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I thought that I may have somehow changed the timing by cranking the car with the CAS not connected.
We're talking about this part, the CPS, right?You'll need a timing light to check and adjust the timing with the engine fully warmed up, when following the FSM instructions.

Clanking or ticking?I think so (the two gizmos with white sheathed cables connected to them in the photo below) and haven't heard much about them failing. We don't have the ability to look at your car, so you need to give more details than it makes a weird noise and I don't like it. The knuckles on the inside of that boot could be worn, but they get that way most commonly due to lack of lubrication so if you have a lot of grease all over the inside of the rim or spattered randomly around, that's a good indication that's what happened.
There’s a dry level and wet level adjustments allowing for control of the clean and distorted signals.
I had a very busy mechanic look at it and according to him, a cylinder in the second bank (4,5,6) has a timing issue.

I hope I can fix this today so that I can leave and join my new job.Also is the crank angle sensor and camshaft position sensor the same thing.
He is thinking that I messed up the crank angle sensor connector, which we have to remove to open the driver side upper timing belt cover.

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