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Well I can't tell you what it is, but I can definately tell you there is a distinct tick i hear in your video that I do not hear in my 04s. I'm not sure what kind of oil is in the bike at the moment, but I know the person from whom I acquired the bike is very meticulous regarding bike maintenance and the like.
I wouldn't worry about it if you have properly adjusted the MCCT and the valves are in spec. My 08 makes that sound now after the MCCT install, I thought maybe it was not adjusted right at first. Mechanic's stethoscope is a great tool for locating the source of weird noises and are fairly cheap. Even if you don't want to post, registered members get access to tools that make finding & following the good stuff easier.
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I did end up buying some Westone 4Rs on sale, but like I said, I can swap them with the Shure 215s and enjoy Spotify just as well either way.
I'll just unbutton far enough that they're too busy staring at my cleavage to notice my headphones. Your bike is almost new and the first suspicious thing is mcct but you said that you tested it. If not available you can use a wooden hammer handle placed against the motor with the other end to your ear to pin point the source.
Sound is great for what I listen to, they look neat in the more subtle navy blue and they didn't cost much because they were the old model and I had Amazon gift cards.
First of all, reduce the noise from the exhaust by plugging the muffler with your hand and a cloth, it will help you to hear better the noise and find out from where exactly it comes. As an example if you hear the noise coming from the exhaust valve area more than crankcase then you can narrow the search down to a specific component. I also looked at Sennheiser Momentums, which have better SQ, but I love the looks of the P5.

My idea, for the noise of your engine, is that maybe a bolt is loose and something is ticking by engine's vibration.
They don't look as nice and they have a stupidly long cable and they don't do noise cancellation. I think for the money you could do better than Beats but if you like something, there's no harm in picking what you like even if it's to the chagrin of those in the know.
I mean, people here buy VWs for christ's sakes so we all know that vanity will sometimes (often) overcome value or quality.
I will be checking my valves at 1000 miles very soon and I'm going to check the decompressor I might even take it out to see if the ticking go's away if not I'll put it back in.

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