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Most of us get enough Vitamin C in our diets – it is found in an enormous number of foods, including chili peppers, guava, broccoli, kiwi fruit, cauliflower and strawberries. Humans are one of the few species of animals that cannot synthesize their own Vitamin C, and thus must acquire it from foods.
As an antioxidant, it blocks some of the damage free radicals cause to collagen and elastin (the fibres that support skin structure). Vitamin C also protects against UV induced cell damage, and is scientifically proven to effectively reverse the signs of aging, rather than merely maintain the skin. Early symptoms of Vitamin C can include lethargy and changes in skin texture, in particular developing rougher patches of skin. The Australian Skin Institute’s Good Night Serum contains 25% Vitamin C – a considerable boost for healthy skin! Beauty partners with pharmacy in the development of the Australian Skin Institute’s revolutionary Skin Supplements.
According to Right Diagnosis, vitamin deficiencies are caused when you are not able to have the nutrients your body needs to thrive. If you suspect or identify with any of the vitamin deficiency symptoms below, please make an appointment with your doctor to be tested. According to Fox News, there are five unusual warning signs that you may be vitamin-deficient. Additionally, I am going to walk through each vitamin deficiency so that you know what the signs and symptoms are to watch out for. Infection is very draining on vitamin A reserves and this vitamin A deficit leaves the individual more susceptible to infection (Combs, 1991, Wikipedia).
According to article writer, Paul Simms, a vitamin B1 deficiency can occur because of many different causes. In more severe and long term cases of vitamin B1 deficiency, a disease called Beriberi will result. According to Web MD, Niacin deficiency is a condition that occurs when a person doesn't get enough or can't absorb niacin or tryptophan (the ingredient that makes you sleepy found in turkeys).
In the 1800s, pellagra was common among poor Americans whose diets consisted mostly of corn, molasses, and salt pork -- all poor sources of niacin. Severe deficiency, called pellagra, can cause symptoms related to the skin, digestive system, and nervous system.
If you don't eat a lot of niacin-rich foods or if you have a medical condition that affects the absorption of niacin or tryptophan, speak to your doctor. Pernicious anemia, a condition in which there is a lack of a protein called intrinsic factor. Atrophic gastritis, a thinning of the stomach lining that affects up to 30% of people aged 50 and older.
Conditions affecting the small intestine, such as Crohn's disease, celiac disease, bacterial growth, or a parasite. Vitamin B12 deficiency can also occur in vegetarians, because the best food sources of the vitamin are animal products. The essential vitamin known as vitamin C is one of the most important elements in an individual’s daily diet, according to Discovery Health. Vitamin C is destroyed by the process of pasteurization, so babies fed with ordinary bottled milk sometimes suffer from scurvy (which is a disease resulting from a vitamin C deficiency)if they are not provided with adequate vitamin supplements. With Gastroparesis, it is hard for us to eat citrus or other foods that are high in vitamin C, so we become deficient.
According to Fit Day, a variety of symptoms will show that an individual is suffering from a vitamin C deficiency. Fatigue – Early on, someone with a vitamin C deficiency will tend to get tired easily and experience reduced energy. Mood Changes – Individuals with a vitamin C deficiency may become irritable or short tempered. Joint and Muscle Aches – Chronic pain in the limbs or joints can be a symptom of a vitamin deficiency. Dental Conditions – Just as a healthy daily dose of vitamin C contributes to healthy teeth and gums, a deficiency can cause deterioration of the gums.
Dry Hair and Skin – A change in hair and skin conditions can also signal that the body is not getting enough of vitamin C and other essential vitamins and minerals. Infections – When an individual does not have enough vitamin C over time, this can have a negative impact on general healing of wounds and the fighting of infections.
The best way to discover vitamin D deficiency is to take a blood test that will measure the level of the vitamin in your blood. 1.) The flu - In a study published in the Cambridge Journals, it was discovered that vitamin D deficiency predisposes children to respiratory diseases.
3.) Psoriasis - In a study published by the UK PubMed central, it was discovered that synthetic vitamin D analogues were found useful in the treatment of psoriasis. 4.) Chronic kidney disease - According to Holick, patients with advanced chronic kidney diseases (especially those requiring dialysis) are unable to make the active form of vitamin D.
