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Open surgery and whole brain radiation used to be the treatment of choice for brain tumors, and many secondary neurological consequences emerged of such approaches. All symptoms originate because brain tumors put pressure on the part of the brain they are located, generating swelling and preventing that area of the organ to function properly. A compassionate and emphatic approach to the needs of their patients make a huge difference on the way Dr. An informed decision on the right treatment and right team of doctors represents a significant difference in the outcome and quality of life for patients with brain tumors; the choice is in their own hands.
En el pasado la cirugia abierta y la radiacion cerebral completa solian ser el tratamiento a seguir, con multiples consecuencias neurologicas secundarias. En todos los casos, los sintomas se originan porque el tumor presiona la zona del cerebro donde se encuentra localizado, generando inflamacion y por lo tanto impidiendo el correcto funcionamiento del cerebro en esa area.
La empatia y compromiso con las necesidades del paciente son la principal diferencia en el enfoque de tratamiento del Dr.
La decision oportuna e informada sobre el mejor tratamiento y el medico correctos representara una diferencia sustancial en los resultados y la calidad de vida de los pacientes con tumores cerebrales. SEC power pollSEC NOTEBOOK: Loss takes pressure off Ole MissGeorgia Bulldogs will define identity vs. GAINESVILLE - Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is recovering from the concussion he suffered last Saturday against Kentucky and is doing well, according to coach Urban Meyer.
To give you a better idea of what Tebow might be dealing with, the Times-Union spoke with two current and one former NFL player about their experiences after suffering a concussion.
The feeling passed within a few seconds, and Hoge managed to get to his feet and make it to the Chicago Bears' huddle. Hoge had suffered his third official concussion, He estimates he probably had three or four undiagnosed concussions while at Idaho State and in the previous seven years with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
A CT scan showed no bleeding in the brain, but pain, confusion, amnesia and memory loss bothered Hoge for several days, although they eventually began to ease as the week passed.
When Hoge did leave the house, he carried his phone number with him in case he got lost or confused. But this scared him the most at the time and eventually convinced him to give up football so he wouldn't be at risk for further concussions: He couldn't read.
Hoge still feels the effects of his concussions - he still has sensitivity to bright lights - and because of that has become an unofficial advocate for better diagnosis and treatment of concussions.
The Jaguars receiver visualized catching the pass from David Garrard and gliding into the end zone to cap a 68-yard touchdown drive against the Philadelphia Eagles in a preseason game on Aug. Samuel delivered a brutal hit at the 1-yard line, knocking the ball loose before receiver Torry Holt picked the ball up for a touchdown.
After several minutes on the ground, Hughes was able to walk off the field under his own power.
Hughes was hurt on a Thursday and he dealt with a headache and ringing in his ears for the next three days. He had no other symptoms - no dizziness, blurred vision or balance problems - and felt good enough that he went to shoot pool on Saturday. That's why he felt confident that he would have no trouble with the test that determines if he had recovered from the concussion and would be able to practice.
Some of the questions test memory - Hughes said he was given a list of words to remember and several moments later was asked if another word was on that list or not - while others deal with cognitive function. Two days after he failed the test, Hughes finally passed and was cleared to return to practice and game action.

