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Keeping with the theme of Pine StreetOcala, Florida — Ocala Police arrested a woman who exposed herself to people while she was standing in front of Champions BBQ on Pine Street. Palm Beach County, Florida — Today, as a Jet Blue employee was moving a load of luggage at the Palm Beach International Airport he heard what appeared to be a buzzing noise.
Summerfield, Florida — It was a sticky situation when more evidence was discovered after a woman who stole from Walmart was being booked into the Marion County Jail. Brooksville, Florida — Sean Johnson, 19, was released from jail on $1,500 bond after being arrested on Tuesday.  Brooksville Police said they responded to a Brooksville Walmart after receiving a call about someone exposing himself. Kingsport, Tennessee — Dallas Archer, 19, was pulled over by Tennessee Police for speeding this week. I was just putting my car in neutral in the garage to push it backwards and get a wire out from underneath it. My truck has a erratic, buzzing sound coming from the front, passenger side area of the engine bay. It disappears when the truck is up to operating temps and it is not there during the summer when it's warm.
Ok, so I looked into the engine bay today and saw what I think is the accessory pulley just below the alternator bouncing around as the truck was running. There is a connection problem with my oil pressure sensor that i have not attended to, my oil light is always on and the pressure gauge is not working.
Its the weirdest thing, because it occasionally buzz whenever I would take a hard turn when i auto-x.

I would got through and inspect and replace your front end bushings, tie rod ends and ball joints.
I did notice that the sound coming out of the speakers was greatly decreased when it was making the noise. I've only had my 2010 128i for 10 days, but have heard funny interference noises a few times. It sounds sort of like a washing machine or something when you are loading in clothes and you have the lid open. The area was shut down and all emergency personnel were dispatched, including the Palm Beach County sheriff’s Bomb and Arson Unit.
Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy, Gregory Snodgrass, responded to the Walmart in Summerfield on November 15, 2014, in reference to a theft. Upon running a drivers license check, it was determined that Archer’s license were suspended.
Obviously, to put it in neutral, you have to put it in the accessory position just before the position that starts it. When I was taking hard corners for the first time, I would hear a loud, quick click, as if the front spring was unloading from being under pressure. I know in my old rabbit if I took a hard right turn and I would hear the oil light buzz and the light would come on.
It has been like this since I have had the car in june so im not sure if this is the problem.

You're picking up noise from the other wires running along the same path as the low-level wires from the front (radio) to the rear (amp) of the car. When I did this, about a second in, i heard this weird buzzing noise coming from my engine bay.
I also just changed the oil and oil filter in my car in the past month so i should not be low on oil. The buzz could be your oil buzzer going off or it could also be the fuel pump starving for fuel. Did any of you have your phone (AT&T or T-Mobile in the US, pretty much any network in Europe) with you at the time?
Upon closer inspection, it appears to be coming from the passenger side towards the front of the car.
My car is setup with JOM coils, Raceland header, TT exhaust, Neuspeed TB, and Neuspeed front sway bar. GSM phones are notoriously RF-leaky (they will break into any badly-shielded audio system).
I am not to familiar with the warning systems in the car or electrical diagrams in the car, so I am wondering what the buzzing noise is trying to indicate to me, and what it is ultimately warning me.

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