7.) Periodontal disease - Those suffering from this chronic gum disease that causes swelling and bleeding gums should consider raising their vitamin D levels to produce defensins and cathelicidin, compounds that contain microbial properties and lower the number of bacteria in the mouth. 8.) Cardiovascular disease - Congestive heart failure is associated with vitamin D deficiency. 9.) Schizophrenia and Depression - These disorders have been linked to vitamin D deficiency. 10.) Cancer - Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington DC discovered a connection between high vitamin D intake and reduced risk of breast cancer. Research suggests that vitamin D could play a role in the prevention and treatment of a number of different conditions, including type1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, glucose intolerance, and multiple sclerosis. These various health conditions associated with vitamin D deficiency need not be something to fear. According to Paul Simms, a writer on the subject, vitamin K deficiency is rarely seen on its own, it is usually the result of another problem within the body.
Another reason an individual might develop a Vitamin K deficiency is because of an illness, injury or disease that affects the small intestines and prevents the absorption of the nutrient.
The final reason for the appearance of many symptoms of Vitamin K deficiency is because of liver damage or disease.
According to Newsmax, deficiency of vitamin K results in serious complications such as prolonged blood clotting time and an increased risk to haemorrhages. Deficiency of vitamin K causes delayed blood coagulation, gum bleeding, nose bleeding, easy bruising, and tendencies toward nose-bleeding and gum-bleeding. Appearance of blood in urine or stool and experiencing heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle are also signs of vitamin K deficiency.
Deficiencies of vitamin K are not very common among adults, but newborns are found to be at a higher risk as breast milk is typically low in vitamin K and the infant’s natural vitamin K cycle may not be fully developed. Other symptoms of vitamin K deficiency are hardening of heart valves, owing to calcification, purpurea, and neural tube defects. Other prominent signs and symptoms of vitamin K deficiency are prolonged clotting times, hemorrhaging, and anemia. Vitamin K deficiency-related symptoms lead to excessive deposition of calcium in soft tissues. If you suffer from fatigue, muscle weakness, achy joints and muscles, bleeding gums or leg rashes – you could be vitamin C deficient.
According to the work of Linus Pauling and the Linus Pauling Institute, vitamin C therapy has been shown to prevent, even reverse serious health condition, like cancer. Research has shown that as little as 10 mg of vitamin C per day can eliminate the threat of scurvy.
Discover little known truths about the use of vitamin C to kill viruses plus much more – Sun. Most of his work over the last ten years has centered on the importance of maintaining a healthy antioxidant status in the body. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid, which helps in healing of bone, reducing bad cholesterol and normalize blood pressure. For all of us it is a well known that vitamin C strengthens the immune system and makes it more resistant to viruses and colds.
Some scientists believe that could not be developed hypervitaminosis C, because vitamin C is ejected through the urine. The consumption of vitamin C through diet should look out, because he easily loses its value in the process of cooking.
Kebutuhan asupan Vitamin C bagi tubuh begitu penting, selain sebagai anti Oksidan ternyata Vitamin yang tinggi ternyata diketahui dapat MENCEGAH PENYAKIT STROKE. Dalam penelitian tersebut terungkap bahwa mereka yang memiliki kadar vitamin C yang tinggi, ternyata memiliki tingkat resiko 40% lebih kecil terserang stroke dibandingkan dengan mereka yang memiliki kadar vitamin C yang rendah, dan hal tersebut di teliti sekitar 448 kasus stroke yang terjadi selama penelitian tersebut berlangsung.
American Journal of Nutrition  merupakan Jurnal Resmi kesehatan yang membeberkan Hasil penelitian gemilang yang dilakukan ilmuwan Inggris bernama Dr. Kadar Vitamin C alamai yang banyak terkandung di dalam buah-buahan dan sayuran alami jauh lebih tinggi manfaatnya sebagai antioksidan yang dapat menangkal radikal bebas.