The Jaguars' rookie cornerback saw Arizona Cardinals running back Tim Hightower headed for the sideline. Cox, who said he has never suffered a concussion, said he had no symptoms on the subsequent days and four days later took the same test Hughes did.
Appropriate treatment can either be an open surgery to remove the tumor or a treatment with Gamma Knife® surgery to stop its growth”, explained during a recent interview, Dr. Wolf and his team have acquired through more than 20 years he is able to affirm that they can give patients facing a diagnosis of a benign tumor “a 96 to 98% for a of chance to regain a normal life with an outpatient procedure such as gamma ray surgery or with a microsurgical removal”.
Patients with acoustic neuromas present loss of hearing or ringing in their hearing or an imbalance, they feel dizzy.
Whereas it is a fast growing primary malignant tumor, a metastatic tumor or a benign tumor, when the patient gets the diagnosis, doing a thorough research of the different approaches for treatment will determine the chances of having a better outcome, preserving the highest quality of life possible.
Wolf experience, “when you talk about metastatic tumors, coming from elsewhere, the huge difference that we obtained over the last 10 years is that because we don’t treat patients with whole brain radiation we avoid the cognitive problems that come from that.
For cancer patients, we have treated patients with 10, 20, 30 brain tumors, and they are living a completely normal life.
It is very important that patients understand that if they do their homework researching treatments and therapies for cancer, like they do research for purchasing a car they are off for a much better result. El tratamiento adecuado puede ir desde una cirugia abierta para eliminar el tumor hasta cirugia con Gamma Knife® para detener su crecimiento”, explico el Dr. Primero existen aquellos derivados de celulas cerebrales, llamados primarios y luego tenemos aquellos que se forman en el cerebro como metastasis de cancer primario desarrollado en otros organos.
Wolf y su equipo le permiten afirmar que ellos pueden proporcionar a los pacientes con diagnosticos de tumor benigno “entre un 96 y un 98% de posibilidades de recobrar una vida normal, con procedimientos ‘outpatient’ (sin hospitalizacion) como la cirugia con rayos gamma o remocion microquirurgica de los tumores”. Los pacientes con Neuromas Acusticos presentan perdida de la audicion, tintineo, perdida de equilibrio y mareos. Bien sea un tumor cerebral benigno, un tumor maligno primario o una metastasis, al conocer el diagnostico, el paciente debe realizar una investigacion detallada de los diferentes enfoques y opciones de tratamiento disponibles para decidir cual le puede proporcionar las mejores oportunidades de recuperacion preservando la mayor calidad de vida posible. Wolf comenta que “en los tumores por metastasis, la mayor diferencia que hemos logrado en los ultimos 10 anos ha sido dejar de tratar a los pacientes con radiacion cerebral general. Asi le damos mas tiempo a los pacientes para tratar y en muchos casos hasta curar su cancer primario. Es muy importante que los pacientes comprendan que existen diferentes terapias y tratamientos para el cancer.
The 6-foot-2, 212-pound fullback knew he wasn't going to run away from a defensive back, so he headed straight for him. Hoge took a vicious hit while blocking, a blow that bent his facemask and cut his chin -and the world exploded again.
He does remember sitting in the training room getting the cut on his chin stitched - and falling over. He had headaches and memory loss for months, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, altered personality.
He was at a wine-tasting with his wife and somehow the smell triggered something in his brain.
The headache was severe on Friday - Hughes gave it an 8 or 9 on a pain scale of 1 to 10 - but it tapered off and was gone by the end of the weekend. He, like every NFL player, had taken the same test before training camp so teams would have a baseline reading to compare results.
For example, there might be a red shape with the word "yellow" written underneath, and Hughes would have to choose the color and word that matched.

He has switched to the Riddell Revolution Helmet, which was shown to reduce concussions by up to 31 percent in a three-year study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Aizik Wolf, Medical Director of Miami Neuroscience Center, who also discussed the different types of brain tumors; their origins, symptoms, treatment choices, life expectancy for patients and possibilities for improvement of their quality of life.
Our institute has single handedly for the past 20 years argued whole brain radiation for metastatic tumors because of that, so patients don’t lose their hair, don’t have vomiting and don’t lose cognitive function several months  after they have treatment”. Because when the primary cancer in their body is totally controlled they live their normal life. Tambien en muchos casos presentan fuertes dolores de cabeza que nunca habian experimentado anteriormente. Porque cuando el cancer primario en su cuerpo esta controlado ellos pueden llevar una vida normal y eso es posible con las nuevas quimioterapias que utilizan los oncologos. Deben investigar igual que investigan cuando van a comprar un auto, pero mas aun, porque es su salud. That time, the aftermath of the concussion made the one he suffered six weeks earlier seem tame by comparison. If an athlete returns to play without being completely recovered and receives a blow to that same area, it could be fatal or there could be permanent brain damage. It wasn't until a minute remained before the break that Hughes remembered where he was and what happened. He said he didn't suffer a concussion - "They told me I was just concussed, or whatever that means." - and he was cleared to return to the game in the third quarter. When the patient feels that the quality of life is no longer worth fighting for is when we give up. It is possible with the new chemotherapy agents that oncologists are using these days.  When we treat their brain metastasis they recover and the oncologist can focus on controlling the systemic disease”. Algunos sintomas evolucionan en el tiempo y otros aparecen repentinamente; por ejemplo la persona despierta y no puede mover alguna parte del cuerpo.
Nuestro instituto por mas de 20 anos ha discutido la aplicacion de radiacion general en el cerebro para las metastasis, pues asi los pacientes no pierden su cabello, no vomitan ni pierden funciones por meses despues del tratamiento”. Tienen la oportunidad de probar muchos otros tratamientos porque el tumor en el cerebro ya no es una amenaza.
Luchamos mientras el paciente quiera luchar; mientras el paciente quiera mejorar su calidad de vida y sienta que eso vale la pena nosotros le seguiremos ayudando”. Al tratar nosotros la metastasis cerebral, el oncologo puede enfocarse en controlar la enfermedad sistemica”.
Deben tratar de acudir a centros como el nuestro, que tengan mucha experiencia y resultados exitosos. As long as the patient feels the quality of life is worth fighting for we continue to give treatment”. Sin embargo, cuando lo piensan posteriormente se dan cuenta que los sintomas fueron evolucionando en el tiempo”, explica Dr. Ademas, nuestro tratamiento les mejora la calidad de vida porque es una sola sesion sin hospitalizacion, mientras que sesiones regulares de radiacion pueden requerir de 2 a 6 semanas de tratamiento”. Nosotros hemos tratado mas de 8000 pacientes con esta tecnologia, es una experiencia incomparable”, concluyo Dr.

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