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The team from Kaplan  have creatively made this funny illustration to help you all familiarize yourselves with some of the most common ways that music is referenced in everyday conversation. Click here to see this infographic on the Kaplan website. If you enjoyed this post, take a look at past RealLife posts with Kaplan illustrations that can really help you learn English expressions in a colorful and interesting way. Click here to go to the Kaplan International blog.
Every language has a set of wise sayings which offers advice about morals, ethics, values and ideas. An Idiom is a phrase, or a combination of words, that has advanced a figurative meaning through regularity of use, it has a meaning which isn’t obvious from looking at the individual words. Some idioms are used by most people in their everyday life; others are used by a more select group. Posted on May 15, 2014November 29, 2015 by Damon GrantAre Your Ears Ringing, and Why You Should Be Worried About It! The risk to your hearing from noise exposure depends on how loud the volumes are AND how long you’re exposed to them. A decibel is a unit used to measure the intensity of a sound or the power level of an electrical signal by comparing it with a given level on a logarithmic scale. One way that noise can permanently damage your hearing is by a single brief exposure to a high noise level, such as a firecracker going off near your ear. The generally accepted standard to monitor any risk to your hearing is based on an exposure to 85 dB for a maximum of eight hours per day, followed by at least ten hours of recovery time (at 70 dB or lower). I keep my earplugs with me pretty much all the time, and especially if I am heading out to see some music or a social event where there might be loud noise (like a bar or sports arena). Lastly, I try to get my hearing checked (and ears professionally cleaned) by my ear, nose, and throat doctor about once a year. I’ve had other patients with ear symptoms with crackling noises, but this was different. It tried to scramble away from me, digging his wiggly little legs into the poor man’s ear canal as I dragged him from his hiding place.
Working in Phoenix, we see cockroaches in ears alot, the trick is to drown them with viscous lidocaine (also numbs the canal), before trying to remove them.
Medical News of InterestAfrican-Americans Hardest Hit By Medical Bills 11 June, 2013Is It Really About Zombie Doctors? In fact, at the RealLife English Fluency Center, it’s one of the top resources we use to help our students learn and improve their English. It’s not surprising, therefor, that many music related idioms have found their way into our everyday speech.

I tried everything under the sun to understand the meaning of that speech point, but was useless, around the 90’s without ethernet just like we have got now! These sayings are known as "idioms." Adding idioms and proverbs adds color and makes it interesting to listeners.
Idioms are an essential in several languages, and are often shared through languages through numerous conversions. Okay, you’ve twisted my arm, I’ll come!To ensure a successful product launch, we must get our ducks in a row.Being into the e commerce business for last 10 years, I know all tricks of the trade.Is tonight your big performance? There are certain decibels that you can withstand for longer amounts of time, as they are at a lower deibel level.
But hearing damage can also occur gradually at much lower levels of noise, if there is enough exposure over time.
I also have a free app on my phone that is a decibel meter so I can measure the noise around me and see if I need to put my earplugs in. Try to make sure your ENT also has an audiologist on staff, as they can run a bunch of tests and check how your ears are fairing.
But somehow, I didn’t think it would help if I told him it was in there building a nest, and laying eggs. I have heard from EMTs I know that that is usually less painfull than just pulling the bug out. I could not imagine the feeling of knowing a insect such as a pincher bug was crawling in my ear canal. Music can help us improve our pronunciation, learn new vocabulary, learn grammatical structure, and fall in love with the cultural aspects of the language! Break a leg!Did you hear that Sarah stabbed Kate in the back last week?Hmmm, I’m not sure, but that name rings a bell.
I definitely monitor the use of my headphones and make sure the volumes are such that I can still hear loud noises like emergency sirens. I started protecting my ears early in my musical career and I was told I have hearing in the 99th percentile. I ignored his question, and got a pair of forceps and grabbed the insect by the pointy part on his rear end.
These vibrate in response to sound waves, while the outer hair cells convert neural signals into tension on a membrane.
If I am playing drums somewhere I try to use my in-ear monitors as I can keep an eye (or an ear) on how loud the music is coming back to me.

My ENT actually said, “You have eavesdropping level hearing and can probably hear through walls if you wanted to.” However, most people don’t get it checked until it is way too late. I must say, I hate even the thought of having a bug in my ear, but this thing would be a nightmare. He looked at him for a moment, and then smashed it into dust with his thumb, while calling the bug some names I won’t repeat. Therefore, knowing idioms is useful in at least two ways:1) The more idioms a person is aware of, the more native-like your language will sound2) By learning idioms, a person learns a lot about the culture of the community speaking the language. Then there are sensing and vibrating cells that carry these vibrations to the brain where in the auditory brainstem, these are converted into audible sounds we can recognize. You can see the two charts I added to get an idea of how loud certain sounds are acceptable, and for how long. If I am in a situation where wedges or floor monitors are used, then I use my earplugs without question.
It’s that same ringing after turning up your headphones too loud while going for a run, rocking that new Kanye track. It is usually resulting from altered blood flow or increased blood turbulence near the ear. When these hair cells (stereocilia) are overworked (usually exposed to excessive noise levels for long periods of time) they go into shock producing the ringing you hear. The musician type earplugs are great as they lower a lot of the damaging frequencies and you can still discern pitch, in case you need to sing or adjust intonation on a horn, etc. If this happens continuously, they can cease to respond at all to certain frequencies resulting in hearing loss. That is because there are several different causes for it and most of those are the same conditions that cause hearing loss. The most common cause is noise-induced hearing loss (loud noises causing damage), but it can also be caused from a side effect of some medications or from an abnormally low level of serotonin activity as a couple of examples.

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