Radikal bebas sendiri berpotensi merusak sel-sel DNA yang dapat menyebabkan penuaan dini dan timbulnya berbagai penyakit kronis. Buah asal Brazil ini ternyata memiliki kandungan vitamin C hingga 228 mg per 100gram buah atau hampir lima kali lipat dibandingkan jeruk. Duwet atau yang kerap disebut dengan buah Jamblang merupakan salah satu buah tropis yang memiliki banyak varietas.
Buah lokal lainnya yang banyak mengandung vitamin C ialah Jambu biji dengan dagingnya yang putih.
Buah asal negeri China ini sudah banyak dijual oleh Sunpride di supermarket seluruh Indonesia. Kandungan vitamin C pada buah asli Meksiko dan bagian Utara Amerika Selatan ini kurang lebih sebanyak 62 mg disetiap 100 gram per buahnya. Buah tropis asal Asia Tenggara dan Asia Selatan ini telah dinyatakan terancam hampir punah oleh International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), lembaga investaris status konservasi spesies biologi dunia paling kredibel. Itulah beberapa buah lokal yang banyak mengandung vitamin C, yang sangat efektif untuk mencegah timbulnya penyakit stroke. This makes vitamins beneficial for skin rash sufferers as it does not cause any major side effects, but also helps to maintain skin health.
Vitamins For Skin Rashes Vitamin E Vitamin E is a very useful antioxidant vitamin that helps to treat skin rashes in an effective manner. However, vitamin E is mostly found in non-vegetarian foods such as egg yolk, salmon, herring and organ meat, in high concentrations.
Vitamin C Vitamin C is also regarded as a useful remedy for dealing with skin rash symptoms. Vitamin C can be found in many foods such as oranges, kiwi, grapes, lemon, broccoli, spinach, and beans. Vitamin A can be found in foods such as sweet potatoes, dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, red peppers, liver, lettuce, cantaloupe, and dried apricots. Niacin Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3, is regarded highly useful to treat symptoms of skin rashes. Deficiency of vitamin B3 is commonly linked with skin rash, thereby, making it important for individuals to take this vitamin orally. Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 is also beneficial for those suffering from skin rash, as it reduces severity of the condition.
It is a critical factor in good health and wellbeing; a Vitamin C deficiency can lead to extreme lethargy, skin spots, bleeding gums, loss of teeth, and in extreme cases, death. Vitamin C is critical for wound-healing, minimisation of scar tissue, and is required for the synthesisation of collagen. Vitamin C is a key part of the production of collagen, and as such is a significant contributor to firmness and strength of the skin.
To avoid Vitamin C deficiency, ensure that you consume a varied diet, including citrus fruits.
5: Crazy muscle cramps in the form of stabbing pains in toes, calves, arches of feet, and backs of legs. These are severe mental conditions that result in amnesia, impaired sensory perception, mental confusion and loss of control of motor skills. In advanced cases, the disease may cause high output cardiac failure and death (other symptoms are described in Wernicke's encephalopathy in Wikipedia). Like all B vitamins, niacin plays a role in converting carbohydrates into glucose, metabolizing fats and proteins, and keeping the nervous system working properly.
Typically it occurs in people whose digestive systems do not adequately absorb the vitamin from the foods they eat.
Strict vegans (people who don't eat any animal products, including meat, eggs, or milk) are at greatest risk. We need Vitamin C to help contribute to good cellular growth, promote function of the circulatory system, and generally help our bodies to develop and maintain themselves. Virtually all commercially available baby formulas contain added vitamin C for this reason, but heat and storage destroy vitamin C. However, if you juice and can tolerate it, try and incorporate as much vitamin C as you can.
Because chronic fatigue is a symptom of so many illnesses, it can be hard to catch a specific condition based on this symptom. Periodontal problems are a symptom of a vitamin C deficiency that has been allowed to develop to a hazardous level.
However, it’s important to seek professional medical help, rather than self-medicating with natural medicine.
