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When you select two to four products we'll show you a side-by-side detailed comparison so you can choose the best piece of jewelry you're looking for.
I found something I really like on the Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry website, and I want to share it with you. The information entered on this form will not be used to send unsolicited email and will not be shared with a third party. Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state.
A graceful butterfly styled in 10K yellow Black Hills Gold with 12K rose and green gold accents dangles in each of these lovely earrings for her. Ship to any Jared LocationChoose to have your order shipped to the Jared store nearest you, and we'll pay the shipping charges. Delivery to Your DoorYour order will be shipped directly to your door, and if you wish, you can have it gift-wrapped.

Easy ReturnsAs a company that values its customers, we strive to provide you with an experience that makes you feel confident in your purchase and use of our products and services. Necklace received today, recipient well-pleased with necklace and this customer applauds your prompt response  and thorough follow-up. I love the rich, brown color of the men's leather braided bracelet that I recently received.
Customer Comment: "My first reaction to the necklace I received was "wow, is that ever unique!" It was made up of bold, unique colours with natural, local material. Our sterling silver logo earring collection utilizes state of the art manufacturing and high quality solid sterling silver to create the finest collegiate earring anywhere! If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. When you pick up your order in the store, our experienced sales associates will be on hand to help answer any questions.

For your protection, orders of $1000 or more require a signature upon delivery, regardless of any signature waiver on file. The quality of the soft, stitched and braided leather makes it extremely comfortable to wear.
While you could tell that it was hand made, it was done in a quality manner and only added to the character of the product.

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