climates I would add a thicker tight, possibly a higher boot and a colored trench instead of the blazer.

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