This is likely if you follow a strict vegetarian diet, because most of the natural sources are animal-based, including fish and fish oils, egg yolks, cheese, fortified milk, and beef liver. Because the body makes vitamin D when your skin is exposed to sunlight, you may be at risk of deficiency if you are homebound, live in northern latitudes, wear long robes or head coverings for religious reasons, or have an occupation that prevents sun exposure. The pigment melanin reduces the skin's ability to make vitamin D in response to sunlight exposure. As people age their kidneys are less able to convert vitamin D to its active form, thus increasing their risk of vitamin D deficiency.
Certain medical problems, including Crohn's disease, cystic fibrosis, gastroparesis, and celiac disease, can affect your intestine's ability to absorb vitamin D from the food you eat. Vitamin D is extracted from the blood by fat cells, altering its release into the circulation. You can either ask your doctor to administer the test or buy a home test kit do the test yourself.
An intervention study conducted showed that vitamin D reduces the incidence of respiratory infections in children. Holick, a leading vitamin D expert, muscle weakness is usually caused by vitamin D deficiency because for skeletal muscles to function properly, their vitamin D receptors must be sustained by vitamin D. These individuals need to take 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 or one of its calcemic analogues to support calcium metabolism, decrease the risk of renal bone disease and regulate parathyroid hormone levels. The children were monitored for 31 years and in all of them, the risk of type 1 diabetes was reduced by 80 percent. Research conducted in Japan revealed that asthma attacks in school children were significantly lowered in those subjects taking a daily vitamin D supplement of 1200 IU a day.
In a study, it was discovered that maintaining sufficient vitamin D among pregnant women and during childhood was necessary to satisfy the vitamin D receptor in the brain integral for brain development and mental function maintenance in later life.
These findings, presented at the American Association for Cancer Research, revealed that increased doses of the sunshine vitamin were linked to a 75 percent reduction in overall cancer growth and 50 percent reduction in tumor cases among those already having the disease. A proactive approach to prevention can assist in the avoidance of the many chronic diseases associated with vitamin D deficiency. Not only is Vitamin K found in a large variety of easily obtainable foods such as vegetables and dairy products, it is also synthesized by bacteria in the small intestines where it is absorbed into the body.
Since about half of the Vitamin K in the body is produced by bacteria in the small intestines, the use of antibiotics, which kill that bacteria will lead to a drastic decrease in the amount of Vitamin K available for absorption.
Inflammatory bowel disease or other chronic diseases of the intestines often result in deficiencies of many different vitamins and minerals because the cells lining the intestines are unable to extract the nutrients before they pass through the body. After being absorbed by the small intestines, Vitamin K is processed into it's functioning forms in the liver. Vitamin K deficiency may result in internal bleeding (in the skull), malformed fingers, and under-developed facial features like ears, nose, and chin. Hardening of the arteries or calcium-related problems are the other common signs of vitamin K deficiency.
Everything from the common cold to cancer can’t resist the healing power of vitamin C. Thomas Levy says, “vitamin C is referred to as an antioxidant that donates or gives up its electrons. Eating enough vitamin C, antioxidant-rich foods make it virtually impossible for our body to experience cellular inflammation.
Generally speaking, the Linus Pauling Institute recommends that healthy men and women eat “at least five servings (2? His work currently is focusing on the importance of liposomal technology as a way to optimally deliver vitamin C, glutathione, and other nutrients into the body orally, appearing to even surpass the bioavailability seen with the intravenous administration of these antioxidants. If you are dealing with fitness, bodybuilding, athletics, boxing or other light sport which puts great effort, your body needs extra vitamin C. During pregnancy you need to bring more vitamins than in other periods of a woman’s life.
Vitamin C is present in green vegetables, tomatoes, red berries (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries), oranges, lemons, grapefruit, parsley, potatoes, etc. Hal ini diketahui berdasarkan hasil penelitian yang dilakukan di Norfolk, Inggris terhadap sekitar 20.000 orang. Mengonsumsi suplemen tentu diperbolehkan, asalkan dengan jumlah yang terbatas alias tidak menggantungkan kebutuhan vitamin C harian Anda dari suplemen saja.
Karena vitamin C yang berasal dari suplemen sangat mungkin sudah tidak murni akibat banyaknya campuran dari zat-zat yang lainnya sehingga kandungan vitamin C-nya hanya sedikit.

