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Asian Indian bridal accessories for you to team with existing bridal jewellery: nath, matha patti, jhoomer, hath panjas and more. Hair jewellery, traditionally worn by South-Indian brides comprising a tikka and chains draping over the hair & along the hair line.
We are manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, and retailers of fashionable Indian Jewellery.
2) A Pair of Earrings embedded with Semi-precious Stones like Pearl,Ruby, Emerald and Zircon Stones.
Thank You for Looking!!!Product FeatureBeautiful Hand Crafted Bollywood Indian Wedding Bridal Jewellery Set. Thank You for Looking!!!ApplicationBeautiful Hand Crafted Bollywood Indian Wedding Bridal Jewellery Set. Thank You for Looking!!!Other InformationBeautiful Hand Crafted Bollywood Indian Wedding Bridal Jewellery Set. Brides mostly wear gold and love having unique designs that enhance their beauty and add glamour to their personality.
Some brides like delicate designs with single chain and fancy pendant in the center but now most of the brides like having traditional designs that are heavy, complex and well-defined.
SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. Traditionally, jewelry plays a very important role in Indian weddings, especially for the brides.
There are many aspects that will play a major role in the jewelry and clothes that brides will wear for their wedding, which includes cultural and religious practices as well as the latest trends. The Indian wedding jewelry for brides has many similarities, even though there are some cultural and regional differences.

Most Indian bridal jewelry sets feature heavily elaborate necklaces along with matching pairs of earrings. Due to the cultural differences, there are vast dissimilarities in Indian bridal jewelry designs.
A closer look at the weddings in the south will show that the Indian wedding jewellery feature lots of gold.
Today, with changes in fashion trends, preferences, purchasing power and time, brides are wearing many other types of jewelry.
If you are shopping for Indian bridal jewelry, you can find many stores online with beautiful designs. For many centuries, brides would wear elaborate and auspicious pieces of jewelry to celebrate this special day. Gold is usually the preferred metal, so it’s featured in many Indian wedding jewelry designs.
Furthermore, earrings, necklaces, nose rings, bangles, anklets, toe rings, waist bands and earrings are common in many regions.
For the most part, this bridal jewelry is worn to complement the dress and will often match the color. For instance, women in the north have a preference for jewelry with carving designs, while those in west like mirror and stone styles. Therefore, the brides in south India usually dress in lots of gold chains, bangles, necklaces, anklets, earrings and more.
This includes white diamond, Kundan, gemstone, diamond, Meenakari and pearl jewelry, amongst others. Since weddings are sacred in this region,  is chosen with great care not only to match the wedding gown but also to signify and strengthen the bond.

However, some brides also wear other metals such as platinum, diamond, silver or white gold. There are many designs and styles for anklets and toe rings, but the toe rings are only worn by married women.
You are not only getting a large collection to choose from, but can also take advantage of inexpensive jewelry that can match any budget. Make sure it suits you and is of appropriate size neither extremely heavy nor too light and delicate to go unnoticed. In addition, precious stones such as emerald, ruby and pearl are used commonly in jewelry to match wedding gowns. The only thing that is common would be the amount of pieces that the brides will wear to keep up with the traditional Indian wedding jewelry. They are usually of the same color as of the wedding outfit to make them compatible with the dress.
The base and material used in jewelry is the same for all pieces like necklace, ear rings, teeka and jhoomer. View a catalogue or magazine with bridal gold jewelry to get informatoin about which designs will look perfect on you are in fashion.

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