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Apple started using some buildings in Sunnyvale, California, back in 2014, and something weird is obviously going on there. Huge metal fences almost four metres high have been put up, surrounded by a mass amount of security. Locals say they've heard "bangs", "thumps" and beeping (like a reversing truck) in the early hours of the morning, and one has said he's heard what sounds like a person 'waving around' a big piece of sheet metal. There's been more than one confirmation of what sounds like 'some type of industrial machine ramping up' and a family say they've been followed by some white cars when they walk their dogs near the complex, and that, if they get too close, they're 'intercepted' by security guards with clipboards.

One clue suggesting yes, is a recent permit document describing a 'repair garage' and an 'auto work area' inside the complex. My freinds cats meows lots its cute we call her ethel and she loves to be brushed while she eats .. Please tell us in the comment section below and remember to sign up for our newsletter too! Those cats eating their food and making their sounds were not cat I would dare put my hand down there or mess with their food.

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