Antioksidan diduga kuat dapat melindungi kita dari tumpukan lemak di bagian pembuluh darah, yang pada akhirnya dapat menjadi Pemicu serangan Stroke (cerecral Infarction).
Yang pasti, ketercukupan akan vitamin C memang dapat menghindarkan kita dari resiko terjadinya serangan stroke yang membahayakan. Ternyata, buah-buahan yang banyak tumbuh di kawasan tropis memiliki kandungan vitamin C yang tinggi.
Nah, buah yang satu ini ternyata memiliki kandungan vitamin C yang sangat tinggi.Dalam setiap 100 gramnya, terkandung sebanyak 197 mg vitamin C. Kandungan vitamin C di dalamnya cukup tinggi.Dalam setiap 100 gramnya, terkandung sekitar 130 mg vitamin C. Dalam setiap 100 gramnya, terkandung vitamin C sebanyak 116 mg.Sedangkan, nutrisi lainnya yang juga terkandung di dalamnya meliputi fosfor, zat besi, karbohidrat, protein, kalsium, dan lainnya. Namun jenis nanas yang dipopulerkan bukan sekedar nanas biasa melainkan Nanas HONI yang kualitasnya lebih baik dibandingkan nanas pada umunya, karena berasal dari budidaya bibit unggul dan di treatment dengan baik mulai penanaman hingga pendistribusiannya. Buah asli Asia Tenggara dan Asia Selatan ini, namanya adalah nama resmi dari buah yang biasa dikenal dengan nama Jeruk Bali. Untuk di Indonesia sendiri, pohon lengkeng masih dilestarikan dan buahnya masih mudah dicari dan dinikmati. Buah yang baunya wangi dan berasa masam serta manis ini sarat vitamin C hingga mencapai 71 mg per 100 gr per buah.
Sebaiknya, Anda rutin mengonsumsinya supaya ketercukupan vitamin C di dalam tubuh Anda dapat terpenuhi secara maksimal. In most cases, skin rash can be easily treated by making use of medications or natural treatment options. This is because vitamin E helps to reduce inflammation, due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. This is because vitamin C is an antioxidant that is packed with anti-inflammatory properties. This is due to the fact that vitamin A consists of properties of an anti-inflammatory agent. This vitamin is water-soluble, and is used to prevent a number of conditions such as fatigue, depression, amnesia, and dementia.
Deficiency of this B vitamin is commonly linked with the occurrence of rash on scalp, face, buttocks, shoulders, and perineum. There are studies which suggest Vitamin C might even play a preventative role in cardiovascular diseases and stress-related illnesses.
When choosing products such as moisturisers and targeted skin creams, opt for something containing high levels of Vitamin C, as this will boost collagen production and assist in creating smoother, healthier skin. Oz has a video that you can view by clicking HERE that contains four easy steps to self test for vitamin deficiencies.
However, if that doesn't work, please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss other options. Niacin also helps the body make sex- and stress-related hormones and improves circulation and cholesterol levels. Niacin deficiency is more likely to be caused by problems that affect absorption of niacin or tryptophan. It helps keep levels of the amino acid homocysteine in check, which may help decrease heart disease risk, and it is essential to the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen through the blood to the body's tissues. Vegetarians who eat eggs and milk products are also at risk, because, on average, they consume less than half the adult Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin B12. A vitamin C deficiency is a serious issue, and should be caught early and treated with natural foods or dietary supplements that contain plenty of this critical ingredient. This kind of deficiency was classically called "scurvy" when it happened to mariners who had no access to nutrients (or sometimes even fresh water) on long trips at sea.
Vitamin C supplements are generally not known to have side effects, although at extremely high levels, they can cause nausea or indigestion. Some studies show that older adults with darker skin are at high risk of vitamin D deficiency. However, you are certainly vitamin D deficient if you have any of the following ailments, and you need to consult with your doctor regarding your preventive, as well as curative, options as soon as possible, according to Natural News. Of interest was the capacity of vitamin supplementation to help control the development and growth of breast cancer specially estrogen-sensitive breast cancer. For one, thousands of dollars can be saved, not to mention the peace of mind, simply at the cost of taking a walk under the sun.
