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If you give a mouse an audio interface, he’s going to want some monitors to go with it. Speaking of nice shit, I’d be remiss in not offering up my favorite almost-affordable monitor, theA Genelec 8040. That being said, if you’re still set on getting a dedicated midi-controller keyboard, please do yourself a favor a but it used (make sure the buttons and knobs all work using a program like MidiOX to monitor the midi signals and make sure they all work!).
This little guy was a favorite for me earlier this year at NAMM andA at at a price-point of only $100, it’s one of the most affordable items on this list. Separate from the keyboard, the synthesizer is responsible for making the actual sounds you hear when you play the keyboard. This is one of the most inexpensive large-diaphragm A condenser mics available but it is an absolute beauty and a staple at professional studios everywhere.
The classic SM-58.A Chances are you have one of these laying around because they never break, ever.
One of the secrets to getting that super-professional, polished sound is the use of carefully-crafted outboard hardware for signal processing. In the age of portable music, everyone needs a good a pair of headphones and there’s more bullshit available than ever before. If comfort and transparency (a flat response) are your priority, look no further than theA Beyerdynamic DT770s. So you wanna get relaxed and in the creative zone but you don’t want to ruin your gear with a bunch of ash and smoke? They sent us a couple pairs of these a little earlier this year and if you read my review, you’d know that I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and performance of these earplugs. That magical time in between black Friday and Christmas when retailers are absolutelyA desperateA to sell you stuff so they can make their year-end numbers work.
I produce music for TV and the internet (I hear your sarcastic applause, thank you, thank you, the freelance life is a glorious one). A Luckily, we live in world where even the most budget audio interfaces are going to achieve desirable results.
The sound quality willA depend entirely on how they speakers with the room in which they’re placed. Event really stepped the game up with the introduction of their affordable 3-way monitors, the 2030‘s.
Drawing out notes on the piano roll is okay but when you want to unleash the beast, you need some keys to play and some buttons to mash!
My philosophy is that if you’re going to spend a few hundred on some keys, they better be able to work as an instrument without a computer. It also sports a healthy-sized touch-screen interface packed with all the latest sampling and synth engines that Korg has to offer.
The only catch is that it literally will not even detune to notes above C1 and some people don’t like how limited the range is. It comes ready-to-go with all the classic drum sounds we know and love and it’s ease of use makes its instantly fun to jam around with. Before the prominence of computers and DAWSA and unlimited free software available on the internet via torrents, all signal processing was done with outboard gear and many of our favorite plugins today are based of pieces of older recording equipment.
Though it doesn’t have any fancy expensive tubes, the 286s has all the tools you need to track professional vocals (even in a live setting) such that you need not do any major processing on your signal as it enters your DAW.
That’s why I recommend the dbx 1066 as the most basic dedicated 2-channel compressor to buy. The oversized velvety ear cups areA the most comfortable availableA and when all other headphones are too uncomfortable, these are the the tried and true solution.
These are an essential to musicians who attend music festivals and for anyone who likes to get right up next to the speakers.
We’ve got you covered with our latest sample pack of 24-bit trap samples including some especially dope synth and drum samples as well as some riser FX and vocal hits just to have in your arsenal (I usually prefer to make those myself!).
Sure, there’s lot of other really good gear but these are the things I liked the best in terms of functionality (and sometimes affordability).
As a result, there are many good deals to be had especially when it comes toA music equipment. But in a treated room, even the most discerning mix engineer will appreciate the depth and clarity these offer across an impressively broad spectrum.

They’re sold as a stereo pair (there are specific left and right speakers) and offer 3 individual drivers for low end, mid range, and treble respectively. It’s light weight and with a quick push of the power button, you can instantly make music using the piano tone or one of the other 17 instrumental timbres that come included.
It’s a full-fledged 16-step midi sequencerA that can communicate via USB, Midi, even CV so it can work with virtually any synth you can throw at it. Instead, I’ll be focusing on hardware synths which, for whatever reason, tend to deliver more crisp, desirable results. It’s pretty new so they still want $499 but maybe if you ask nicely you can strike a deal.
On sale for a mere $199,A this is easily one of the cheaper but better sounding, more complete channel strips on the market.
Does that mean I act like a weirdo and approach you in the street and give you a random high five if I see you? The high grade ceramic heating element is located seperate from the other electronic components so that the air path is as direct and clean as possible. I’ve tried to compile a list of all the best gear available on the market so you can take advantage of the sales for yourself or that special music producer in your life who deserves a new toy in the arsenal. It even has a memory bank so you can store up to 16 programs or sequence patterns without any additional software. This is one of those rare pieces of gear where your music is just going to be better if you have this, it just sounds that good. This is the lifeblood of the music industry, it’s what keeps the big machine turning and what gives producers a place in this cold, cold world. We love listening to all the music you guys send us and the most important part of making music is to never give up! Most importantly,A I’m not sponsored by any of these companies so all of this information is based solely on my personal experiences over the last decade of touring, gigging, and recording along the west coast. There might be a few worthy keyboard-controllers but if they exist, they’re prohibitively expensive. For a hundred dollars more than most midi keyboard controllers, you get 88 nicely weighted, big keys A for your soft synths with the additional functionality of having a portable, fully-playable instrument that you can use for its native sounds (no knobs but you can get those elsewhere!). Whether you work in the box or you have a vintage synth collection, the beatstep is a great addition to any music programmer’s collection of gadgetry.
An exciter is a tricky little circuit that actually adds upper harmonic content to whatever signal is input through a combination of eq and distortion. Headphones are like ultra-near-field monitors and like the monitors above, everyone is going to have a different preference depending on what you’re using the headphones for and where you place your priorities.
Considering that you can bargain the price down toA just under $1000, these were most attractive to me considering the breadth of my work and the amount of space at my disposal. They’re so confident, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try them out IN YOUR ROOM. Again, there are an abundance of these on the secondary market and you can find them for half price on craigslist!
So it should be no surprise that my second pick on the synth list is the Dave Smith Prophet 08 desktop moduleA (because you know I’m picky with my keyboards). Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Joyous Kwanza, Happy Festivus, and have an otherwise Trappy Holidaze everybody!
In 50 years, people are going to look back on these like we look back on Neve consoles now.
Dave smith has been rocking the analog world for years and the prophet 08 is one of the finest he’s ever made. Not quite as fancy as the Prophet 12, the 08 has a more desirable layout with most every knob you need available at your fingertips for instant tweaking and live modulation. From mean saw leads to icey, brittle pads, this is an analog all-star that would make any producer cry tears of joy upon receiving it.

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