The body is also very efficient at recycling Vitamin K; each molecule can be used multiple times before degrading. When there is damage to the liver, like is seen in cases of alcoholism or Hepatitis, sometimes the processing of the Vitamin K is diminished to the extent that it cannot perform its functions.
The best way to counter the symptoms of vitamin K deficiency would be to add foods like soybeans, leafy vegetables (spinach and broccoli), wheat bran, berries, etc. So are biliary obstruction, malabsorption, cystic fibrosis, and resection of the small intestine. In fact, there is not a known virus that can survive in the presence of this essential antioxidant.
And, remember, inflammation is an essential component to just about every chronic, degenerative disease – including cancer.
But, the main point is that health problems like, cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure and stroke can all be treated with vitamin C therapy. It reduces the damage caused by free radicals, protect skin from the sun’s rays, helps wound healing and improves complexion.
Myint tersebut.Sang ilmuwan menegaskan bahwa hasil penelitian tersebut menjadi bukti kuat bahwa mengonsumsi sayuran dan buah-buahan yang kaya akan vitamin C dalam jumlah besar dan konsisten, berguna untuk melindungi diri dari serangan stroke. Selain itu, di dalam Jambu monyet, juga terkandung komposisi nutrisi penting lainnya berupa energi, kalsium, lemak, protein, zat besi, dan juga fosfor. Nutrisi lainnya yang ada di dalam Duwet antara lain berupa zat besi, protein, lemak, karbohidrat, kalsium, dan lainnya. Manfaat Jambu biji ini antara lain untuk mengontrol diabetes, maag, diare, masuk angin, dan bersifat antioksidan sehingga dapat mencegah kanker dan stroke serta penyakit lainnya. Golden sebutan untuk kiwi zespri berwarna kuning bernutrisi lebih tinggi daripada yang hijau. Untuk kandungan vitamin C dalam nanas biasa saja, per 100 gr buahnya mengandung 56 mg vitamin C. Kandungan buah yang namanya sempat diganti dengan Pomelo ini memiliki kandungan vitamin C sebesar 61 mg per 100 gr per buah atau masih lebih tinggi dibandingkan buah jeruk biasa.
Beruntung juga karena kandungan vitamin C yang terdapat pada 100 gram lengkeng mengandung 84mg atau 1,75 kali lipat dibandingkan jeruk.
In certain cases, natural treatment options may also cause certain side effects, which are not caused by vitamin treatment options. These properties help to reduce levels of chemicals in the body that cause redness and inflammation of skin. Vitamin E capsules and tablets are also available for those who are not able to meet their daily needs through diet.
These healing properties of vitamin C help to control skin rash, which may occur due to allergies or eczema. Additionally, it is also an antioxidant vitamin, which helps to increase immunity, thereby preventing skin rash due to eczema.
Foods that are excellent sources of vitamin B3 include bran, veal, peanuts, paprika, liver, and sun-dried tomatoes.
It is important to consume enough vitamin B6 in your diet, as this vitamin is required for the absorption of vitamin B3. Those who experience any of the above negative symptoms should see qualified family practice doctors to talk about what may be the issue and whether a dietary deficiency may be the root cause. Related to this, often times newborn infants will have a Vitamin K deficiency, not because of antibiotics destroying the beneficial bacteria, but because the bacteria has not had time to properly populate the small intestines.
This explains why a pregnant woman is usually given vitamin K in the form of food supplements.
Obviously, if you suffer from any chronic disease, greater amounts may be required and not just orally.
Most of his work has centered on how to restore and maintain good health in the face of the many different forms of toxicity that all of us face, typically on a daily basis. Other possible causes include disorders of the digestive system and prolonged treatment with the tuberculosis drug isoniazid (Laniazid, Nydrazid). Rather, he limits himself to research and writing at this time, and he is currently working on his seventh book, Death by Calcium: The Supplement that Kills. Finally, the most common cause of vitamin B1 deficiency in the western world is the over consumption of alcohol.

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